Millions of Mink Slaughtered in Denmark as Covid Precaution
President Elect Biden Will Push Governors for Mask Mandates

Is Governor Cuomo Asking for a Presidential Exemption to the Pfizer Covid Vaccine?

What the heckAw, Guv, orange you happy there is a "safe, effective" CoVax?  Seems not.  Anti-vaxxers are born in many ways.   Most, like many of us here, from hard experience of injury that grossly harmed our beloved children.  For Governor Cuomo, the man for whom MEASLES was his battle cry to remove the religious right to vaccine exemption from THOUSANDS of children in New York, seems the mere fact that Donald Trump is President is enough to scare him off the vaccine.  Is he claiming a Presidential Exemption?

Ok, this is just mind blowing. Some, many most of us at Age of Autism are highly skeptical of vaccine safety, transparency, efficacy, purity et alia. Pfizer, not part of Operation Warp Speed and headquartered in Governor Andrew Cuomo's New York City, has triggered his fear by virtue of the name of the sitting President.  Can't make this stuff up in a lab. Or a wet market....

Cuomo says it's 'bad news' that Pfizer coronavirus vaccine progress came during Trump administration



HB 666

"All "taxable vaccines" and emergency vaccines will be branded with the TRUMP logo. They will now be called "taxable TRUMP vaccines" and have no liability protection for the manufacturers."

There. I permanently fixed the forced vaccine problem.
Call your Rep. today and tell them to support it.

Dr. Zeke "Death Panel" Emanuel weighs in.......
"Biden coronavirus adviser wants US to distribute vaccine globally before it's available to all Americans"

"Emanuel, 63, wrote that "by 75, creativity, originality and productivity are pretty much gone for the vast, vast majority of us" in his essay titled "Why I Hope to Die at 75."
Since 1960, however, increases in longevity have been achieved mainly by extending the lives of people over 60. Rather than saving more young people, we are stretching out old age," Emanuel wrote.

Biden is 77."


This fits with my last comment - the medical staff are going to be given an inert placebo, we will all "see" that it is safe, and the nasty one will be rolled out when it comes to our turn.

go Trump

Sad for most of us with our present election system. They had better do some investigations quickly or we could be in for a dark winter or perhaps a dark few hundred years.

Will the Surgeons at the hospitals soon take the CV19 vaccine ?? Or will they just force the nurses and other staff to take it ??

The Surgeons make multi - millions for the hospitals and they certainly do not want to mess them up. I would guess they will not be included with the vaccine effort.

There should be no reason that they do not line up the NFL for the CV19 vaccine, would be a good promotion and the NFL would be paid millions to do so. I guess we just wait and see.



Perhaps Governor Cuomo needs to sign up?

"In an effort to combat vaccine skepticism, the CDC on Monday announced it is launching a national strategy to reinforce confidence in COVID-19 vaccines amid distrust among both the MEDICAL community and public. (Emphasis mine)

“To promote the vaccine and to provide assurance, the medical community will have to be shown first,” said Schaffner. “Even if we peel back this political veneer, these concerns are not unusual; a new virus, a new vaccine — a degree of skepticism is not unreasonable.”

"Coronavirus vaccine education will be key to distribution success, doctor says
What good will a vaccine be if Americans are hesitant to receive it?"


This is possibly some GOOD NEWS

Thanks to Trump, we know that the Covid 19 monoclonal antibody treatment can work well. He is the one that pushed for FDA emergency approval for treatment for the public.

They just approved Eli Lilly's brand, but this is NOT the brand Trump took. Hopefully this will be a good option:

"Lilly's coronavirus antibody treatment gets FDA emergency approval
The therapy was authorized for recently diagnosed, high-risk coronavirus patients over age 12"

"The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Monday gave emergency approval to Eli Lilly's investigational monoclonal antibody treatment for coronavirus.

The therapy called bamlanivimab, given via one IV infusion, was authorized for patients over 12 at high risk for hospitalization or a severe course of COVID-19. This includes patients older than 65 with serious underlying health conditions.

