Is Horror Film Come Play a Trick or Treat for Autism?
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Halloween 2000


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The reasons Age of Autism continues is in that 20 year old photo.  My 3 beautiful daughters. Your loved ones too. Halloween 2000 - Mia and Gianna 7E1F421A-FFBE-4B27-8A6E-912609F263BA had been diagnosed 361 days prior. (but who's counting diagnoses dates?) Autism has been forgotten in many ways.  Covid has wiped out all conscious thought of other issues - medical and social. And autism has been slowly but steadily whitewashed into a difference in mainstream media.  Autism B8B7BC79-A55E-4ACE-B2A2-C60FCD613CEEand vaccine injury makes the "third rail" look like a Please Touch Children's Museum. But while we will always remain true to Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted's vision for this site as a way to tell the world that autism is a manmade epidemic, we have always offered so much more in terms of support and topics. And where else can you get a dose of humor to soften the daily blows of life?

It seems autism and vaccine injury is even too risky for fundraising. Not long ago, I sat in a meeting on vaccine safety and choice where autism was excluded from the conversation.  A handful of us stood and said, "Are you kidding?" After all, the “conversation” was begun on our children’s backs. It's  Horsepuckey to use JB Handley’s term.  

Please consider supporting us with a donation. We need to keep SCARING the world with FACTS.  Thank you.Kim



Hi Kim-your three daughters have grown into three beautiful young women. I love the photo with all the Sesame Street characters in the background. My son has autism and is now also a handsome young man. The Corona Virus vaccine is a no go for all of us too as it has had many negative side effects in clinical trials and why would we want to hurt our children with what could be an even worse vaccine than what they were injured with in the first place. Stay well and healthy and God Bless all of you.


Will gladly support Age of Autism!

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