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Covid Brings Childhood Contest Game to Reality


This screen shot from Fox brought back a childhood memory. In the early 1970s, we had a contest game called "Chinese school." I suppose it could have been Italian school, Irish school, American school. Maybe the cold war was the reason it was Chinese school, thinking Chinese children had to behave and be stern and studious.  The game was like a staring contest. Once recited, the first person to laugh or smile lost. And if you lost, you got a twisted sister arm burn. Good times.  It went like this:

Chinese school has just begun. No more laughing. No more fun. If you show your teeth or tongue, you will pay a penalty.

Looks like Covid is instituting a new version of our crummy game for the holidays. No singing! No shouting! Limit alcohol! Except the alcohol you slather on your hands via sanitizer.  Every channel looks like The Onion. Our CT Governor just instituted a $10,000 fine for businesses who break the rolled-back rules. And we aren't having fun, or smiling.

Happy Day after Thanksgiving, friends.  Kim


Angus Files

This with festive hum bug from your non-elected chief medical officer in the UK

People should not hug or kiss their grandparents at Christmas despite the loosening of coronavirus restrictions, one of the UK’s top medical officers has warned.

In the strongest Christmas covid warning yet, Professor Chris Whitty said: "Would I encourage someone to hug and kiss their elderly relatives? No I would not, if you want them to survive to be hugged again."

He added: "Would I want someone to see their family? Of course, that’s what Christmas is about, whether people celebrate Christmas as a festival themselves or from any other belief system. It is an opportunity for families.

"But would I encourage someone to hug and kiss their elderly relatives? No, I would not."

Pharma For Prison


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