Evee Clobes Died 36 Hours After Her Well-Child Check-up
36 Deaths Isn't Enough to Stop Flu Vax Program in S. Korea

South Korea Officials Refuse to Suspend Flu Vaccine Program Despite 25 deaths

Flu shot halloweenNote: In case there is anyone left who thinks public health is about the public's health.

South Korea sticks to flu vaccine plan despite safety fears after 25 die

SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korean officials refused on Thursday to suspend a seasonal influenza inoculation effort, despite growing calls for a halt, including an appeal from a key group of doctors, after the deaths of at least 25 of those vaccinated.... Read more.



It's now up to 48 deaths, and South Sudan confirms outbreak of vaccine-related polio:

"Just after Singapore prohibited two flu vaccines due to 48 related-deaths in South Korea, health officials in South Sudan on Thursday confirmed a new outbreak of polio, just months after declaring the wild version of the deadly virus eradicated in Africa’s youngest country.

The health ministry said 15 cases of vaccine-derived polio – a form of the illness which occurs in rare incidents when the weakened virus in the vaccine mutates – had been identified in the country’s northwest.

“Yes, there is an outbreak of vaccine-derived polio, and the Ministry of Health and its partners are working on it, and I think it is under control,“ the ministry’s director general for preventative health services, Dr John Pasquale Romunu, told reporters. “It has affected quite a number of counties and states.“"

elaine dow

Isn't this years' flu vaccine stronger for the seniors? You know that the seniors in the nursing homes are getting a boat load of vaccines. They don't know how many will be harmed by the Covid vaccine, flu vaccine, shingles vaccines, Prevnar, meningitis, etc. They are sitting ducks. The medical facility will just say anything they want as a cause of death. Frightening.


There are things worse than covid!


My elderly father died of flu induced pneumonia after his flu/pneumococcal shot. I had warned my mother that they should not get the jab. Unfortunately, the grocery store PA system flu scare propaganda won out, and they got their shots from the friendly grocery store PHARMACIST. I didn't know they had done this until after my father had died, when it occurred to me to ask my mother. This is why I am against pharmacy vaccines---EVEN LESS ACCOUNTABILITY. It preys on the elderly. Just ask nurses who work in elder care homes how many die soon after the fall round of flu shots are given. Criminal!

Grace Green

"...no toxic substances uncovered..."? In the vaccine or in the victims? What, then, are they claiming the vaccine was made up of, if not toxic substances!
Here's a warning for people in the UK. I received an "invitation" to get a flu vaccination, like I did last year. But there was a big difference. Last year's came from my GP surgery, specifically from the senior partner of the practice. This year's letter was headed with NHS *name of my local health board*. There was no address, no-one named, let alone a signature, no mention of the practice to which I belong. One was expected to turn up at the given time at a named secondary school. I wonder who was administering those vaccinations. The cleaners? The army? It sounds to me akin to agreeing to meet someone in a lay-by to buy a second-hand car! (Nowadays, it would be so easy for anyone to copy a letter-head and send out a letter, with no accountability.)


Dr. Wakefield said years and years ago that viruses react with one another. What was that word? Inference?
That is what he thought might be going on with the MMR. That the mumps vaccines might be the really bad one, that does great by itself, but when put in with the other two causes all that meningitis up in Canada, UK, and Brazil.

Del Bigtree the other day had some kind of short message that they are really, really pushing the flu shots this year, and it is a deadly combo when the covid 19 virus is lurking about as well.

Now are these microbiology geniuses working for us in the federal government agencies just clueless? Or are they some kind of ( what? psychopath with a degree and good job or what? ) Cause they do know. They know.

Maybe it is not just for the pleasure of seeing so many die, but to strike fear into us and have control. And what kind of person wants control? I am serious? I don't know how the human brain works at all. Power is that wonderful? We need a new manual for mental illness and that one is the identified?


Vaccine deaths, like this 17 year old boy and 24 others, are just the tip of the iceberg. For every death, there's at least 10 more walking wounded that will never have their day in court. Never will they be heard in the media. They will live their lives maimed by a flu vaccine...wondering why the flu was so bad to begin with. Very sad to see this predictable outcome in South Korea. It's happening in America too - right now, today, we just don't hear about it because Merck and other companies suppress the truth. Their products are extremely dangerous and their labeling is nothing but lies.

Bob Moffit

Only 25 died … no problem here … its not like 25 defective planes crashed .. or 25 lives lost when their defective tires failed .. get a grip people .. flu vaccines are saving MILLIONS of lives and they are being provided FREE.

Wonder how many lives it takes for a government to finally halt a vaccine program worth BILLIONS to public health bureaucrats and vaccine industry moguls???

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