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ProPublica Reports That Dr. Fauci Will Review CoVax Trial Data but Not Pfizer's

Vice President Biden Entertains Coronavirus Vaccine Mandate

Biden NYT photo
Credit: New York Times

Note: Dan Olmsted wrote his Age of Autism newspaper column for UPI almost 20 years ago. In my personal Age of Autism, my daughters were in the kitchen at 3:30am, so I got up a bit earlier than I'd hoped (ha ha)  and started doing my homework for this morning's Presidential Town Hall follow up post.  In my search for Coronavirus vaccine mandate results from last night, UPI popped up as a top hit.  Good morning, Dan.  

Biden urges state, local leaders to mandate COVID-19 vaccine

UPI By Danielle Haynes & Darryl Coote

Oct. 15 (UPI) -- Appearing in an ABC town hall Thursday night, Joe Biden said as president he'd lean on state and local leaders to implement COVID-19 vaccine mandates once one becomes available.

The Democratic presidential nominee opened up the town hall taking President Donald Trump to task for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and offering his own answers.

...When asked whether he would mandate for all Americans to take a COVID-19 vaccine once one's available, Biden said "it depends on the state and the nature of the vaccine when it comes out and how it's being distributed."

Biden acknowledged such a mandate would be difficult to enforce completely, comparing it to measles vaccines required by schools.   Read more here: Biden urges state, local leaders to mandate COVID-19 vaccine.

Vice President Biden's answer is not a clear cut " Yes" or "No." This IS politics, after all and every meal is waffles.  Keep in mind, with or without mandates, the vaccine can be used as a key to participate in many areas of society such as employment, school and even air travel. We have not had a national vaccine policy, although the idea has been trial ballooned as far back as 2015 when U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson, a South Florida Democrat, said Tuesday she wants a federal law mandating vaccinations for all public school students. Just last Spring, she introduced legislation to remove non-medical exemptions. On Friday, May 3, Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson reintroduced the Vaccinate All Children Act to promote the immunization of public school children and prevent public health crises. The legislation would disallow states from offering non-medical exemptions for meeting school vaccine requirements.

Could Coronavirus vaccination be the needle that breaks the camel's back? Americans and global citizens are already questioning and protesting masks, social isolation and the vaccine.  The world has been exposed for the very first time, to the sausage making process previously kept safely hidden behind pharma doors. Transparency, such as it has been, has  been enough to generate hard questions about safety, production and medical freedom. As another possible manmade vaccine epidemic is headline news, it looks yet again that Dan Olmsted's work is as important today, as it was when he wrote it.




A beacon of democracy does not urge state and city leaders to coerce a population into a medical experiment.



According to the evidence I gave, the President has done far more for the autism community than the Obama/Biden administration. Their HHS was the swamp. That's what the President stepped into on day one. He has been attacked at every turn from day one. The swamp owns the mainstream media and it continually perpetrates lies about vaccines and autism. I know. I once worked for them and I know how they operate. By fighting "Fake News", the President has opened the door for alternative media to get out the truth. All of the social media censors do not support the President. Think about it.

Where is the evidence for your opinion?
Who paid the bribe and how much?


Carolyn (KylesMom): I agree with your interpretation. And your suggestions are good ones, regardless of who wins the election.

Emmaphiladelphia: "The President certainly thinks outside the box." Well, I suppose that's one way of putting it. But where’s your proof that he is on any kind of path in support of the autism community? His "warp speed" approach is certainly not indicative of someone who is concerned about vaccine safety. Whether he followed the money or simply lost interest, the fact remains that he has done nothing.

Cia: Many people are on the other side. People of many faiths and ethnic origins. People who are concerned about gun violence, many of whom are gun owners themselves. People who believe in the importance of law and order, and also believe that police officers are not themselves above the law. People who believe that black lives matter – not more, but as much as the lives of white people. People concerned about vaccine safety. People hoping for employment and a good economy. People who would like to restore America’s position in the world as a beacon of democracy.



