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Massachusetts Health Choice 4 Action's Allison Chapman on Flu Shot Mandate

Allison Chapman Fox Flu

As State Flu Shot Deadline Approaches, Local Families Fight Back

By: Heather Hegedus, Boston 25 News
Updated: November 17, 2020 - 9:33 AM

ANDOVER, Mass. — Time is running out for students to get flu shots under the state’s new mandate, before the Dec. 31 deadline. But some families are asking for exemptions.

The state mandate applies to children 6 months and older in childcare and pre-school, straight through college.

But Andover mom Allison Chapman says her family won’t be getting a flu shot this year -- or any year -- despite the state mandate.

She says as babies, all of her children had adverse reactions from vaccines, including her son who developed seizures. She also says her 72-year-old mother was severely impacted by the flu shot.

“She’s had the flu shot three times and all three times ended up in the hospital," Chapman says. "Last year, she had it and she was in the hospital for three months with Metabolic Encephalopathy. I’d ask her questions, so I’d ask her what she wanted for lunch, and she would read the exit sign.”

As Legislative Director for Health Choice 4 Action Massachusetts, Chapman has been busy fighting several bills at the state level that are trying to eliminate or restrict religious and medical exemptions.

Chapman says she’s hearing from families who say their schools and pediatrician’s offices denied their attempts to use exemptions.

She says in some cases pediatrician’s offices are kicking families out of their practices who refuse the flu shot, leaving them without medical care.

“I know somebody who has used the religious exemption for many, many, many years. This was the first time they’ve ever been denied. So this mandate is really creating an aggressive back and forth.

"If you’re going to deny children an education, that is a much bigger public health threat. When you don’t have access to education, you also don’t have access to sports and dance class and all those important extracurricular enrichment opportunities,” Chapman says.

Dr. Paul Sax, Clinical Director of the Division of Infectious Diseases at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, says the flu shot is not always effective.

Sax says in a good year the flu shot is 60% effective, while in a bad year it’s 10% to 30% effective.

“The flu vaccine is not our best vaccine. You know it has some warts,” Sax says. “For one, it has to be given every year.”

Boston 25 News asked Dr. Sax if there have been enough clinical trials and research to support that the flu shot is safe for people with autoimmune disease like lupus, cancer patients, and other other patients who are immuno-compromised.

Sax says there is “a lot of good evidence” from placebo controlled trials that show that the vaccine is not a risk factor for triggering these autoimmune conditions.

Sax also stressed the importance of pregnant women getting the shot, because their immune systems are already compromised, making them more susceptible to illness.

The flu shot can help lessen the severity of the flu, Sax said. He wants to reassure people that studies show the vaccine is safe. And he says with peak flu season right around the corner, this is the time for most people to get the flu vaccine.

Dr. Sax says that while many people are not going into work offices or schools, the flu shot is still necessary as it will help prevent the health care system from being burdened by a so-called “twin-demic” of the flu and coronavirus.

Chapman says most people who choose not to vaccinate their kids aren’t necessarily “anti-vaxxers.” They support vaccinating healthy people.

But she says parents deserve to have the final say about medical decisions for their children.

“Parents are the first responders for every child,” Chapman says. “We are there for every seizure, every sniffle, every sneeze, every triumph, and we know what they suffer through... the parents really know what’s going on and their instincts have to be paid attention to.”

Chapman says her children have been bullied once other students found out they’re not vaccinated.

There are two lawsuits being filed right now, challenging the state’s vaccine mandate.



@ Laura Hayes

Excellent points!
Slam dunk.
Dr. Chris Exley’s recent research on aluminum is the icing on the cake. The evidence is overwhelming. Now we know it is being deliberately ignored.


I can slow down or entirely stop flus and colds by loading up on Vitamin C at the first sign of illness! This push for vaccines is unnecessary and dangerous to health.

