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Is Governor Cuomo Asking for a Presidential Exemption to the Pfizer Covid Vaccine?

Millions of Mink Slaughtered in Denmark as Covid Precaution

MinkReports of mink in Denmark having a new Covid variant have prompted a UK travel ban and mass mink murder. The Danish Mink to Man ratio is a bit more than 3:1. The report below says there are 15,000,000 - 17,000,000 mink and 5,500.000 men (and women.) Where is the outcry from animal rights groups like  PETA? Minks killed for coats are a sin, but minks murdered for coVID are not?   By the way, Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris is from California, the first state in the USA to ban fur products, just last year.  California becomes the first state to ban fur products

What happens if the family dogs or cats display a variant of Covid?  Will officials enter homes and take Fluffy, Rex and Kitty to a kill shelter for mass slaughter?

The United Kingdom has banned travelers from Denmark after the country reported a widespread outbreak of a new variant of the virus which causes Covid-19 in mink farms.

The development came days after the Danish government announced it planned to cull the nation's entire mink population in order to contain the spread.

There are between 15 and 17 million mink in Denmark, whereas its human population stands at around 5.5 million.
The ban came into place at 4 a.m. Saturday and means travelers from Denmark cannot enter the UK, the government said in a statement. British nationals returning home will be forced to quarantine for two weeks and, unlike other quarantine requirements for travelers entering the UK, there will be no exemptions.  Read more at CNN.
Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said Wednesday the decision to cull the minks had been made with a "heavy heart," but it was necessary based on the recommendation of health authorities.


Hans Litten

Denmark firmly rejected mandatory vaccination laws after 10 consecutive days of protest.?

Waiting for the call now in England Scotland & Ireland .... I hope everyone is ready.

Hans Litten

Do you think the mink are a test dry run for the people of Denmark ?

Poul Thoresen is Danish ? And the other criminals tied in wth SSI ?


Well after experimenting with them SARS, MERS, Covid 19 ; surely it is just good business to collect their pelts? Right? Waste not!

They are mass murderers of chickens by the way. I hate 'em.


David Attenborough -Wikipedia
"Jokingly comments adapted?"
"Do we have any control or influence over the political policies ? of coarse we don't .we could shoot the political policies and the UN 2030 agenda , It's not a bad idea"

Where are the voices of David Attenborough and young passionate Greta Thunberg "both fab as well!"
masked and gagged perhaps or what?

This is what desensitisation looks like , sounds like . reads like , and behaves like !

Grandfather, Donald MacDonald's Croft, Kilmuir Skye .

2001- Foot and mouth disease , grandfathers neighbours, the croft next door .
Very nce family ! known as in Gaelic, locally , as "English white settelers , from the southern slums of London"
Mary the lovely neighbour, had 6 happy looking collie dogs in the back of her old land rover .
Rescued from getting drowned in a boat, as no money left for Vet's or bullets to shoot them ?
2001 foot and mouth disease . Unthinkable horrible trauma for the farmers and crofters
and the smell of the burnings?

Runrig --- Dust YouTube


Have SARS cov2 vaccine researchers been using minks? Did they "challenge expose" lab animals and this got out? Remember, Denmark is home to pharma "Most Wanted" fugitive Poul Thorsen. He worked in their pharma vaccine research labs to produce dubious results for the CDC. Something smells rotten in Denmark.

On a lighter note, for your Covid 19 lockdown viewing pleasure.....



Yes, but the keys with transmission to and from wild animal reservoirs are environmental change, the vectors between wild species, and the extent of human contact with them. Large animal factory farms are not in the true sense a wild animal reservoir, they are something relatively new - the concentration and isolation of animals of a particular species, the artificial environment, the extensive application of chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and with mink, the extent of human contact. All these animals were born to die for corporate profit. These "farms" are a bad idea in so many ways I hope that after this disaster the people of Denmark act to leave this industry in their rearview mirror.
I would urge us to do the same with large factory farms in North America. I hope that this tragedy would remind everyone in this country of the role played by corporate factory pork farms in the 2009 swine flu epidemic.


The poor mink were doomed anyway. It surprises me that there are any humans evil enough to buy fur coats, but they wouldn’t be raising millions of mink if that were not the case. I believe they electrocute them by sticking an electrified rod up their anus so as not to damage the fur. Probably they are mass killing them with carbon monoxide, and I’d have to say that is a kinder death, painless by all accounts. And an added bonus is that it often puts the ### breeders out of business.

Dogs and cats have gotten coronavirus for a long time, and in cats, at least, there is a dangerous vaccine for it. In March I looked for a nosode on pet sites, and found one marketed for cats in Australia and one for cattle in the U.K. I bought both of them. I think before killing all dogs, cats, cattle, and mink in the world, they should make the nosode available to all species, including humans.


It is a shame that no scientist or politician in Denmark understands the concept of wild animal reservoirs. They can kill every last farmed animal on the planet, and not stop zoonotic transmission of disease.

As with so many policy decisions regarding this virus, there appears to be a thumb on the scale from an unnamed actor. Poirot would ask, Cui bono?

Bob Moffit

'The United Kingdom has banned travelers from Denmark after the country reported a widespread outbreak of a new variant of the virus which causes Covid-19 in mink farms."

Sure hope a "new variant of the virus" isn't found among people who can be identified by race, religion, ethnicity, etc … shudder to think how these new "demonized" groups will be treated.

Can't happen here? Never happen here?

It's happened before .. such as .. WWII interment of Japanese citizens who were targeted for their ETHNICITY …

Just last summer the Hassidic communities in New York were targeted and demonized for NOT VACCINATING THEIR CHILDREN FOR MEASLES.

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