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SunriseBy Cathy Jameson

I was pulled into an interesting conversation about a week ago.  I wasn’t there for the first part of it, but I could tell that COVID-19 was the subject.  As I got closer to where the two people were talking, the young lady was arguing that we should continue the safety measures that had been set up during the quarantine.  The young man said he couldn’t wait to be done with all of it.  That’s when I was asked, “Mrs. Jameson, do you think we should still be doing temperature checks after Covid is done?” 

“Nope.  I don’t think we should,” I said without hesitating.

Knowing that I had a real opportunity to educate these two young people, I added, “You know we come in contact with lots of other viruses, right?  You have your entire lives.  Why was COVID singled out to be the one we all should be so afraid of this year?  What about the flu virus?” I could see that the young lady hadn’t thought about that yet.  She slowly began to nod her head as I continued, “The flu can be pretty severe for some people.  You hear about that every year, especially this time of year, but life with the flu was nothing like life with COVID.  We didn’t have to wear masks, do any social distancing, close down the country, or do anything like we’ve been forced to do.  So, yeah, I think temperature checks eventually need to stop.  So should the other measures end…”

I let me voice trail off.  

The young man clapped.  He was in agreement with everything I had just said.  The young lady didn’t say it, but I could tell that she could see my point.  Had we continued talking, I think she’d have eventually agreed that some of the safety measures we’re still doing could be phased out, like wearing masks and taking temperatures.  People should certainly continue wearing masks if they feel are protected by them.  They could take their temperature daily if they wanted to also, but not everyone has an average temperature.  Some are lower than the average while others can be typically higher.  Plus, right before corona came into our lives, we learned that that typical 98.6˚ temperature was not so average after all.  To be denied entry to a building based on that reading may be a bit excessive. 

During the conversation I agreed with these two young people that yes, COVID is something we need to take seriously.  But, like other viruses, it’s going to do what viruses do.  Viruses replicate, they lysate (break down the cell’s protein wall), and they spread to other host cells hoping they can continue to replicate.  Over time, viruses can also mutate, all the while seeking new potential hosts. 

Isn’t that exactly what we’re seeing happen right now? 

Besides seeing a virus in action these last nine months, we’re also seeing something else:  fear in motion.

Earlier this year, the public knew very little, if anything at all, about coronaviruses.  As more information was shared, so was fear.  As that ramped up, so did talk of a new vaccine.  That would save us from this novel virus!  Touting it safe and effective before it even hit the production line, some sources still want a rushed and limited safety tested vaccine to be our only hope.

There are 1000s of vaccinesSource: the internet

Like a virus, fear can be replicated as well.  It can jump from one source to another, and so quickly now thanks to technology and social media.  From shutting down entire countries to continuing to restrict people and businesses until a vaccine becomes available, fear has ruled the COVID-19 airways.  It’s too bad because learning moments have been lost, especially for those young people. 

“Would you get the new vaccine, Mrs. Jameson?” one of them asked me.

“Oh, I would never.  I don’t think it would be the right thing for me or my kids to get,” I shared.

Not knowing my son’s history, or the amount of knowledge I’ve gained on the subject of liability-free vaccines, I kept my reply short.  If pressed why I’d skip it, I would have absolutely offered more information.  My role in that moment was not to teach them about viruses or about liability-free vaccines though.  It was to keep calm and be as positive as I could be about something that never should have scared as many people as it still does.

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.



Remember, Joe Biden promises to lock us down. He will NOT care about the welfare of our vaccine poisoned children. Here is the hard legal evidence against him:

"WATCH: Rudy Giuliani explains how Biden family got rich off China"

Profiles in Corruption

Angus Files

Thanks Cathy great article.

Doctors fear for the continued actions of the Government, says GORDON WISHART
MOST clinical doctors will be familiar with the Hippocratic Oath.

While the much-cited "first, do not harm" principle does not originate from the oath itself, it will resonate with all doctors who want to provide the optimal treatment benefit to their patients.

Although in the Hippocratic tradition, the balance between benefit and harm is focused on the individual, the pandemic and lockdown has resulted in a number of negative healthcare outcomes for the population as a whole that now make many clinicians feel uncomfortable about the Government's response to the virus.


Pharma For Prison


Michael S.

Another perspective on this issue is contained in our recent monograph:

Kostoff RN, Briggs MB, Kanduc D, Porter AL, Buchtel HA. Communicable Diseases are not Communicable! Georgia Institute of Technology. 2020. PDF.

To access:

(Click link or enter into browser)

Posted by: Ronald N. Kostoff | November 01, 2020 at 01:08 PM

Excellent paper Ron. I urge others to read it and re-send the link to others as I have done.

As I said 7 months ago, fighting any virus - including Covid-19 - is about getting your immune system in shape and mitigating as many contributing factors and toxic stressors as possible.  Of course the elderly are more prone to having serious results from ANY FLU because their contributing factors outweigh the overall health of their immune system.

If this pandemic was about health, they'd take all forms of processed sugar off the store shelves and in restaurants and that would immediate lessen so many of the contributing factors.  Instead, we are faced with flu outbreaks because of all the impending "sugar holidays" that are approaching.  I see a big flu outbreak in a few weeks as a response to an overwhelming intake of processed sugar from Halloween.  It happens every single year.

Let's talk about processed sugar for a moment:  The majority of the processed sugar in mainstream candy is made from GMO sugar beets.  So not only are you getting untested GMO issues with your body, but all those GMO sugar beets rely upon RoundUp or some other brand of glyphosate-based herbicide killing everything except the GMO plant.  This herbicide remains in great quantity on the sugar product, and then is a direct cause of immune system damage when consumed as the herbicide kills all living organisms.  It basically destroys the natural microbiome in your intestines which is your immune system, making you more vulnerable to virus, bacterial, inflammatory and neurological issues.  That's from just ONE product!

If they can lockdown entire nations which kill small businesses, destroy economies, completely alter people's way of going about their lives, and inflicting emotional damage so devastating that the stress becomes a contributing factor in reducing the effectiveness in our immune systems, then they could make the individual's health a priority instead of re-arranging the world's life-flow to mitigate the spread of one virus out of hundreds of thousands.

Much to our demise, the corporations that benefit from this pandemic are too powerful and suddenly making too much disaster capitol for them to stop and consider the health of the individual.  Sick people enrich the corporations at an exponentially higher rate than heathy persons do.  End of story.


Michael S.

Need to shut this down:

Posted by: Laura Hayes | November 01, 2020 at 07:59 AM

It's absurd. How much longer do we have to "pretend" there is a real pandemic?

Especially when the PCR tests are "rigged" to have extremely high false positives, thereby ensuring the need to "Lockdown" the world:

If anyone ever read any real scientific literature this pandemic would have never been allowed to happen.

Ronald N. Kostoff

Another perspective on this issue is contained in our recent monograph:

Kostoff RN, Briggs MB, Kanduc D, Porter AL, Buchtel HA. Communicable Diseases are not Communicable! Georgia Institute of Technology. 2020. PDF.

To access:

(Click link or enter into browser)

Bob Moffit

Unfortunately … I suspect our lives will never recover to the normalcy we once had … we have done as we were told and those who have told us what we must do will NEVER relinquish their newly established "authority" over our lives.

2020 cannot end quickly enough for me

susan welch

Excellent, thought provoking article, Cathy. Thank you so much for reminding me to be gentle in these difficult times.

Isn't it a pity we can't 'download' our knowledge/facts and upload them into people's minds?

Laura Hayes

Need to shut this down:

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