Laura Hayes

Information below regarding mercury and aluminum in vaccines, from my 2018 "Why Is This Legal" presentation, which can be found here on AoA:

"Why is it legal to inject that which has been banned from topical use? Thimerosal, the mercury-based preservative used in the vast majority of influenza vaccines, in addition to some other vaccines as well, is no longer permitted to be used in over the counter products, such as ointments, creams, and contact solutions. However, it is still permitted to be used in vaccines, which are not topical products, mind you, but which are injected. Let’s take a moment here to review a bit of history regarding the use of mercury in medicine, specifically focusing on the ethyl mercury used in thimerosal. In 1929, the first and only “safety” study of injecting thimerosal into humans was performed on 22 subjects. All subjects died shortly after being injected with thimerosal, 7 within the first day. Granted, the study subjects were ill with meningitis, but that does not negate the fast-acting toxicity of thimerosal. To date, no additional safety study on thimerosal has been required by the FDA, rather, the one from 89 years ago is unbelievably permitted to be cited as proof of the “safety" of injecting thimerosal into humans. In 1948, the late Dr. Frank Engley discovered that thimerosal was toxic down to parts per billion, but his discovery was disregarded and not heeded, despite his multi-year work with the FDA, CDC, CIA, NASA, and NIH. Decades after his discovery about the toxicity of thimerosal at even the ppb level, he would tell parents of thimerosal-injured children, “They say nobody has ever researched thimerosal; I’m nobody.” In his final interview just 2 months before his death in 2008, he said, “Apparently the medical profession does not read the safety data sheets provided by Lilly and other chemical manufacturers made available to physicians, pharmacies, hospitals, and health departments. It states for thimerosal: toxic, mutagen, allergen, hypersensitivity, alters genetic materials, may cause mild to severe mental retardation, may cause mild to severe motor coordination damage, all sounds a lot like autism.” In 1980, an advisory committee to the FDA determined that ethylmercury, which is the kind of mercury used in the thimerosal in vaccines, was unsafe for use in over-the-counter products, such as ointments and creams. How long did it take the FDA to act on that 1980 report? 18 years! It was not until 1998 that thimerosal was banned from use in OTC products, yet, it was not banned from use in vaccines, which are more dangerous as they are injected under the skin, and most often, deep into the muscle tissues. In 2000, the Committee on Government Reform commissioned an investigation into the use of mercury in medicine, which is documented in the Congressional Record. Doctor after doctor testified to Congress over the course of the 3-year investigation as to the severely toxic and neurotoxic effects of mercury, especially the ethyl mercury used in thimerosal, including in minute amounts. These doctors also testified that the effects of mercury are cumulative, that no thimerosal should be permitted to be used in vaccines given to pregnant women, infants, and toddlers, and that there is absolutely no need for its use in vaccines. Congress was told that ethyl compounds penetrate cells better than methyl ones, that mercury uptake in the brain is 5X that of other tissues in the body, and that brain cells die in culture when exposed to ethylmercury. What did Congress do with this damning information about thimerosal being used in vaccines? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Instead, here we are 18 years after the commissioning of the investigation, and more than 74 million American babies later, with pregnant women, which includes their unborn children, infants, toddlers, and children of all ages, still being shot up with ethylmercury. That is reckless, unethical, and criminal. Today we hear from doctors, the media, and legislators that vaccines given to children do not contain mercury. Not true at all. Influenza vaccines are now recommended at 6 months, unbelievably again at 7 months, then 18 months, and 30 months, and every year thereafter. Sanofi Pasteur is the only manufacturer of the “preservative-free, single-dose traditional vials”, which are mercury-free flu vaccines, specifically for those aged 6-35 months, which covers the time period when infants and toddlers are to receive 4 flu vaccines. These “preservative-free” flu vaccines are different than those labeled “thimerosal-free”, as those labeled thimerosal-free are actually permitted to contain 1 mcg or less of mercury, with 1 mcg being 1000 times greater than the level which is permitted to be present in drinking water. According to industry reports for the 2015-2016 flu season, Sanofi Pasteur delivered around 200,000 doses of its preservative-free flu vaccine. In that year alone, based on a reported 70% coverage rate for those in the 6- to 35-month age category, 11.2 million doses would have been required to ensure that American infants and toddlers received only mercury-free flu vaccines. Thus, 11 million American infants and toddlers received flu vaccines containing mercury, despite false assurances to the contrary. CA actually has a law stating that it is illegal to give pregnant women and children under age 3 vaccines containing more than .5 mcg of Hg/.5 ml dose, with an exception for the flu vaccine which is permitted to contain double the amount of mercury (1 mcg/.5 ml dose). Yet, year in and year out, that law is violated, as Governor Jerry Brown continues to sign a waiver stating that the law can be ignored due to “shortages” of the specified vaccines. Clearly, Sanofi Pasteur can do the math just like you and I can. As the only maker of this particular vaccine, why do they choose not to manufacture the needed amount? Instead of signing a waiver every year, why doesn’t the governor of CA put pressure on Sanofi Pasteur to make enough so the CA law can be followed? Pregnant women are not receiving mercury-free flu vaccines, either. They are most often receiving either one with a whopping 25 mcg of mercury, which is 25,000 times that which is permitted in drinking water, or a purported 1 mcg or less of mercury, and neither is safe for mom or baby. Did you know that thimerosal-containing vaccines are legally classified as hazardous materials? As a matter of fact, it is illegal to throw away unused thimerosal-containing vaccines as infectious material or regular trash. Toxic waste management companies advertise that they can be hired to dispose of unused thimerosal-containing vaccines, as they must be treated as hazardous waste. Thus, thimerosal-containing vaccines are hazardous materials before use, and if unused. They are only non-hazardous, apparently, when they have been injected into a human being, who might be in the prime of their neurological development. Does that make sense to you? Why is it legal to inject mercury-laden thimerosal when it is not legal to use it in topical products, when it must be treated as a hazardous material, when it is a known neurotoxin, and when there hasn’t been a human safety study on it since 1929, in which all subjects died in short order?

