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Introducing The Gates Foundation Decade of Health

Decade of Health
"If people across the UK continue to work with the rest of the world... "  Does statement imply "global healthcare" over the next ten years?

Pay attention to the sponsor list at the end including The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  From the YouTube brief description: If people across the UK continue to work with the rest of the world for our health, and we continue to talk and share this vision of a healthier, stronger future, it will become our reality. Share, discuss and open the conversation. Find out more at 

The YouTube account is new, just opened on October 5. View count is low. The video is worthy of the October debut, frightening. More trick than treat.  I ran a WhoIs search on the domain, with little info beyond creating the domain last Spring. Other look ups tell you where they domain was registered. Not this one. If any readers have more insight into the WhoIs info, do share in our comments.  Thank you.

Registry Domain ID: 2500278064_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2020-09-07T23:40:33Z
Creation Date: 2020-03-05T19:42:18Z
Registry Expiry Date: 2028-03-05T19:42:18Z
Registrar: #8027, LLC
Registrar IANA ID: 1633
Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.8003337680
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
DNSSEC: unsigned




Here is the latest "drip" from the Ben Shapiro Show
The Hunter Biden Bombshell Drops | Ep. 1121


@ Bennedetta

You make good points. I do not normally cite Alex Jones for reasons you stated. However, in this case I did because of the rampant censorship of this story. It is toxic for Joe Biden's reelection, so they have pulled out all the stops. Guiliani is having to "drip" the story out, and the most explosive part is one even conservative outlets are afraid to broadcast, so they used Jones. One must continually follow the story to get the full scope. Guiliani is no dummy, and legally, they have dotted their i's and crossed their t's. I was a pizzagate researcher from 2016-2019, and I can say that the Bidens were on our radar, even though we didn't have hard evidence. Now, it appears that they do. Here is a clip from another Guiliani interview where he describes the reason he turned the hard drive over to the Delaware police because of its contents: See the video clip at the top.

John Stone


Yes, he seemed to have a fondness for hanging his men. Didn’t sound too good.


"To call Col Thomas Myddelton a dog would be unfair to dogs"

I just realized you were referring to his son, a Civil War General. The first link was to the father, a merchant, Lord Mayor of London, and original investor in the East India Company under Elizabeth I.
The second Thomas Middleton link is potentially his grandson by a different son. Pepys seemed to admire him. I don't know if that is good or not.


@ John Stone

Thank you for the tip and commentary. Your answer is consistent with my research. A very early supply plantation for Barbados, established by him and other investors, was on Shelter Island, New York (off of Long Island). It is still there today- a 501c3 funded "organic farm"- right near the Hamptons!

How about the Barbados Drax family? Is it true they are currently growing medicinal opium poppies on their English country estate? Strange times!

BTW, where did the English sugar for the English tea come from?
This is what makes genealogy history fascinating and often relevant.


We are a nation of drug addicts. That said why do we think there is some magical cut off line, and our leaders are not drunks. That our leaders go over to these foreign countries and have a few pints to many. And there are those foreign governments with videos

Yeah it looks like from what sources I can find that he was having sex with woman while under the influence as well as other sexual explicit stuff. not pizza gate though. That is bad enough don’t need to be worse

Same things are going on with others in our government.

You cannot be a drunk and so many in our nation has a causal attitude about that.

Shame. Our nation is in trouble because of drunk ness.

And we all know why

Harris Coulter takes in depth about vaccines minimal brain injuries and substance abuse


Emma: I, being a small individual, and a small mind; IF I had ran across a computer like this computer repair show man ran across; this computer of such a big, powerful man --- I would have innocently turned over everything to the big FBI that could handle such a big man. I would have never even thought of making a hard drive.

I think it is more likely that some one in the FBI has made that hard copy, and gave it back to the computer shop man (who is brave enough to accept this burden) . There are still people in this country that believe that our country, our way of life.

Tucker Carlson last night did not indicate that there were any illegal sex stuff going on, on the tapes. No torture, and underage sex.

It is not that I don't listen to Infor Wars, it is just that I take it as it might be true, or might not be true. Alex was sure right on vaccines. ALex Jones is not exactly a news source, and he is not trying to be. He is about conspiracy stories that all need to be discussed. Just because it is a conspiracy story does not mean it is not true. So he has an important role to play in information. I am not putting him down at all. I am open to everything and looking for common sense of things that are happening.

