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1 in 35 - So it follows....

A. US Population: 328,239,523
B. % Under 18: 22.3%
(A*B)/35 # Autism 2,091,355

2.1 million kids have autism in the US. In theory, that's 4.2 million parents and 8.4 million grandparents - a lot lives have been affected by Merck and Pfizer's greed.

Shelley Tzorfas

With 1 in 35 or 36 children having Autism and 1 in 20 boys, Autism must be included in any topic about Health in America. A rough estimate is about a third have severe (Non Verbal, Playing with Feces) non adaptive behaviors, about a third in the middle, a third considered "High Functioning." It's ironic how the news portrays the few at the tippy top. Kids with Autism throwing a basketball into a hoop from an extreme distance, kids cooking gourmet food, kids with great singing voices and more. Kids flinging their feces, banging their heads, beating their moms are hardly ever seen and there is quite a lot of them, certainly more than the ones who could land a basketball into a hoop. Now there is also 1 in 5 kids with disabilities and combined 54% of our kids ARE CHRONICALLY ILL (Kennedy) so its TIME for the NEWS to cover REALITY! The majority of our kids are ill and they NEED a VOICE in the political debates!!


So............will Kamala become part of the "vociferous anti-vaccination movement"? She certainly has the vociferous down and she has moments where she is part of some anti-movement. No, she doesn't possess the character, knowledge nor courage to challenge "the experts".

It's all up to us.

Carolyn Rufus

I was so happy to see Kamala say she would never take. a vaccine on Trump’s word.

Just to have someone of her prominence acknowledge that a vaccine might not be safe was huge. Especially a Democrat!

Have we reached a turning point?


They only answered a question on the Sars Cov2 vaccine. Harris would not take one if Trump was pushing it. Pence shamed Harris for undermining confidence in vaccines...LOL!
I guess we need to keep Trump in office to keep the Pharma "science based" vaccines out.

The government will never willingly acknowledge the vaccine injury Holocaust. The numbers are vast and the country would go bankrupt trying to pay for it. Those responsible do not want jail time. The best Trump could do is clean up the HHS corruption and shut down the vaccine/L4 lab program. Perhaps monoclonal antibodies are the way to go.

Currently, Californians could sue the state for vaccine fraud (my opinion). The only way Pharma has liability protection for vaccines is through the 1986 Federal law. The law also is based on informed consent- no mandatory vaccines. The state of California ONLY gets its CDC recommended childhood vaccines through the Federal government's taxable vaccine program. As long as California law contained a religious exemption for vaccines, they would be compliant with the Federal law. By passing a STATE law removing the religious exemption, they are no longer in compliance. The state commits fraud by claiming that their FEDERAL vaccines are now mandatory and punishes non-compliance with removal of a free public education. Free public education ONLY EXISTS BECAUSE OF THE STATE COMPULSORY EDUCATION LAW. This is double jeopardy.

Let's get some class-action vaccine FRAUD lawsuits going in California. They are WIDE OPEN.

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