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Heidi Larson Suggests Using The Queen as a Vaccine Pawn

No Is a Complete Sentence: Americans Want To be Able to Say NO To a Covid Vaccine

No-is-a-complete-sentence.-It-does-not-require-justification-or-explanationMore and more Americans do not want a COVID vaccine.

They do not trust a COVID vaccine. They do not trust the "science," or the government ramming a vaccine forward.  It seems the pandemic response has taken our 20+ years of talking about the lack of vaccine safety and finally brought it into sharp focus. Why now? Why Covid and not the autism epidemic? Fear. Covid was immediately introduced to the world as a horrible global thread that could knock on any door and kill you. Fear is always the simplest tool for compliance, diversion and re-education.  And so while we worked our behinds off to tell people about autism and vaccination,  autism was turned into a "difference" to be accepted from the highest echelons of public health, science, government agencies and media.

We owe Covid a perverse thank you that we will never get ourselves. Keep saying NO. Tell your friends and family you will say NO. Speak up. Speak out. NO is a complete sentence.  Remember the old School House Rock series that ran on Saturday mornings?  The slogan was "Knowledge is power!"

From The New York Post:
Scientists worry as more Americans say they’ll refuse COVID-19 vaccine

Tara Granger, 36, has worked as a nurse for two decades in Suffolk County, NY, and she and her two children have been vaccinated every year.

“Drugs are my life,” she says. “It’s what I learned in school.”

But she’s been questioning the promised upcoming vaccine for COVID-19, in large part because of what she’s witnessed firsthand about the financial incentives for vaccines.

“It scares me that I got so many free lunches and free dinners because I pushed the flu vaccine,” Granger says. “What am I going to get when I push a COVID vaccine?”

Granger got sick from the coronavirus earlier this summer and said she did “the opposite of what people said to do. I took my supplements and vitamins, and didn’t go to the hospital to be put on a ventilator and die. I was smart enough to say, ‘My immune system can fight this, I just have to find the right way to do it.’ ”

Her job will require her to recommend the COVID vaccine when it’s available, but Granger said she won’t personally be getting it.

“The vaccine isn’t something we need, even if it is safe,” she says. “People want an easy solution and they think this is it. But it isn’t.”

She’s not the only one with misgivings. A Pew Research poll from late September showed that about half of US adults (51 percent) wouldn’t get a COVID-19 vaccine if it was available today — a big drop from the 72 percent who said they’d get one back in May.




I especially liked the comment by
"Mark Gee
Oct 01, 2020"


In the last few paragraphs of the New York Post provided a hot link to the NEJM article "Ensuring Uptake of Vaccines for SARS-CoV-2" published on Oct. 1. It may be worth your time to read the NEJM comments--

They are pretty good!


FEAR is the key. So true!
Thanks for posting that observation. More and more are getting on the "no" train. Whether the President did it by design or accident, the WARP SPEED development of the Sars Cov2 vaccines has massively contributed to "vaccine hesitancy". A WIN FOR US.
"Gov. Cuomo: Americans ‘Should Be’ Skeptical About Taking FDA-Approved Vaccine"


I agree with your comment. We have at least 3 successful treatments for Covid 19. Why aren't they now widely available and why do we still need a unicorn vaccine? Who is preventing their use? It doesn't seem to be the President.

I did more research on your question from another post. I'm still looking, but I KNOW I read it. In the meantime, I came across this from the original 2005 PREP Act, which all should read. ALARMING STUFF!

""(c) VOLUNTARY PROGRAM.-The Secretary shall ensure that
a State, local, or Department of Health and Human Services plan
to administer or use a covered countermeasure is consistent with
any declaration under 319F-3 and any applicable guidelines of
the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and that potential
participants are educated with respect to contraindications, the
voluntary nature of the program, and the availability of potential
benefits and compensation under this part. " See p. 14/15

Under our current Declaration, it seems these laws are in play now, overriding much of the 1986 vaccine law. Please read. It gives the Secretary of HHS HUGE powers!

Maurine Meleck

I got FB jail time for posting this.


There are treatments for the covid 19 So why would I choose a vaccine when I am swimming in vaccine injuried people?

Is the staving massive going to have to break into the hydroxychloroquine grainers , or what?
On top of that Trump said that the antibody treatment he used from those God's chosen up in New York; he is going to make available to every one --FREE!
That seems to go unnoticed by so many. I want my FREE treatment that works.


As for any Covid1984 vaxxx....
If vaxxxes are so "good", then why are they ONLY available as PRIVATE, FOR-PROFIT products?....
Why are they NEVER public, & non-profit? Even that "free flu shot" is paid for by SOMEBODY!....And SOMEBODY PROFITS!....
Has AoA publicized "Crimson Contagion", and "Event 201"?....
Keep up the GOOD WORK, PEOPLE!....

Bob Moffit

Kudos to NY Post for publishing this column … especially the quotes attributed to Rita Palmer .. founder of OUR KIDS, OUR CHOICE .. a tireless advocate for our community in New York …

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