"This emergency authorization allows us to make bamlanivimab available as a COVID-19 treatment for recently diagnosed, high-risk patients – adding a valuable tool for doctors fighting the now-increasing burden of this global pandemic," said David A. Ricks, chairman and CEO of Eli Lilly, in a company news release. "

"Lilly officials said the treatment should be given to patients as soon as possible after a positive diagnosis, and within about 10 days of symptoms, per the release. "


Our public health officials in the UK have been saying that it is not yet known whether this vaccine will work in the most at risk populations, that they don't know whether it will prevent transmission, and they don't expect it's use before Christmas to have any effect on the overall lockdown situation. Yet they're saying it is 90% effective! Fauci has said it will only treat the symptoms. If it doesn't prevent transmission then I can't see how it can be preventing infection, and if it doesn't do that then Fauci's right. So, it's not a vaccine but a treatment. My suspicion is that this first "vaccine" will contain pure water, there will be no adverse reactions, but they will claim the virus is continuing, and that way they can have it both ways and persuade more people to take it next year. The good news is that vast numbers of the public are now getting suspicious, and listening to our side.


I would like a Presidential exemption too please. And a religious exemption.
and a "not your lab rat" exemption.
and a Pfizer fines exemption.

(sept 2009)
"Pfizer was fined $2.3 billion, then the largest health care fraud settlement and the largest criminal fine ever imposed in the United States. Pfizer pled guilty to misbranding the painkiller Bextra with "the intent to defraud or mislead", promoting the drug to treat acute pain at dosages the FDA had previously deemed dangerously high. Bextra was pulled from the market in 2005 due to safety concerns. The government alleged that Pfizer also promoted three other drugs illegally: the antipsychotic Geodon, an antibiotic Zyvox, and the antiepileptic drug Lyrica."


Pfizer touts the fact that it wasn’t a part of the ‘Warp Speed’ operation and did not receive government funding for research and development, however all vaccine manufacturers have liability protections. Why is Trump so incapable of pointing this out?!


Cuomo says, "private providers do it, and that's going to leave out all sorts of communities that were left out the first time when COVID ravaged them."

What does he mean? Help!


I can't remember and too busy, tired, over worked to look it up; but why was it that Pfizer was not in with the Warp speed stuff? Quick review please give to me.

And which company had the vaccine that was causing transverse myelitis?
and did they report that the damage in the spinal cord was the same kind of damage only higher up in the brain that is seen with multiple sclerosis.

And which one was Fauci referring to That just masked the symptoms?

I need a quick review of all that I have read during this time. It is all getting mixed up in my head.


This warp speed vaccine is scarier than covid. Many vaccine injuries manifest over time as the body succumbs to autism, alzheimers, MS or worse. Metals and other devilish adjuvants cause this like a trojan horse. America currently has huge populations of autistic and elderly citizens pushed into these conditions. Ask the parents how they became this way. Ask the caretakers when they stopped talking. Ask them how many flu shots they received in their life.

Pfizer's covid vaccine has been in people for 2 months. There's no way they could characterize the long term safety at this point. And even when they do, would they tell the truth about adverse events ? Of course not, they make money on it, and lots of it. One of the largest companies in America is getting ready to push this thing, by force if necessary, into every arm of every child and elderly person in these blessed 50 states. Not only that, they got the government to pay for it, it's liability free, and Pfizer will reap massive profits - I do mean massive. By the time the world figures out how much damage is done by the vaccine, it will be too late for these poor people.

Cuomo would be smart to get an exemption.


Yup, this is rich ... Cuomo claiming a philosophical / religious exemption for himself that he just rescinded for the rest of us New Yorkers. Medical exemptions are effectively impossible to get as well, thanks to him. Funny how karma works, eh? Roll up your sleeve now and be the first to take it - ON LIVE TV - you disgraceful, craven, senior citizen killer ... or better yet, do what many others did and MOVE OUT of NY state.

Bob Moffit

"Is he claiming a Presidential Exemption?"

No .. Cuomo is claiming a "philosophical exemption" … which is ludicrous since he and his legislature have DENIED PHILOSOPHICAL EXEMPTIONS to parents who have valid .. justified .. reasons to delay and even deny their child's exposure to WELL KNOWN RISKS.

We have NEVER experienced protecting the public health from a VIRUS .. that has been from the very beginning ... more about POLITICS than SCIENCE. Never before have PUBLIC HEALTH EXPERTS been given so much POLITICAL POWER over people.

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