Moderna Rakes in A Billion for a Vaccine While Dr. Fauci Says the First CoVaxes Will Only Prevent Symptoms
Vote in the USA!

Imagine The Treatment of those who Say NO to CoVax

A148E2BF-F168-477A-AB91-49E77852B1C6This is a real Facebook post from a large town group.  This person drove by a local establishment on a road where the speed limit is 40mph, and saw not only proximity of people, but actual unmasked mouths and, in a moment of Bionic hearing, heard coughing. He then diagnosed possible seasonal allergies. 

Impressive. Sherlock Holmes could not have deduced so much, so fast. 

And then to run to Facebook to report the danger to save everyone?. What a joy to see the New England Town Crier network is alive and well. What happens when people like this discover their neighbor did not take the CoVax? 



Gary, much of what James Lyons Weiler is saying about the Covid 19 vaccines could be said about the pertussis vaccine, couldn't it? They get away with still pushing the DTP vaccine so I don't see them backing away from a Covid 19 vaccine with what they see as similar drawbacks.

Tim Lundeen

@Gary Ogden

To access articles at, click on one of the black "Paper" boxes and your browser will download a pdf of the paper. Then you can open the pdf on your desktop.

Good papers, I hadn't realized the health risk from inhaling mask fibers until I read them (but had seen the other risks already).


Good link!

"The vaccine may in fact make COVID19 much, much worse in many people. Many people who are vaccinated against COVID19 will likely suffer from “Disease Enhancement”, caused by “Pathogenic Priming” of the immune system to attack any of dozens of tissues in the human body following vaccination once they acquire the real viral infection. This is such a serious threat to public health that one MD I spoke with today mentioned that he was “deathly afraid of people dropping like flies” due to pathogenic priming."
Is this the "Dark Winter" Joe Biden threatened voters with?

Also, is Fauci trying to change his vaccine to a "treatment" classification so he can keep the emergency government indemnity?

Oregon Health Authority official releases current Covid statistics, including deaths, in appropriate attire......
Halloween and COVID-19: Celebrating Safely

SNL couldn't make this up.

Gary Ogden

Laura: How do you access the text at I'm too old and dumb to figure it out.

Gary Ogden

This is good:


Thank you Laura for the mask safety link.
We need to stop this nonsense, now!
Mask wearing is a form of a Green New Deal carbon tax. Humans aren't allowed to exhale CO2 into the atmosphere!

Grace Green

I almost wonder if the comment was meant to be ironic. Seasonal allergies would not be infectious. My own prepared comment to anyone who criticizes me for not wearing a mask and coughing or sneezing is, "It's alright, it's only an autoimmune condition caused by a vaccine injury." That should make them think twice!


More evidence of "look at me" syndrome. It's a shame how anti-social the "social" media platforms have made us.

Laura Hayes

Excellent 2-part article to counter such ignorant fear-mongering:

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