Why is it legal to inject that which is used for the express purpose of inducing toxicity and inflammation, the two worst things for a developing infant? Today, I am going to focus on the use of aluminum-based adjuvants, which are used specifically to induce toxicity, but there are others, including squalene, endotoxins, and possibly more. I am guessing that you think the aluminum adjuvants that are used in vaccines have been clinically approved by the FDA, right? Wrong, they haven’t been, yet, they are permitted by the FDA to be used in vaccines. Such behavior by the FDA, and by vaccine makers, defies common sense and violates basic safety and ethics standards. To make matters worse, aluminum is an undisputed toxin and neurotoxin whose toxicity has been known for nearly 100 years. Permitting the use of aluminum in vaccines for babies is akin to permitting lead paint in government-approved teething toys and teething rings. Aluminum is also a known teratogen, meaning an agent or factor that causes malformation of an embryo. Permitting its use in vaccines for pregnant women is akin to permitting that which causes spontaneous abortion and/or deformity of the fetus…thalidomide comes to mind. It is also important to note that chemist Dr. Boyd Haley has shown that mercury and aluminum are synergistically neurotoxic, meaning that their individual neurotoxicity is multiplied when one is given in the presence of the other, as is often done when vaccines are administered. Forrest Maready has recently written a book titled Crooked: Man-Made Disease Explained. His focus is on the role of aluminum in today’s many chronic illnesses and debilitating disabilities. Suffice it to say, his theories are both compelling and frightening in their implications. He puts forth that some of the effects of the medicinal use of aluminum are fairly immediate, such as the many sets of misaligned eyes and crooked smiles we now see in infants and toddlers post-vaccination. Other effects are delayed, and will manifest as the aluminum injected via childhood vaccines, often stored for years in protective granulomas the body has formed around it to protect itself, is released as the granulomas begin to break down over time, and in response to illness, stress, intense physical exertion, and pregnancy. The result is the beginning, or exacerbation, of the many chronic illnesses we are now seeing…from Crohn’s disease, to chronic fatigue syndrome, to Alzheimer’s, to the growing list of neurological and autoimmune disorders that are becoming all too common. Dr. Chris Exley’s recent work on the role of aluminum in MS, Alzheimer’s, and Autism is also timely and critically important, providing additional support for many of Forrest Maready’s theories. The stopping of the medicinal use of aluminum, including its use in vaccines, is urgent. Why is this legal?"

Jeanne J

Just a crazy thought... I wonder how many vegetarians out there who get the flu shot or nasal spray are aware that they are injecting or inhaling meat into their bodies?!?

Just a crazy thought!