Tucker Carlson said in the videos that it was mostly sad stuff going on. That lead me to believe that the tapes are more of a drugged out of his mind Hunter; like the video taken a few years back by the daughter of the TV star, that had that really smart car. He was down on the floor trying to eat a hamburger, but was so drunk that it was just sad. That does not mean that China is not using stuff like that to black mail and control our leaders.

Nancy Pelosi is scared to death of something . She has a tendency to sound sometimes a bit -- tipsy. I have seen times that she is scared . I think I see and have seen desperate. I think I am pretty good at reading people, like that. What I am not good at is understanding how mere, average people take their cues from their leaders of a party to figure out who to love and hate?

When it comes to that I think I too have had a touch of brain inflammation myself. I don't think I understand the average small human race at all. Or maybe I have a rebellious brain?

Maybe preachers and outlaws do have something in common after all; Neither wants to be controlled, and told what to think, to be censored. Maybe Jesse James and all the Coles of Jackson County had that in common.

John Stone


National Archives, Kew?

It may be remembered that Alexander Pope presented George II with a puppy with inscription on it’s collar:

‘I am his Highness’ dog at Kew,
Pray tell me sir, who’s dog are you?’

To call Col Thomas Myddelton a dog would be unfair to dogs, and if my name was Middleton I am not sure I would want to particularly recall him among my many ancestors. For what it is worth I believe my mother’s family used to holiday in a village called Middleton-on-Sea, West Sussex with their friends in the 1930s.

Myddelton’s habit of hanging one in ten of his men is a revival of the ancient Roman practice of “decimation” re-introduced by the Earl of Essex to cope with rebellious troops while trying to subdue Ireland in 1599: the benefits of a classical education no doubt! Nothing like true aristocracy.


@John Stone

If you could indulge me one more time. This is a mystery for American Middletons:
Is this Middleton the grandson of this Myddelton? His father would be Henry. Some sources say yes. Do you know where to look on your side of the pond to confirm this, if possible?


The Art of Noise with Max Headroom -You Tube
But nurse I need a bed -pan! ,sorry may be the response . The NHS Reset May 2020 DICTATES PATIENTS ON HOSPITAL TROLLEYS can now officially be told - Patients will be seen but not heard ?
NHS tissue paper is a precious commodity ! We need to " Save The NHS!"
Until ?
A warp speed vaccine solution is available for a corona virus .

The Race -Yello - Youtube
One wheel straight ,three wheels wonky?

I really feel sorry for the University students, accommodation situation ,
Boris Johnson Handles the Complaints of university students / Spitting Image --You Tube

John Stone


Of course, it is inevitable that families intermarry and there will be interesting social history - and of course it becomes more significant when huge hoards of wealth advantage one line over centuries but the descent of people within that line will also involve millions of people whose lives were never recorded or not joined up. I gather Kate Middleton’s family trace their wealth rather mysteriously to aristocratic connections in the mid-19th century. Someone’s illegitimate child with money settled on them? It certainly isn’t uninteresting but I was proposing a slightly different perspective. What one is looking at with all those people called Gates is the survival of the name primarily, but not of course people who were tied up with one another - unless by coincidence.


The severely suppressed Hunter Biden laptop story is important!
Sources tell Fox News FBI has possession of Hunter Biden laptop
The FBI has covered up its contents since December. Guiliani claims the owner made copies, and when the FBI did nothing, he released it to him. Evidently it contains "pizzagate" style videos of Hunter which Guiliani claims the Chinese Communists have copies of. The guy over all of U.S. intelligence agencies has stated publicly it is NOT part of a Russian disinformation campaign as Senator Schiff falsely claimed.
Alex Jones reports on the "pizzagate" nature of the hard drive contents and claims it is why the computer repair shop owner was compelled to turn it over to the FBI in the first place.
The title is a bit shocking and should say Guiliani instead of Trump. It has adult themes, but is safe to view. At 22:19 he talks about vaccines.

Gary Ogden

go Trump: There is. The CDC's MMWR is a weekly report of morbidity and mortality rates. I believe it was Mark Blaxill who made a post here concerning the infant mortality rate for March and April, and as I recall it dropped somewhere around 20% during these months. It would be interesting to know what has happened in the intervening period. I suspect it remained low until the back-to-school poisoning began in July or August, despite the fact that school has been cancelled (at least here in Caliloonia).


John.......Maybe if we go back about 800 years, yours and my ancestors were sitting around a campfire looking up at the stars thinking about the future and somehow knew to teach our children -beware of the "Gates of Wrath"; or is it the "Wrath of Gates?"


@go Trump

The 2020 data isn't out yet. According to the CDC, the trend has been dropping since 1990. Perhaps they graphed it backwards. You never know....


