Massachusetts Health Choice 4 Action's Allison Chapman on Flu Shot Mandate

Compulsory CoVax via Epidemic Law

Gps failExcerpted from The Spectator on compulsory vaccination.   COVID is making measles look like a piker.  Mandatory vaccinations for school age children or expulsion doesn't hold a candle to vaccinating absolutely everyone or removal from all manner of commerce, travel, society. Viruses are the new nukes. The new terrorists. 

It seems that someone changed the headline post publishing from Denmark's flirtation to Denmark is creating a roadmap.  You can tell by the URL, which once published, is not changeable without deleting and starting from scratch.  Flirtation sounds cutesy and fun! Roadmaps lead you to where someone wants you to go.  See photo above.

Denmark is creating a roadmap for mandatory vaccination


By Kate Andrews Denmark is creating a roadmap for mandatory vaccination Denmark now, as the country looks to replace its emergency laws brought in this spring with a new ‘epidemic law’. The proposed legislation – which would become a permanent, rather than a temporary measure – could mandate certain people to receive a vaccine, and would allow the police to use force if necessary to administer it.

According to The Local Denmark, the most controversial elements of the law include: forcing people who test positive for ‘dangerous diseases’ to be 'medically examined, hospitalised, treated and placed in isolation'; granting the Danish Health Authority the power ‘to define groups of people who must be vaccinated in order to contain and eliminate a dangerous disease’; and coercing people who refuse to have the vaccine in certain circumstances ‘through physical detainment, with police allowed to assist’.

These clauses pose serious questions about the trade-off between individual liberty, health, privacy and the role of the state. But they are also open to wide interpretation by officials – especially when it comes to defining what is a ‘dangerous disease’ and which groups will be forced to take a vaccine.

An open consultation for the ‘epidemic law’ closed several days ago. It has faced major pushback in its current form: business groups are arguing that the legislation goes too far and there have been public protests about the threat it poses to individual rights. The law may be updated to remove some of its more controversial clauses. But the debate being carried out in Denmark is a reminder for other countries that the vaccine may be rolled-out before we find the answer to these ethical and moral quandaries.



@ Laura
This brings back memories of making first grade playground COOTIE shots. We enthusiastically chased one another touching them and declaring that they now had the imaginary COOTIES. A plandemic has similar characteristics. Sometimes we just have to laugh at them. Gotta Catch Em' All!

New COOTIE CATCHER tech is wearable and constantly tracks the wearer

"In Rochester, Michigan, Oakland University is preparing to hand out to students wearable devices that log skin temperature once a minute — or more than 1,400 times per day — in the hopes of pinpointing early signs of COOTIES.

In Plano, Texas, employees at the headquarters of Rent-A-Center recently started wearing proximity detectors that log their close contacts with one another and can be used to alert them to possible COOTIE exposure."

"The powerful new surveillance systems, wearable devices that continuously monitor users, are the latest high-tech gadgets to emerge in the battle to hinder COOTIES. Some sports leagues, factories and nursing homes have already deployed them. Resorts are rushing to adopt them. A few schools are preparing to try them. And the conference industry is eyeing them as a potential tool to help reopen convention centers."

"Many employers and colleges have adopted COOTIE screening tools like symptom-checking apps and temperature-scanning cameras. But they are not designed to catch the estimated 40% of people with COOTIES who may never develop symptoms like fevers."


"The proposed legislation .... could mandate certain people to receive a vaccine, and would allow the police to use force if necessary to administer it."

All I can say is POUL THORSEN gets my vote to be the first recipient.
Sold our U.S. children down the river for $1 million.

Laura Hayes

Tightening of the noose:


Good God in Govan ,help the festering forensics.

Lockdown sceptics .com
Lockdown Sceptics -Stay Sceptical Control the hysteria
Today article re - very concerning lockdown chaos story for one young chap with autism .
Why Can't I see My Disabled Son ?

In a war of political opression? apparently there is no obligation of fairness in a fight for basic freedoms ? So the bigger and uglier the opression ,then the further it has to fall !
Big grumpy old giant vs young shepherd with a pebble and a shepherd's sling !

Lockdown tiers 0-4 we move to level 4 this friday
Tears for fears - Everybody Want's to run the world [1985 ] You Tube

Laura Hayes

Dr. Louisa Williams has created a helpful 2-page document, which includes citations, that you can print out to share with others in your community to educate them, titled "Facts on COVID-19":


On 15th November it was reported in Summit News that the "epidemic Law" was abandoned after protesters banged pots and pans outside parliament for nine days. Protests work!

Bob Moffit

Can't say we at AoA weren't warned years ago .. 2016 to be exact .. when my column was posted:

The column revealed the NATIONAL ADULT IMMUNIZATION PLAN then well underway in being developed with 2020 as the YEAR WHEN ADULT IMMUNIZATIONS WOULD BECOME MANDATORY.

I believe it is well worth reading again .. now four years later … just to see if many of the observations made have proven correct.

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