Bev Greenlee

As per Wikipedia, these are the ingredients in all of the flu shots: Please note the growth medium: chicken embryo, insect cell lines, canine kidney, chicken kidney. That's just the ones for the flu shots. Take a look at all the other vaccines and look at those growth mediums and while you are at it, take each ingredient and do a search for each ingredients. Always start you search with the words: what are the dangers of...(said ingredient) and you will learn that all of these ingredients do great damage to the body. As per virologists, all vaccines are grown in these and other cell lines including aborted fetal cells. They also say that all animals except insects carry upwards 3-4 coronaviruses. Not wonder coronaviruses are showing up in CV19 pcr tests. Depends on high the cycles are when performing their tests. The higher the cycles the more viruses they find in that sample. That's why you have heard that it seems these tests are picking up past viruses that the body has picked up over the years. It's a big scam perpetrated by Dr. Death Fauci and I'm smarter than you, eugenicist, Bill Gates to build huge wealth for them and their pharm companies. It's to rule you forever. Sorry but I didn't vote for them and they can't ignore the Nuremburg Codes.

Influenza vaccine (Afluria) Chicken embryo Beta-propiolactone, calcium chloride, dibasic sodium phosphate, egg protein, monobasic potassium phosphate, monobasic sodium phosphate, neomycin sulfate, polymyxin B, potassium chloride, sodium taurodeoxychoalate, thimerosal (multi-dose vials only)

Influenza vaccine (Agriflu) Chicken embryo Egg proteins, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, cetyltrimethylammonium bromide, neomycin sulfate, kanamycin

Influenza vaccine (Fluad) Chicken embryo Squalene, polysorbate 80, sorbitan trioleate, sodium citrate dehydrate, citric acid monohydrate, neomycin, kanamycin, barium, egg proteins, CTAB(cetyltrimethylammonium bromide), formaldehyde

Influenza vaccine (Fluarix) Chicken embryo Formaldehyde, octoxynol-10 (Triton X-100), α-tocopheryl hydrogen succinate, polysorbate 80 (Tween 80), hydrocortisone, gentamicin sulfate, ovalbumin, sodium deoxycholate, sucrose, phosphate buffer

Influenza vaccine (Flublok) insect cell line (expresSF+) Monobasic sodium phosphate, dibasic sodium phosphate, polysorbate 20, baculovirus and host cell proteins, baculovirus and cellular DNA, Triton X-100, lipids, vitamins, amino acids, mineral salts

Influenza vaccine (Flucelvax) Madin Darby Canine Kidney (MDCK) cell protein Madin Darby Canine Kidney (MDCK) cell protein, MDCK cell DNA, polysorbate 80, cetyltrimethlyammonium bromide, β-propiolactone, phosphate buffer

Influenza vaccine (Flulaval) Chicken embryo Formaldehyde, á-tocopheryl hydrogen succinate, polysorbate 80, sodium deoxycholate, thimerosal, ovalbumin

Influenza vaccine (Fluvirin) Chicken embryo Beta-propiolactone, egg protein, neomycin, nonylphenol ethoxylate, polymyxin, thimerosal (multi-dose containers), thimerosal[2] (single-dose syringes)

Influenza vaccine (Fluzone) Chicken embryo Egg protein, formaldehyde, gelatin (standard formulation only), octylphenol ethoxylate (Triton X-100), sodium phosphate, thimerosal (multi-dose containers only)

Influenza vaccine (FluMist) Chicken kidney cells, chicken embryo Arginine, dibasic potassium phosphate, egg protein, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, gentamicin sulfate, hydrolyzed porcine gelatin, monobasic potassium phosphate, monosodium glutamate, sucrose



It is the MMR that does not contain aluminum.

Hep B, Gardisil, flu shot, DPT vaccines all do. So yes they do have aluminum in the flu shots.
In the last H1NI scare; they were discussing hot and heavy the use of squalene, instead. Europe decided to go with that adjuvant the U.S.A. did not. Then there was this outbreak of narcoleptic in children, in Europe. .

They have never taken the mercury out of the Hep Bs, cause I read it, from a good source. Maybe the National Vaccine Information Center?

The manufacturers were discussing it with the FDA and were complaining that they had to use mercury in some of the steps in making the vaccine. So, FDA allowed that. We don't know how much mercury is in them. Perhaps it is reduced? I don't know. With the flu shot they never took it out. They have those single vials and the claim is -- reduced mercury.

Agatha Needleshy

@Emmapbiladelphia what a brilliant t approach!