Thanks for that question. While trying to find the legal reference I used, I stumbled upon a bigger rats nest. I am still searching for that AOA post that had the law. However, it is only in reference to The HHS Emergency Declaration and the PREP Act. This is completely separate from the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act which deals with "taxable vaccines." The PREP Act deals with "countermeasures" and "covered countermeasures". This is an important distinction for citizens to understand. The HHS Secretary gains almost dictatorial powers over HHS after an Emergency Declaration. Apparently this can be used to override aspects of the 1986 Vaccine Law and even state health laws. The key word is "emergency". According to the Operation Warp Speed website both Sars Cov 2 vaccine candidates AND the monoclonal antibody TREATMENT are "countermeasures". If they get FDA approval while an Emergency Declaration is still in effect, then they become "covered countermeasures" with government liability coverage. The part of the law I am looking for is the one that stated vaccines would only be considered if there was no treatment or cure already available for the emergency epidemic. This is why I postulated that the antibody treatment might now qualify as a "covered countermeasure" if it gets emergency FDA approval as the President requested after recovering from Covid 19. Evidently, the Secretary of HHS has the power to keep changing the Declaration, so I don't know if that "contest" is still in effect. We need to know. https://www.hhs.gov/coronavirus/explaining-operation-warp-speed/index.html

Now, here is the new bombshell I found out:

"A third amendment to the HHS Declaration, issued August 19, 2020, expanded the definitions of covered
diseases and covered persons. First, HHS expanded the categories of disease representing a public health emergency to reach not just COVID-19, but also “other diseases, health conditions, or threats that may have been caused by COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, or a virus mutating therefrom.” In particular, such “other diseases” include diseases resulting from “the decrease in the rate of childhood immunizations, which will lead to an increase in the rate of infectious diseases.” The amendment thus declares that pediatric vaccines (if licensed by FDA and recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)) are “covered countermeasures.” Relying on the PREP Act’s preemption provision, the amendment adds a new category of “qualified persons” to authorize state-licensed pharmacists to administer ACIP-recommended vaccines to children aged three to eighteen, notwithstanding state laws to the contrary, if the pharmacists comply with certain federal requirements. Although pediatric vaccines are treated as covered countermeasures for preemptive purposes, the amendment nonetheless states that VICP will continue to apply to them “for the purposes of liability immunity and injury compensation,” unless compensation is not available under that program."

IN ONE AMENDMENT, THE HHS SECRETARY DECLARED ALL CHILDHOOD "VACCINE PREVENTABLE" DISEASES AN EMERGENCY AND HAS MADE THE "taxable vaccines" (under the 1986 Law) INTO "covered countermeasures." NOW, PHARMACISTS CAN ADMINISTER THEM, EVEN AGAINST STATE LAW. Pharmacists will be deemed "covered persons". It then goes on to tell us that the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation (VICP) will still apply! THIS IS CRAZY.


Emma Philadelphia;
You said in another post, I could not find it;
But if there is another treatment for an illness besides a vaccine that the government can not -- or wiill not offer lability free for that vaccine. Is that true?

What about whooping cough? It can be treated with antibiotics? Is it it different though cause the put it in with two other vaccines?
Maybe because it is a childhood vaccine?
Or that it can cause brain damage for the newborn?


"Trunp opening and knowingly betrayed us—his first week in office. After getting some kind of bribe from Pharma he canceled the vaccine safety commission."

@Carolyn KylesMom
Do you have proof of a bribe? Were all of the HHS unelected bureaucrats pro-Trump such that he could get cooperation to change things at that time? Did President Obama ever offer for Del and Robert to meet with HHS top management? This alone gave them lots of ammo in information gathering. Which would be more influential: a partisan temporary vaccine safety commission OR The HighWire 501c3 funded show? My voat is The High Wire. They are doing far more damage to the HHS crumbling vaccine infrastructure. The President certainly thinks outside the box. What seems to be the most obvious path isn't always the most obvious. Never forget, President Obama paid a visit to the CDC right after Dr. William Thompson went public as a whistleblower. NOTHING HAPPENED.