Maurine meleck

You always bring great insight to all your post.

Bottom line Gates snake has Nelson Rockefeller in his family background

All those think alike of reduce the population of the little people have all intermarried. Yuck

go Trump

Is there some sound data on SIDS for 2020 with the infant vaccine program going to almost zero through the lock downs ?

I would guess the medical examiners have these official records somewhere and cannot hide everything.


@John Stone

I have found that the past can be the key to the present. Genealogies can often shed light on history - especially when family groups continued to intermarry and form clans or "blue bloods." Was that not the original interest in Bill Gate's genealogy relative to the Rockefellers? Early British American families were heavily intermarried and one can learn quite a bit of history by following the family lines. And of course, many of the original lines lead back to England. I am currently tracing ancestors from British Barbados sugar plantations. Their history had a surprising impact on British American Colonial history- even to this day. Tracing the history of the East India Co. and its China opium trade sheds light on our modern pharma industry. The internet is our Library of Alexandria.

John Stone


Nothing has been claimed about this as far as I know. I tend to take a distanced view of genealogy. Reach back 250 years and we each have approx 1,000 ancestors, reach back 500 and it is a million, each time you go back 500 years multiply by another million (no doubt with many duplicates but it is a great sea of forgotten people). I think the ones that we have the fortune to know are the important ones.


@John Stone

Slightly off topic, but do you know if Sir Thomas Myddelton/Middleton's descendants are related to the Dutchess of Cambridge, born Catherine Elizabeth Middleton? They still own the family seat, Chirk Castle.


Change the "H" to "D", and remove the "l". There- fixed it.
"Decade of Death"

Maurine Meleck

oopsie. I read the whole book thinking like grandfather, like grandson. My bad. was not his grandfather. altho not related, still alike. Does that absolve me? However, Bill Gates, Jr. was loosely related to a Rockefeller. Some cousin twice removed. (I never get that). Thanks for correcting.
PS Yes, of course I remember that article.

Gary Ogden

Ramona: In the topsy-turvy world of these diabolical gazillionnaires, sickness is health, ignorance is knowledge, subservience is freedom, but they've lost the narrative. They've gone way too far, and people aren't having it. The pro 'Ronavax contingent in the U.S. is down to 49%, from 72% in May. A perverse gift they've given us.

Ramona Baxter

Funny, no mention on the Decade of Health website of what they are doing to improve access to healthy, chemical-free food and clean water, but plenty of articles about vaccines and contraception. What exactly is their definition of health?

John Stone


Thanks. The "removed" bit I think simply refers to the number of generations difference. If you have seven cousins that is probably an awful lot of people called Gates - my impression is it is a pretty common name in North America but not so much in the UK, and almost certainly not in this instance significant.


Oh, I looked it up. It is actually on this website.

Not grandfather at all, but a seventh cousin three times removed.

I have never understood the removed stuff. When I read what it is; it makes sense, and then I forget.

I am a seventh cousin to Jessie James by the way. Sigh. Jessie James family all came out of Virginia complete with a couple of Cherokee Moms. Most of the family resettled in Jackson County, Kentucky, but one daughter; Jessie's Mom had settled in Missouri with her husband. Jessie James visited his kinfolks a lot in Jackson county. I don't know why because every last one of them fought on the union side, and there are even several in the old family cemetery buried under the tombstones provided by a grateful nation. Many were circuit preachers and not outlaws.

So other than the genes and environmental upbringing on how to make money and be rich; other than that.


Which Rockefeller was senior Gates' grand daddy?

John Stone


Don't forget my timely article of just a year ago:

I suppose it was a bit lazy of me just quote Wiki but Wiki in this case at least had the low down.

However, is there any confimation that Bill Gates is related to Frederick Taylor Gates, side-kick of John D Rockefeller Sr to whom I assume you are referring.

I only just saw that Bill Gates Sr died last month:

He was William Henry Gates II apparently, so there was presumably a William Henry Gates I, who isn't listed as one of the children of Frederick on Wiki, so if there is any relation it might not be a direct line. But you may well know something I don't.


Maurine Meleck

If you really want to know how the takeover of our personal health began in the early 1900's, you might want to read "Rockefeller Medicine Men" and the leader was the grandfather of Bill Gates. Pass the sick bag, John.

John Stone

And just to make it feel British in between all the disturbing images they interleave momentarily a cricket bat striking a cricket ball resonant of the "playing fields of England" and no doubt the battle of Waterloo. "Pass the sick bag, Alice!", as the old time Scottish journalist Sir John Junor used to say.

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