"Benedetta, as far as I can tell, flu shots are the only vaccine WITHOUT aluminum."

@ Allie
Mercury is still a biohazard.
After the infamous CDC Simpsonwood meeting in 2000, California and one other state passed a law to remove mercury from infant vaccines (Hep B). Right after that, the mercury containing flu shots (given yearly) were added to the childhood vaccine schedule. If California cut their vaccine mercury levels, the flu shots would make up for it. No dip in autism rates would be my guess. Later they did introduce flu vaccines without mercury. Any multidose vial would contain mercury. You may have to request the non-mercury ones. I'm not up on the latest flu vaccine products currently in use.

In the past, flu shots did contain aluminum. Can you link to evidence that they do not? Inserts? If they no longer use aluminum, what adjuvant do they currently use?


Benedetta, as far as I can tell, flu shots are the only vaccine WITHOUT aluminum. Have you found any evidence of brands that do contain aluminum?

Several manufacturers do offer flu shots in multi-use vials, which, as we all know, are preserved with mercury-based thimerosal. And there is nothing stopping doctors, nurses, and pharmacists from administering them at the same time as an aluminum-adjuvanted Tdap or polio or pneumococcal or hepatitis or HPV or meningitis vaccine -- or all of them at once, God help anyone who gets that many -- so there IS that potential problem.


Allison Chapman needs to put together a class action lawsuit with all other public school/college families that wish to use informed consent to say "NO" to the flu vaccine.

From the State's point of view, the flu vax is not mandatory, but CONDITIONAL. It is just like Jacobsen v Mass., you must receive the innoculation, OR pay a fine. The current Massachusetts fine is an ave. of $16,197 per child PER YEAR. This is the average per pupil spending for 2020.

"In 2019:
The average minimum amount now for a student is $11,448 per year. That formula adds additional aid for districts with high percentages of students who are poor or in special education.

Who pays for that? Part of it comes from taxpayers across the state.

“There is no school district in the Commonwealth whose city or town is paying for the full cost of those schools,” Wulfson said. “The state subsidizes the educational costs of every school district in the state. What varies is the amount that we subsidize it.”
"To determine how much a community can afford to pay for schools, the state looks at the income of people living there and property values. For communities with a lot of wealth, the state pays up to 17.5 percent of its basic costs per student. In some poorer cities, the state is paying around 90 percent of those costs."

But there is a problem with withholding state and federal taxes specifically earmarked for education.

First, ALL VACCINES purchased by the states are FEDERAL "taxable vaccines" and are "recommended only" according to the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.

Second, In McDuffy v. SEC. of the Executive Office of Education Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled:
"Instead, we shall restrict ourselves to a determination whether the constitutional language of Part II, c. 5, § 2, is merely hortatory or aspirational, or *551 imposes instead a constitutional duty on the Commonwealth to ensure the education of its children in the public schools.

We conclude that a duty exists. Second, we shall attempt to describe the nature of that duty and where it lies."

"The two statements at the beginning of Part II, c. 5, § 2, state plainly the premises on which the duty is established: First, the protection of rights and liberties requires the diffusion of wisdom, knowledge, and virtue throughout the people. *561 Second, the means of diffusing these qualities and attributes among the people is to spread the opportunities and advantages of education throughout the Commonwealth. In the statement of these two premises for which the duty is established it is revealed that: The duty is established so that the rights and liberties of the people will be preserved. The immediate purpose of the establishment of the duty is the spreading of the opportunities and advantages of education throughout the people; the ultimate end is the preservation of rights and liberties. Put otherwise, an educated people is viewed as essential to the preservation of the entire constitutional plan: a free, sovereign, constitutional democratic State."

"The duty established is, inter alia, placed on the "legislatures and magistrates, in all future periods of this Commonwealth."[16] The common meaning of "duty" in 1780, according *562 to a dictionary of the English language published that year, was "that to which a man is by any natural or legal obligation bound." T. Sheridan, A General Dictionary of the English Language (1780) (Scolar Press, facsimile ed. 1967). "[I]n the sense most obvious to the common intelligence," Buckley v. Secretary of the Commonwealth, supra at 199, both then and now, a duty is that to which one is bound, or an "obligation.""

