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Covid Vaccine Adverse Reactions Euphemised to "Discomfort"

Medford Oregon Mail Tribune Editorial on Vaccine Kool Aid

Michael Framson editorialThank you and congratulations to AofA reader Michael Framson on his published editorial in the Medford, Oregon Mail Tribune newspaper. The verbiage is below.  Brave voices speaking out in even tones, without rancor, offering information and facts is what will help Americans who are starting to question vaccine safety really listen.


The Washington Post (WAPO) editorial in the Tribune claimed that confidence in vaccines has been eroded by a “vociferous anti-vaccination movement.” Not true! Dr. Heidi Larson, PhD, Director of the Vaccine Confidence Project says the biggest factor in vaccine hesitancy is vaccine safety.

She points out at the recent WHO Vaccine Safety Summit that “doctors and nurses are ‘very wobbly’ and ‘starting to question the safety of vaccines,’ and “it's a "huge problem." In fact, “doctors don't have confidence in vaccine safety to stand up to mothers asking questions.”

WAPO, it is the vaccine science or lack thereof that has eroded the public’s vaccine confidence. As Dr. Larson points out: “There is a lot of safety science needed; “they can't keep repurposing old science that isn't relevant” to the safety questions parents are asking.

Vaccination is an invasive medical procedure using imperfect products, inadequately studied manufactured by an industry notorious for its greed, fraud, deception, lies, and prolific marketing, whether they are pushing Vioxx or vaccines. The only difference between the two is that vaccine manufacturers cannot be held accountable for their injuries and deaths.

Post, stop drinking your Kool-Aid long enough to read the science. The vociferous have.

Michael Framson
Medford, OR


Laura Hayes

Go Michigan!


Reply to Michael,

Seems rational thinking, alongside common sense and common decency, flew the coop a long time ago in our country. An excellent example of that pertaining to vaccines is that the vast majority of parents would not permit the ingredients in vaccines to be put into their baby’s bottle to be consumed by their child, yet, and often even after the parent of a vaccine-injured child has tried to educate and warn them about the dangers and heinousness of vaccine ingredients, they permit someone in a white coat to inject those same ingredients deep under their child’s skin, on a regular and frequent basis, causing great pain and immense fear...where those ingredients will begin to wreak havoc for the duration of their child’s life.

I cover that irrational thinking and behavior in many of my articles, interviews, and presentations, including these two:



And I cover the illegalities of all things vaccine-related in this comprehensive presentation of mine:


As a friend and colleague recently wrote to me:

“So many have willingly given up their common sense.”

Critically important not to be one of them.


Laura re: the PA case. What sentence stood out to me was this: "But the defendants actions did not rationally relate to this end." The key word being 'rationally'. Its been difficult to have rational discussions towards more rational policies that are proving difficult, especially with masks and social distancing. When I point out that wearing a mask in the middle of park with no one around is irrational; what I hear is "yes, but it sets a good example." Or a news reporter on location and all there is the reporter and their camera. Why the mask?

Jill in MI

Thank you for posting Laura - excellent Opinion from Judge Stickman. Way to go Pennsylvania!! So what happens now that this Opinion has been filed?

Laura Hayes

Judge Stickman's excellent decision in the PA case...a victory for our Constitution, our freedom, and our rights!


If time permits, read at least the first few pages, and the "Conclusion" on pp. 65-66.

Angus Files

Thumbs up from Scotland Michael....thank you!

Pharma For Prison


Excellent editorial, Michael, thank you!





A very hopeful piece. In the broad view it is of concern that the media-pharma-political complex is only now vulnerable to such concerns, if they truly are. It is hard not to think, and with irony, that opposition to a vaccine that Trump is seen as promoting would be the catalyst for the broader opposition due to concerns about safety. The Democrats have generally done a 180 and instead of threatening or requiring mandates for vaccines and degrading any who raise safety concerns or bodily autonomy they have made an exception since Trump is in favor of the vaccine{ the irony}. It is political science and that means if the political scene changes so will this mirage of opposition to a covid vaccine by political powers and by extension a brief allowance for legitimizing and lending a bit of credence to the present questions of vaccine safety. The only hope is that somehow they can't put the safety question Genie back in the bottle. I sadly think that can seeing how easy much of the public i s manipulated. Once the election is passed this convenient inversion may instantly dissapear.

Laura Hayes

Michael Framson,

Great editorial. Thank you for making the time to write and submit it. Thrilled to see that it was actually published. Bravo!

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