Covax a WIN in President’s Eyes

Fox Business Refused to Listen to RFK Jr On Operation Warp Speed

Refuse to listen
And media....

By Anne Dachel

This is what’s coming. Fox Business aired an interview with Robert Kennedy, Jr. and U.S. Rep. Buddy Carter (GA) regarding the development of the COVID vaccine in an obvious attempt to promote the vaccine and downplay worries about side effects.

Fox anchor, fast- talking, Lisa Kennedy Montgomery refused to let Kennedy explain that the pharmaceutical industry has no liability for damage from the much-touted COVID vaccine and therefore little incentive to produce a truly safe one. She wasn’t about to allow him to raise any concerns about the vaccine. She adamantly claimed that the vaccine makers do have liability for injuries.

Montgomery’s performance clearly demonstrated that she had done absolutely no background research before this interview. She knew nothing about how the vaccine industry operates.

Rep. Carter, who’s also a pharmacist, also neatly ignored the reality that Kennedy pointed out, namely that no one is responsible for any damage or death resulting from this vaccine.

Instead Carter assured viewers that the drug industry and the FDA only produce and approve safe and effective products. (It seems he missed the damage from Vioxx, conservatively 60,000 deaths.)

Carter didn’t response to Kennedy’s charge that no one has any idea what the long term side effects of this vaccine may be.

NOTHING Kennedy brought up was addressed. He talked about the expectations of the COVID vaccine. Officials have publicly admitted that the vaccine won’t have the potential to prevent transmissibility, hospitalizations, or deaths from coronavirus.

In Kennedy’s own words: WHAT’S THE POINT?

It was appropriate that Fox Business aired this interview. The real purpose of producing millions of vaccines with little to no health benefit is BUSINESS, BIG BUSINESS, and that’s what it’s all about really.

Nov 13, 2020, Children’s Health Defense

Take Action: Tell FOX Business to Correct False Statements on Vaccine Liability Laws

In a recent FOX interview featuring RFK, Jr., host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery insisted erroneously that vaccine makers are held accountable for vaccine injuries.


Montgomery:  Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer now says it is ready and waiting on FDA approval to begin distributing  its new coronavirus vaccine. It is one of 150 vaccines simultaneously in development around the globe.

There are some major challenges. The vaccine has to be kept at 94 degrees below zero…

There’s also a lot of resistance from folks who say they are very suspicious of this and other vaccines, but is there solid reason to worry?

Joining me now to discuss, we have Children’s Health Defense president, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Georgia Republican Congressman Buddy Carter who received the Pfizer trial vaccine.

Welcome gentlemen.

Congressman Carter was asked about his experience taking a trial vaccine. He has received two doses of the vaccine, but it is a double blind study so he doesn’t know if he received the actual COVID vaccine.

Montgomery: All right. So Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., I know that you have an issue in general with vaccines and their safety, what might be in them, the side effects that vaccines might cause. There are a lot of people who share your concern, and that concern has only grown with coronavirus.

So what is it specifically about the coronavirus vaccine that concerns you so much?

Kennedy: One of the many companies that are developing vaccines come up with a vaccine that does what we all want a vaccine to do, which is you take a shot, you have immunity—long term immunity, and the shot is safe and it prevents transmissibility, prevents hospitalizations and deaths, and I would be the first one to get in line to take it.

I want to commend Congressman Carter for standing up for this.

The problem with this particular vaccine is really the design of this study. The British Medical Journal, and associate editor Peter Doshi has written articles about this specific criticism in the BMJ and in the New York Times, in which he shows that the design of the study is not designed to answer any of those questions.

We don’t know that this vaccine prevents transmissibility. If it doesn’t prevent transmissibility, then it’s not going to end the lockdown. In fact it will turn us all into asymptomatic carriers and perhaps make the disease much worse.

The study is not designed to show that it prevents deaths or hospitalizations.

Finally, the study is not designed to show that it prevents injuries, at least longer term injures.

Many of the injuries that are associated with vaccination are developmental injuries, autoimmune injuries, allergic diseases have long diagnostic horizons. They have long incubation periods. You won’t see them over a 45 day period.

We should be willing to trade speed for safety when it comes to developing a coronavirus vaccine, according to Fox Business

Montgomery: I understand that, but for a lot of people who have lost family members or those who have gotten sick themselves, they know we can’t wait 14 years which is the average amount of time that it takes for a vaccine to go from development to market.

So far the mumps vaccine has been the fastest, that was done in about four years.

So Congressman, can you address some of those concerns? Did you have any of those worries yourself about the fact that we may be asymptotic carriers? Did that worry you?

There’s nothing to worry about

Carter:  …It is phenomenal that we are getting this vaccine in this quick of time. But if you look at the way it’s being done, I’m very confident, in fact I’m so confident I’m doing it myself, that it will be safe, and it will be effective. That’s very important.

You were right. Generally it does a much longer time to come up with a vaccine, but what they’re doing, what the FDA is doing, first of all, it’s all hands on deck, this is all they’re working on right now

Secondly, they are overlapping phases. Normally what you would do is you would have one phase, then have a review period, then start the next phase.

They’re eliminating that review period. They’re still doing the review, but they’re just having the company go ahead and start the next phase.