"The term "cherish" was used in the Eighteenth Century to import a meaning which is no longer, or which is much less, in vogue today. The meaning attached to the word then was "to support," "to nourish" or "to nurture." A host of dictionaries published in that era define the verb to "cherish" this way."

"Constitutional structure, as well as constitutional language, supports the plaintiffs' argument that Part II, c. 5, § 2, imposes a duty on "legislatures and magistrates" to provide for the education of the populace."

"Lastly, the framers' decision to place the provisions concerning education in "The Frame of Government" rather than in the "Declaration of Rights" demonstrates that the framers conceived of education as fundamentally related to the very existence of government."

"In none of our prior cases have we had occasion to consider whether Part II, c. 5, § 2, imposes a duty on "legislatures and magistrates" to provide an adequate education to the young people of the State. Our cases are, however, consistent with the view that the section imposes such a duty."

"Moreover, in Lynch v. Commissioner of Educ., 317 Mass. 73 (1944), in the course of holding that Part II, c. 5, § 2, does not require the Commonwealth to provide free education in State teachers colleges, the court stated in effect that the provision does require the Commonwealth to provide free education in the elementary and secondary public schools:"

"What emerges from this review is that the words are not merely aspirational or hortatory, but obligatory. What emerges also is that the Commonwealth has a duty to provide an education for all its children, rich and poor, in every city and town of the Commonwealth at the public school level, and that this duty is designed not only to serve the interests of the children, but, more fundamentally, to prepare them to participate as free citizens of a free State to meet the needs and interests of a republican government, namely the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

This duty lies squarely on the executive (magistrates) and legislative (Legislatures) branches of this Commonwealth. "

"While it is clearly within the power of the Commonwealth to delegate some of the implementation of the duty to local governments, such power does not include a right to abdicate the obligation imposed on magistrates and Legislatures placed on them by the Constitution."

"To guide and oversee public education in the schools and to set State-wide policy and requirements, the Legislature has created State administrative structures. The Board of Education (board), which dates from 1837,[80] was created to "support, serve, and plan general education in the public schools." G.L.c. 15, § 1G, first par. See G.L.c. 15, § 1E. The Legislature has charged the board with a range of broad planning, support and coordination responsibilities,[81] education *609 standard setting duties,[82] duties regarding State aid to schools,[83] and numerous other powers and responsibilities which are specified in provisions throughout, inter alia, G.L.c. 15, c. 71, c. 71A, c. 71B, c. 72, and c. 76.[84]

The Legislature has also created a Department of Education, which is under the supervision and control of the board (G.L.c. 15, § 1), and is headed by the Commissioner of Education. The Commissioner serves as the board's secretary and chief executive officer and as the chief State officer for elementary and secondary education. G.L.c. 15, § 1F. The Commissioner has "supervision of all educational work supported in whole or in part by the commonwealth." G.L.c. 69, § 1. "

"As this brief sketch of the statutes demonstrates, the Legislature has recognized its constitutional duty to provide for the education of the populace. Whether what the Legislature has done is sufficient to fulfil that constitutional duty is, of course, another matter."

"At all times, however, the ultimate responsibility for educating the public belongs to the "legislatures and magistrates." "If the mandate of the Constitution is not met, or if a statutory structure which worked at one time no longer works, the responsibility for the failure to educate falls squarely on the Commonwealth, specifically the "legislatures and magistrates." They may delegate, but they may not abdicate, their constitutional duty."

"The public school funding scheme. As presently constituted, funding for the public schools comes from three sources: local monies, State monies, and Federal monies. Federal monies account for only four to five per cent of the total expenditures, and are generally targeted for specific programs. Local monies are monies assessed, collected, and used locally. "

"The second source of funds for public schools is "State aid." General Laws c. 70 specifies a formula for determining the amount of State aid to be granted annually to each town or city (§§ 2-6) and states that the "purpose of the financial assistance provided by this chapter shall be to promote the equalization of educational opportunity in the public schools of the commonwealth, to reduce the reliance upon the local property tax in financing public schools, and to promote the equalization of the burden of the cost of school support to the respective cities, towns, regional school districts and independent vocational schools." G.L.c. 70, § 1."