Carolyn KylesMom

Weird. I listened very carefully to what Biden said and what Kamala has said. I strongly believe that they know vaccine injury happens, that something has changed, and that they are signaling that they will ‘NOT force mandates. This is either because polls now show many democrats are now questioning vaccines or because someone close to them has been touched. This is far far different from Hillary’s stern “Grandmother knows best vaccines are safe” which broke my heart as the hep-B almost killed my son (ICU for 4 days) and the MMR and DPT on the same day took away his normal language and put him in a fog for years. By the way he recovered because of Dr Rimland and the DAN drs I met and this site.
I truly heard wiggle room in there. And I heard a furious media attacking them both for having that wiggle room. Trunp opening and knowingly betrayed us—his first week in office. After getting some kind of bribe from Pharma he canceled the vaccine safety commission.
Trump is no ones friend but the person with the most money. If we can get our documented stories of vaccine injury to every legislator at every level we know NOW over and over I think that the obvious tragedies that will sadly happen with these rushed vaccines plus our stories will change everything. Start now, write letters, get zoom meetings where you can show what your life is like in your home, how your child has to learn, everything. Make bonds about special Ed issues get them to know you then document the vaccine injury and explain what happened. Call the medical people on staff and say “gee this happened when my child was vaccinated maybe we need to learn why so it doesn’t happen to the whole populace wirh covid vaccines”

Jenny Allan

We all need a good laugh in these uncertain times. Thanks Russia!
'Russia spreads fake news claiming Oxford coronavirus vaccine will turn people into MONKEYS - and portrays Boris Johnson as Bigfoot'
• 'Russian propagandists are targeting the Oxford vaccine with monkey memes
• Designed to confuse and instil fear in the populace and broadcast on state TV
• Show Boris Johnson as bigfoot and chimp in AstraZeneca coat holding a syringe
• Uncle Sam's famed poster is edited to say: 'I want YOU to take monkey vaccine'


@ greyone

"When asked whether he would require all Americans to take a COVID-19 vaccine once one's available, Biden said, "It depends on the state and the nature of the vaccine when it comes out and how it's being distributed."

Biden acknowledged such a mandate would be difficult to enforce completely, comparing it to measles vaccines required by schools.

"We should be thinking about making it mandatory," he said, adding that he'd ask governors, mayors and council members to encourage and mandate vaccines."

Biden's script writers are not dumb. They are fully aware that the money and liability protection for the Sars Cov2 vaccine comes from the Emergency Declaration only. The vaccine would ONLY qualify for liability protection IF no other TREATMENT/REMEDY is available. Because of WARP SPEED in producing the vaccines, pushed by the President, citizens became aware of potential safety issues with these vaccines and over 50% said they would not voluntarily take one. To make things more interesting, the President got Covid 19 and was "cured" with a new monoclonal anti-body treatment, which he is recommending for emergency approval by the FDA to be made available to all citizens per his video tweet. Was this a move to throw a Sars Cov2 vaccine out of the running for Emergency Declaration liability protection and make the monoclonal antibody treatment the declared "winner"?

A pharma Sars Cov2 vaccine workaround would be to use the Federal 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation Act which provides liability coverage for FDA/ACIP/CDC approved vaccines called a "taxable vaccine." They would still have to get approval, but once they did, it could be added to the CDC vaccine recommended list for children and adults. If this happens, a Sars Cov2 vaccine could be recommended yearly, just like the flu vaccine. If the states continue to fall like dominoes, removing their medical and religious exemption laws, then pharma would have a HUGE captive audience for for a Sars Cov 2 vaccine.



"We’re going in person, wearing masks, obviously, and social distancing. I think most Republicans are."

I hope you are not voting in Ohio.......

"While Ohio has a statewide mandate requiring masks in public places, DeWine confirmed previous guidance from Secretary of State Frank LaRose, who has said maskless voters must be allowed by constitutional right. Poll workers will offer masks to voters who do not have one, and there will be curbside voting options for those who refuse."

"“We get into other very serious constitutional issues if we would say we would deny you the right to vote if you did not have a mask,” DeWine said at a press briefing, according to Cleveland.com."

I guess we can now go maskless and tell the Costco door greeter we are planning to go vote after shopping.


