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Mask versus flu vaccine
By Cathy Jameson

A gal named Alex shared the photo on this post on her social media page yesterday. I wanted to high five her.

Each October to April, that flu shot is pushed on the public.  Some people can opt out of that notoriously ineffective vaccine.  Others are not so fortunate.  Depending on which hospital or facility they work, medical personnel and health care workers are required to get a flu shot.  Personal beliefs are dismissed, and exemptions aren’t offered.  If, and when, medical care workers refuse the vaccine, it could cost them their job.

Nurses have seen some victories while fighting the mask mandates.  But many must wear a mask while working.  That mandate holds true for other medical staff who work directly with a patient.  Masks must stay on until April, even for the physical therapy aide, too, who’s filing paperwork in an office away from patients. 

This year, with as many people already donning masks because of COVID-19, I’m curious if those who refuse the flu shot will run into any trouble in the workplace.  They shouldn’t.  Based on mask protocols they were forced into earlier this year, already having a mask on should be on their side. 

Knowing that personal rights are not the pharmaceutical industry’s top priority, I have a bad feeling that some workers will find themselves in an unpleasant situation despite wearing a mask.  They may still have to fight to keep their job.  It’s a shame because that notoriously ineffective vaccine  that gets hawked all over the place will no doubt be a dud again this year. 

Even if it is not a dud for 2020, college students are now on the flu shot hit list.  University of California Davis welcomed their incoming coeds with mandates.  Students and staff are feeling the heat to comply with the flu shot mandates.  Officials are justifying this community-wide effort by saying that the vaccine is a “safe and effective way to prevent millions of illnesses and thousands of related medical visits every year.”  Other states, like Massachusetts and New Jersey, are gearing up to require flu vaccines for all students and at daycare centers, too.  Why, when the CDC claimed in August that “Cloth face coverings are one of the most powerful weapons we have to slow and stop the spread of the virus – particularly when used universally within a community setting.  All Americans have a responsibility to protect themselves, their families, and their communities.”  Granted, they were talking about COVID-19 in that statement, but did the CDC just contradict themselves?

Of course, the influenza virus and the coronavirus are not the same viruses, but if a cloth face covering is considered a powerful weapon for one, maybe it’ll do the trick for the other.  Isn’t that why non-compliant medical care workers had to cover their faces up each flu-shot season all these years?  To prevent the spread of an illness (an illness they didn’t have, mind you)? 

Why put our frontline workers, and now our college students, through any more stress than they are already under?  For years, they were told that the masks keep patients safe from the flu.  They’re saying the exact same thing for the coronavirus.  Viruses and masks don’t discriminate.  Too bad those pushing the liability-free vaccines do.  

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.



@Tracey RN

Thank you for standing up! I worry about the health of the health practitioners.
Ask the hospital administrator where one can purchase a mandatory flu vaccine. Tell them that your state only purchases "taxable vaccines" through the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. Those vaccines are informed consent ONLY as part of the Federal contract that also gives liability protection to health care workers administering them. Anyone administering a "taxable vaccine" to you against your will would be committing fraud. Then await her answer......

See my detailed comment on this issue to Laura at https://www.ageofautism.com/2020/10/triumph-and-ambush-vaccines-to-be-rolled-up-in-the-uk-next-month.html#comments October 09, 2020 at 02:37 PM

Tracey RN

I have been working in a Hospital for 34 yrs. I have never taken the flu shot. Last year they sent out a letter stating we had 3 exemptions . I chose the religious one. No problem last year, although I had a supervisor tell me your religion isn’t against vaccines . I looked at her and said Quite frankly it’s against the law for you to even ask!
Since everyone this year has been wearing a mask , they of course had to up the ante ! Now we are required to get a letter from our clergy ! I’m calling a lawyer this week.. This is so wrong...

Shelley Tzorfas

The more the people are shot with Neurotoxic Aluminum, Cancer Causing Formaldehyde, Tumorigenic human Fetal Cell DNA, peanut oils leading to anaphylactic shock and other toxins, the sicker and sicker we become. Our Universities are getting grants from Pharmaceutical companies which sways the science.

Freq Reader

Benedetta you are always adding stories and insight. You are so brave to speak out all the time. I appreciate your comments and ideas.


Those with a great deal of accumulated power and money have been stirred to unbelievable levels of hatred and anger in 2020 because of the threat to their kingdom—whether their palace is a bureaucratic agency, an executive corner suite, a seat on a powerful Congressional committee, a prestigious endowed chair in an Ivy League ivy tower, or a hidden bank account to which China has funneled great sums of money.

In this past year these people have made common cause to push the citizens of the most powerful nation on earth to give up our constitutional rights VOLUNTARILY. How simply ironic that their weapon of choice is a mask and—wait for it!—A VACCINE THAT CAN TRACK US.

For decades we have been like Jeremiah sounding the alarm about the vax damage. We have been attacked, scorned, dismissed, ridiculed.

I teeter between anxiety and hope, ultimately choosing hope because of my Faith. It is all I have but I remind myself that it is more powerful than all that our opponents can throw at us.

God have mercy on us and our country!


May the month, this year in the month of May; I meant.


That is right and I am glad you are reporting on it. Last week my husband was telling me that the local news just reported that the University of Kentucky were requiring flu shots for their students. He is always so laid back about all of this. Nice to him all up in arms and amazed at the whole situation too.

May my father was over at the University Kentucky Medical Center for a week trying to get infection out of his gall bladder, and a drain put in. I had to go up for in his room in spite of covid for training.
I have to unscrew a cap and empty a bag every day. The nurse was a thin as a rail, and while there she mentioned, this young thing that she had diabetes. I told her I was so sorry to hear that. At the University of Kentucky Medical Center they make all their staff wear a great big badge that says they have their flu shot. I wished I had taken a picture of them some time back of this. Those badges are really big.

I tapped on her badge and said that is the reason you got diabetes, and I am so very, very sorry that it hurts my heart.

Her eyes got big and she says, now that you said that; it was the very next day that my parents found me in a diabetic coma and saved my life.

This this cannot go on. The Glass Sea had better make some head way soon; these things just hurt my heart way too much.

susan welch

Great article, Cathy. Love the common sense.

Bob Moffit

It has been famously said .. "never let a good crisis go to waste" .. and in my long lifetime .. the Covid PANDEMIC has provided the PERFECT CRISIS for public health bureaucracies .. along with career politicians .. to trample upon our rights as citizens … under the guise of "protecting public health".

The people have now been conditioned to accept any and all mandated "safety protocols" without any protest .. citizen has turned against citizen .. those wearing masks "demonizing" those choosing not to wear a mask … the same "demonization" is likely to occur with those vaccinated "demonizing" those who choose not to vaccinate.



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