Annus Horribilis
Reiner Fuellmich Crimes Against Humanity Transcript



I saw this meme on social media yesterday.   It made me think of "Molly Brown", socialite, philanthropist and Titanic survivor whMolly Browno is said to have tried to convince her lifeboat crew to go back to the debris to look for survivors. They refused. There was a play and movie made about her called "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" that fictionalized her life.  If we were aboard the Titanic, we would have every job on the ship from Captain to cook to bottle washer. To musician. To maid. To entertainment. To navigator. To star reader. To alarm blower. To water baler. To protector. Even to martyr in the frigid waters to protect others. But we're treated as cold as icebergs....



"A federal judge on Thursday rejected the government’s efforts to further delay the release of select coronavirus-related communications between top U.S. officials, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, as part of a Daily Caller News Foundation lawsuit.

Judge Dabney L. Friedrich of the District of Columbia ruled on Sept. 21 that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) must begin releasing 300 responsive records per month beginning on Oct. 21. There are approximately 4,200 records relevant to the DCNF’s request for certain communications concerning the coronavirus, the World Health Organization (WHO) and China, meaning the release will not be completed until 2022.

“People have every right under the law to see the communications between our government agencies (including Dr. Fauci), China and the WHO at the outset of this pandemic that has killed so many Americans and destroyed our economy. We are happy that Judge Friedrich agreed with our position that the government should not be able to keep this information secret,” DCNF President Neil Patel said in a statement Thursday.

“However, the fact that the document production doesn’t have to start until over six months after our lawful request — and that the production will not finish until 2022 — is a sad joke. It’s amazing people still wonder why the American people have lost trust in our national institutions,” Patel said."

After that quote and we are looking at another two long years, I can't help thinking of the ship that did not go to help the Titanic; the SS Californian. How about being in that position, a judge and letting every one so very down, down, down in the deep, deep, deep.


Judicial Watch through the Freedom of information act and the court has told the NIH or CDC to get to releasing records, so many in in each month starting in October. They are also wanting Fauci's emails between China and WHO.

There will come a time when the rats will jump the sinking public trust, federal agencies.

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