Masks and Oxygen Deprivation Dr. Margarite Griesz-Brisson
Lucky Covid Vaccine Test Subjects

Toxic Politics Finally Opening Eyes to Toxic Vaccines

What the heckNote: In an election year that is already inside out and upside down, Gallup reports that confidence and acceptance of a COVID vaccine is DOWN among Democrats and UP among Republicans.  Read more here at News.Gallup

...Democrats Rethinking the Coronavirus Vaccine

The decline in Americans' readiness to be vaccinated obscures divergent trends among party groups, with Republicans showing increased willingness to be vaccinated but Democrats and independents showing decreased comfort levels.

After two months of Democrats being more likely than Republicans to say they would be vaccinated, about half of all political party groups now say they would get the vaccine. This marks a new low among Democrats and independents, while Republicans' interest in getting the vaccine has returned to the levels recorded in July, up from their low point in late August.

  • Those in U.S. willing to get an FDA-backed COVID-19 vaccine falls to 50%
  • Willingness down among Democrats and independents, up among Republicans
  • New high of 26% waiting for a vaccine before getting back to normal




Looks like Israel and Greece might be buying the Sputnik V vaccine:


Did the West Coast just send a signal to John "Pizzagate" Podesta and Hillary Clinton?
Portland just toppled a statue of Abraham Lincoln.

"Democrats’ ‘War Game’ for Election Includes West Coast Secession, Possible Civil War"

"WATCH: Rioters Topple Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt Statues in Portland; Museum Windows Smashed"

The President might need help at warp speed......


I just heard FaceBook is banning paid ads that discourage vaccinations. Since I don't do FaceBook,I didn't know there were paid ads that discourage vaccinations.

From this site

...........And unpaid posts by people or groups that discourage vaccinations will also still be allowed — the new policy only includes paid advertisements.

Facebook is addressing the anti-vaxxers of 2014 and 2015 and not the anti-vaxxers of 2020, said David A. Broniatowski, an associate professor at George Washington University’s school of engineering and applied science who has published several studies on vaccine misinformation.

Broniatowski published a study in 2019 that found that the majority of anti-vaccine misinformation being pushed in advertisements on Facebook were coming from two groups, including one led by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and a California-based organization called Stop Mandatory Vaccination.

“Facebook by banning anti-vaccine ads is probably not banning more than half of the ads,” he said. “I understand where they are coming from that they want to promote civil engagement but at the same time, if their intention is to reduce the amount of anti-vaccine misinformation, they are not addressing the largest source of that misinformation.”



Has Russia used hydroxychloroquine or monoclonal antibodies for TREATING Covid 19?
If your child was vaccine injured, you don't trust ANY vaccine. I would go with a treatment.


You've got to realize that the endless vilification of Putin and Russian is for a REASON.

Russia has declined, yes, that's right, DECLINED to indemnify herself against injury claims related to her human, adenovirus vector, SPUTNIK V coronavirus vaccine.

The platform they're using is decades old. Countries are clamoring for it because they KNOW it's not a kill shot. Putin has an impeccable diplomatic reputation outside of the U.S. MSM lie machine.

Duterte of the Philippines wants to participate in a trial himself.

Look, you're only way out of this is to get the Russian vaccine. Big Pharma has never, ever produced a successful mRNA vaccine. It will change your DNA forever and most likely kill you slow with autoimmune pain.

It's plane tickets to Russia, friends, or a slow, painful autoimmune death here.
They're saying it out loud if you have ears to listen.


@ Bob Moffit

Thanks for the heads up on the J&J vaccine. Here is a link with more info- and the money involved:
"Johnson & Johnson Shares Slump Following COVID Vaccine Trial Pause"

I have closely followed the President's actions regarding his oversight of HHS since his election in 2016. This is the area much of the Swamp resides, so I knew things couldn't be fixed overnight. However, his Operation Warp Speed has caused me to wonder what his intentions are. It can be viewed in two different ways. The following is a video which has excellent research, but concludes there are no "good guys."
'Expose Warp Speed' With Whitney Webb, Chips Gels And Sensors On The Way"

Another way to look at this is that Operation Warp Speed is cover for a military operation to protect our Constitutional Republic:

The President has consistently pushed a Covid 19 TREATMENT over a vaccine. This would remove the emergency liability protection for the Warp Speed vaccines- a good thing. He seems to be continually undermined in this effort. The President even made a Twitter video right after he got out of the hospital, singing the praises of the monoclonal antibody TREATMENT he received, and crediting that product with his "miraculous" recovery. (I posted the video link earlier on another thread). Again, this breakthrough Covid treatment has been ignored by the media. Is the "warp speed" timing of the vaccine rollout PURPOSEFULLY causing "vaccine hesitancy" in the population? How do you explain the FLIP of Democrat talking points regarding the vaccine? They only "trust" a vaccine Trump is not in control of. Harris, Biden and Fauci were early mRNA vaccine supporters. Fauci even bragged in January that they could roll out a vaccine in 3 MONTHS. So what has changed? We need to keep a close eye on this. If you have any further insights on this, please post.


I wish more outlets would mention Pharma’s indemnification for vaccine injury, with the reports on vaccine hesitancy.

I won’t hold my breath.


A sprinkle a day, helps keep COVID away, have you had your sprinkle today ?


This J&J adverse event is the tip of the iceberg, the covid vaccine will be worse than covid. All the vaccines are - flu, measles, "polio", hepatitis, meningitis. It's all poison, doctors and big Pharma continue to use fear to sell poison.

I was part of a great thing on the mountain last weekend, lots of neat people having fun, nary a mask to be seen. It was inspiring to talk with other people who don't believe the bs and won't be bullied, scared, or shamed by big pharma's big lie narrative.

Gary Ogden

It is a fine thing that vaccine safety is now a major part of the political conversation. Whoda thunk? And the Democrats the ones who are "vaccine hesitant?" Astonishing. I stand by my prediction that no safe coronavirus vaccine will emerge. They've been trying their best for decades. Again, vast sums of tax money flushed down the drain. What government does best.

Powder Keg

Given how long it took them to admit that baby powder caused ovarian cancer . . .

Hoping they have changed ?

Bob Moffit

Today's early news .. J&J is suspending their on going covid vaccine trial because someone has contracted a serious health problem and they are desperately trying to ascertain if it was caused by their EXPERIMENTAL COVID VACCINE.

Will be eagerly awaiting identification of the health problem and whether or not J&J admits it was caused by vaccine.

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