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Google Proudly Touts Carbon Neutral Status But What About Their News?

Google news neutral

This is the Google home screen as of yesterday. I thought my cursor was going wonky. It was that little pickle (Lord I'm sorry Cathy J!) zipping across the screen to draw my eye down to the proud announcement that Google has been carbon neutral since 2007.  Age of Autism has been in publication since 2007!  Oh my Gawd we're like twinzies!!!! Except Google dropped us from news indexing years ago and has actively suppressed our work for years.  Carbon neutral, not news neutral. 


Beleaguered Autism Mom

Today when I did a google search for: age of autism
Google gave this site as the number one result of my search! That hasn't happened for a few years now. It was buried under CDC and other useless sites about when autism is diagnosed. I would dutifully scroll past the crap to page 27 to find AoA, in my lame attempt to defeat their algorithm. Maybe the anti-trust suit against google, is causing them to clean up their act. Or maybe they are losing eyes to other less sinister search engines. Whatever the cause, I hope all who seek AoA, find it.

Angus Files

Google luv`s carbon but too dense to talk about Mercury.

Pharma For Prison


Cathy Jameson

Not just a little pickle but a rotten little pickle :)
xo, Cat


@ Kim

Nice snark.

How can anyone be neutral about carbon?
According to Duke University:
"About 50% of the dry mass of a human is carbon, so the carbon content of all humans is about 0.1 billion metric tons."

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