WarpSpeed problems:

"It sounds absurdly simple, but how the mRNA vaccines are packaged also imposes logistical challenges. Currently, they’re in multidose vials that have to be used or discarded within six hours of opening. Moderna’s vaccine comes in 10-dose vials; Pfizer and BioNTech’s, in five-dose vials. Unused doses can degrade over time at high temperatures and, more dangerous, can become contaminated with bacteria, because the vaccines lack preservatives. Both the multidose vials and the lack of preservatives help get a vaccine out faster, says Moore: Experts have been worrying about a shortage of glass for vaccine vials, and preservatives add complexity that can slow down vaccine development. "

excerpted from this article

John Stone


I would not like to overestimate the guy but certainly the logistics of distributing rapidly these deep frozen products (maybe with mobile centres) has been a topic of discussion in British government circles so it may just have brushed his ears and of course we also have talk of bringing in the armed forces - mapped onto the US that would sound like the Federal government so maybe there is something lurking unpleasant after all.



I SERIOUSLY doubt he knows that, unlike most vaccines, those require special freezers to keep them cold enough. I don’t think that would be a big problem for those willing to permanently alter their DNA. You’d have to go to a hospital to get it. I think most places have enough hospitals that it wouldn’t be difficult to get them. I think Biden just has a vague apprehension that it’s safer to condition any statement. Like Would you pack the Supreme Court to ensure the Democratic oligarchy absolute power for the rest of eternity? Yes or no?

Angus Files

why you need to vote for me - I`m a Pharma authoritarian fascist.

Pharma For Prison


John Stone


Don’t know but for instance the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines require deep refrigeration which certainly pose technical problems. As he waffled on he may have thought of this.


I noticed what he said about a mandate and hoped you’d hear it too. Notice that Trump has said he wouldn’t make a mandate. Although states and individual businesses might.

Biden is out of touch. I can’t believe the Democratic Party has been reduced to this. I don’t think he understands one single thing about the issue. He’s just Disease bad, Vaccine prevent Disease. Vaccine good. Make st- people take good vaccine.

But good. I’m glad he said it. So put together those rightly fearful of vaccine damage, Catholics and others against abortion, Jews, Christians in general, gun owners, owners of businesses fearful of arson and looting, those against pulling down statues of Lincoln, Columbus, and Teddy Roosevelt, those who support the police, those hoping for employment and a good economy, those proud of the US and our generosity and values. Who’s left to be on the other side?

Wednesday I read an article about Fauci and his mentor Francis Collins. Near the end the interviewer asked Collins about many people fearing reactions and not wanting to get the vaccine. He said the that yes, the vaccine would cause autoimmune reactions in some people, but he thought that it was worth taking the chance. I sent the article to myself. Today I wanted to use that passage. Guess what? That part has been deleted from the article since Wednesday. Now nothing left but positives.

I also read an article which said that the Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines were very similar to the Russian vaccine based on an adenovirus, an old-fashioned vaccine. But the Western vaccines are mRNA vaccines. Thank you, Alexander, for your comments about them. I read an article at The Prepared about the Russian vaccine which totally trashed it, written by a pharma shill. So yeah, this is totally drumming up business for the companies in question. Censor negative observations retroactively. Make up stuff about how bad Sputnik V is and how good - are.

I think the polls are being completely made up. Both the Dems and the Republicans conduct their own polls and the Dems are terrified and the Republicans confident. The MSM and poll takers just want to discourage Republicans from voting, thinking it’s hopeless. Someone urged me the other day to vote early, as they just had. I said No way, too much potential for ballot fraud. We’re going in person, wearing masks, obviously, and social distancing. I think most Republicans are.

We’re stocking up on food again, deadline the end of the month, I told Cecily that there will be violence around the election. Hard to believe, but there it is, there is no doubt. Glad we don’t live in a big city. We’ll vote and then come straight home and stay here, and stay tuned as long as it takes. Hope John Podesta’s war game scenario will be foiled.


"When asked whether he would mandate for all Americans to take a COVID-19 vaccine once one's available, Biden said "it depends on the state and the nature of the vaccine when it comes out and how it's being distributed."

dependant on how it is being distributed?

Paul Picha

Looks like he dribbled his cheerios all over the morning's cliff notes- thanks for being honest, Joe.... but that was unwise as a political move. What a dope


Because I understand science. I despise Democrat's. May God bless them.

Gary Ogden

This is not politically smart on his part, as the pro-'Ronavax crowd is now no more than 50%. Waffles it is, though!


Its enough of an answer to make him and others who (don't) think like him dangerous. He is a vaccine fundamentalist.

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