"The defendants argue before us that, if one looks to the administrative and financing schemes now in effect, that one must conclude, even if a constitutional duty is found, that the defendants are meeting their constitutional mandate. We disagree. The essential facts are not in dispute and we are entitled to draw our own proper inferences from them. We need not conclude that equal expenditure per pupil is mandated or required, although it is clear that financial disparities exist in regard to education in the various communities. It is also clear, however, that fiscal support, or the lack of it, has a significant impact on the quality of education each child may receive. Additionally, the record shows clearly that, while the present statutory and financial schemes purport to provide equal educational opportunity in the public schools for every child, rich or poor, the reality is that children in the less affluent communities (or in the less affluent parts of them) are not receiving their constitutional entitlement of education as intended and mandated by the framers of the Constitution."

"It is clear that c. 5, § 2, obligates the Commonwealth to educate all its children. The bleak portrait of the plaintiffs' schools and those they typify, painted in large part by the defendants' own statements and about which no lack of consensus has been shown, leads us to conclude that the Commonwealth has failed to fulfil its obligation.[91]"

"The crux of the Commonwealth's duty lies in its obligation to educate all of its children. As has been done by the courts of some of our sister States, we shall articulate broad guidelines and assume that the Commonwealth will fulfil its duty to remedy the constitutional violations that we have identified."

"These guidelines accord with our Constitution's emphasis on educating our children to become free citizens on whom the Commonwealth may rely to meet its needs and to further its interests."

"These cases are remanded to the county court for entry of a judgment declaring that the provisions of Part II, c. 5, § 2, of the Massachusetts Constitution impose an enforceable duty on the magistrates and Legislatures of this Commonwealth to provide education in the public schools for the children there enrolled, whether they be rich or poor and without regard to the fiscal capacity of the community or district in which such children live. It shall be declared also that the constitutional duty is not being currently fulfilled by the Commonwealth. Additionally, while local governments may be required, in part, to support public schools, it is the responsibility of the Commonwealth to take such steps as may be required in each instance effectively to devise a plan and sources of funds sufficient to meet the constitutional mandate."

This decision is key to demonstrating that the state of Massachusetts does not have the right to forfeit a citizen's right to a FUNDED education. For health emergencies, the state can require QUARANTINE for a period of time to abate contagion. This is applied only to those who are sick (or proven exposed) and does not necessitate the permanent removal of a child from school and forfeiture of their free adequate public education. By demanding "immunization" as condition for receipt of the free and adequate education, the state has a problem. They in essence are fining a student the cost of their yearly free and adequate education for noncompliance. The penalty for choosing to exercise their right to informed consent and to reject the "immunization" is to legally home school and forfeit their "free and adequate education" state government tuition. Yet, according to the above Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling, this must be provided. By requiring an "immunization" rather than quarantine, the state is demanding PERMANENT QUARANTINE from a public school building for noncompliance. I don't know what the law is that would support this. If the student who was denied a free and adequate education chose to legally home school to fulfill the compulsory education laws, then the State government is obligated to PAY them the per pupil cost, $16,197 - $11,448 so that they can acquire an adequate education at home. In other words, for the PRIVILEGE of the public schools to have a 'PERCEIVED" reduced risk of communicable disease by use of "immunizations", they must PAY OFF an individual who refuses to participate. They cannot make him forfeit this funding due him according to the Massachusetts Constitution.



Flu shots have both the mercury and the aluminum.

They just are not happy at the number of children that have made it to adult hood are they. ,


"Sax says there is “a lot of good evidence” from placebo controlled trials that show that the vaccine is not a risk factor for triggering these autoimmune conditions. "

Whopper alert!


It is evil to require people to play russian roulette with their health, demanding injection.
Most claims in Vaccine Court, the flu shot.
If it can do this to an adult:
but it makes their lobbyists happy!

Bob Moffit

Isn't it great to be KING … sorry .. I mean Governor Cuomo of NYS … who has publicly denounced the Covid vaccine and is threatening to DENY the vaccine for New York … because … he believes government "public health" regulatory agencies .. such as the FDA .. are suddenly UNTRUSTWORTHY because Trump is President.

Talk about hypocrisy .. Cuomo is the very same Governor who has waged a virtual war to deny parents their humanitarian right to INFORMED CONSENT .. by eliminating all pre-existing EXEMPTIONS .. specifically .. PHILOSOPHICAL, RELIGIOUS AND MEDICAL …


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