Another thing they’re doing is they’re having the companies go ahead, make the vials, make the syringes—everything you need, so that when it is approved, you can immediately get it to market. That’s extremely important.

Montgomery: We talked on this show with NanoViricides which is a company that’s hoping that nanotechnology is the future of vaccines because that way you’re not injecting an actual live vaccine, or even a dead vaccine into someone.

Through nanotechnology you are targeting exactly what you want to suppress, unlike the flu vaccine which is like throwing a handful of spaghetti at a wall.

So Robert, would you be in favor of something like that if the technology completely shifted? Would you be more trusting of that sort of virus prophylaxis?

 Kennedy: I want to see double blind placebo studies out of the same studies we force every other medicine to go through.

The problem with this vaccine is the one that Pfizer is currently putting out—and Tony Fauci says this—the vaccine does not prevent transmissibility.

IF it doesn’t prevent transmissibility, what’s the point?

It’s not going to stop the lockdown.

IF the vaccine does not prevent hospitalization, what’s the point?

If it doesn’t prevent deaths, what’s the point?

The way this study is designed is to show that this vaccine prevents minor symptoms of COVID in people under 55 years old.

Those are not the people we’re concerned about. Those are not the people who are dying from COVID.

The people who are dying are the fragile elderly—

Montgomery: --and the immuno-compromised. That’s absolutely true.

But Congressman Carter, to Pfizer’s point there’s no way they would invest two billion dollars in their own research and development in order to sicken the globe. When you have private market forces at work, they want to succeed, and they don’t succeed by harming people.

They don’t succeed with vaccination failure.  Would you like to speak to that?

Kennedy: There are no market forces here. There’s no liability here if they injury somebody.

Montgomery: They go out of business. That’s the thing about the free market the liability you take on entirely yourself because if it doesn’t work, you go out of business and you lose everything.

Kennedy: You made an erroneous statement here. These companies have no liability

Montgomery: Yes, they do.

Kennedy: They have no liability

Montgomery: Yes, they do, and if they injury you there are class action lawsuits. All you have to do is watch any news channel, especially this one.

Kennedy: I’m sorry, but you’re wrong…. I’m sorry but you’re totally wrong.

Congressman Carter got to talk next and he explained that the FDA approval process is a “very strenuous process.”

Carter: These scientists are not going to allow a medication, a vaccine on the market that’s going to harm people. …

Vaccines are one of the most lifesaving innovations that we’ve ever had in medicine.

There is no excuse why we should not bring this to market. That it will be safe and effective, as approved by the FDA

There’s no excuse that shouldn’t get this to market as soon as possible. It will save lives.

Montgomery: I think it’s okay to be skeptical of vaccines. I think it’s okay to be skeptical of the FDA, but I do share your optimism that through the private free market we will find a way to defeat this virus.

The video shows FACTS DON'T MATTER. It's all salesmanship, and I’m sure Rep. Carter could have a bright future with pharma when he leaves Congress.





Ted Fogarty, MD

Thank you Anne / Age of Autism and RFKennedy for dampening of the static in the airwaves.


"Yes, they do, and if they injure you there are class action lawsuits. All you have to do is watch any news channel, especially this one."
Whopper alert!

Angus Files

Fox News has gone all CNN .Watch Max News as recommended by your President..vaccines kill simple as that every time eventually or right away.

Pharma For Prison


Michael S.

It's devastating to our future that people can't perceive that vaccines are STRICTLY a sales job and have little if any health benefits. The history of vaccines proves this.

Barry Stern

Much as I am a fan of Fox News, Lisa Kennedy needs to do some homework before claiming that all government-sanctioned vaccines are safe. They are not. Thanks to a 1986 law that holds harmless vaccine manufacturers from being sued for defective vaccines, they can make big mistakes yet earn billions while covering them up. The same law created a "vaccine court" that administers a no-fault system for litigating vaccine injury claims, which must be heard in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, sitting without a jury. Some $4 billion has been awarded by this court since 2006 with roughly 2/3 of claims being dismissed. Most claimants lack the resources to fight the government attorneys who represent views of the vaccine manufacturers who contribute big time to political campaigns of federal and state legislators as well as to projects of federal health agencies, several being headed by former Pharma executives. Moreover, Pharma dominates (50-70%) the advertising budgets of most national media organizations. I urge my fellow citizens to “follow the money” and learn how our health agencies have become captive of the very industries they are supposed to regulate.

The larger question is whether vaccines are making Americans healthier. Is the risk worth the reward? Consider the following: The U.S. is the most medicated, vaccinated, wireless connected, overfed and fattest nation on earth, and one of the least fit. We consume most of the world’s barbiturates, anti-depressants and other drugs both legal and illegal. Today’s children are the sickest of any American generation since World War II. Several chronic diseases continue to proliferate such as diabetes, obesity, autism, attention deficit, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, heart disease and arthritis. Some 70 percent of those who volunteer for the military are rejected due to insufficient mental or physical capacity. Children from countries with far less resources are healthier and more fit than most of ours. The higher incidence of chronic diseases among all age groups tracks closely with the proliferation of vaccines and use of drugs. Rather than look to vaccines as a cure all, perhaps we should be actively building up our health and immune systems through better diets, exercise and sleep.

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