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Heidi Larson Suggests Using The Queen as a Vaccine Pawn

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Note: Sometimes these headlines just write themselves. 

Express & Star UK The Queen could be called on to help boost the public’s trust in a coronavirus vaccine, a Government adviser has suggested.

Vaccine misinformation expert Professor Heidi Larson said she feared that people’s concerns about vaccine safety were not being addressed, which could result in them not taking it.

 Our John Stone has written extensively about Professor Heidi Larson:

February 2019 Is Heidi Larson Out of Her Depth?

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December 2017 Paradoxes for Heidi Larson: The Vaccine Confidence LadyParadoxes for Heidi Larson: The Vaccine Confidence Lady

November 2016 Dr. Heidi Larson - Who Lobbied the UN Claiming that "Not all Mercury is Toxic" - attacks AoA over Trump meeting

The article below accurately, yet surely inadvertently, refers to as a "vaccine misinformation expert." Based on reports of the Royal Family being firmly in the alternative medicine camp (or palace), March, 2020 Daily Mail UK RICHARD KAY: Royals put their faith in homeopathy, alternative cures... and secrecy about their health)  it seems unlikely that Buckingham Palace would allow the Queen to become a vaccine pawn, or jester.

Express & Star UK The Queen could be called on to help boost the public’s trust in a coronavirus vaccine, a Government adviser has suggested.

Vaccine misinformation expert Professor Heidi Larson said she feared that people’s concerns about vaccine safety were not being addressed, which could result in them not taking it.

It comes as scientists warned that a working Covid-19 vaccine “might not be enough” to end the pandemic unless governments and technology firms tackle coronavirus misinformation.

A study found a ‘clear link’ between coronavirus conspiracy theories and hesitancy around future vaccines (David Cheskin/PA)

In an interview with The Times, Prof Larson, who leads the Vaccine Confidence Project, said the Queen could help build trust in the older generation.

She said: “If there’s one thing I’ve seen, and I’ve been here (in the UK) for over a decade now, it’s the trust that she (the Queen) gets.

“And she’s certainly in that older cohort, so I think that’s actually really, really smart.”

Prof Larson said the “big question” would be whether the Queen, who is aged 94, would get a vaccine.

“I think the palace is going to have to decide for themselves – do you want to risk a new vaccine on the Queen? Or do you want to keep her isolated? They’re going to have to weigh those risks,” she added...


Hans Litten

I am happy enough for the real Cv1984 vaccine to be tested on the Queen (heading towards 100 years old).
Although I can tell you it wouldnt alter my opinion of vaccine_trash one iota.
But Heidi , come one , why dont you & Peter Piotr both step up to the plate yourselves ?
Yes Heidi , you and Peter demonstrate to the world how safe vaccination is for us all to see ?

German Microbiologist and Medical Professor Issues Serious Warnings about a COVID Vaccine


The Queen’s doctors have always been homeopathic. They would not advise vaccines.

John Stone


No, I never heard - I did also recently discover that he shortly afterwards left the position, so I may still try and engage with his successor.


Thank you John Stone,did you ever get a response from the United Nations Special Rapparteur on the promotion and protection of the right of freedom of opinion and expression ,your article June 19, 2020.
Covid Vaccine Means More Animal Cruelty 250,000 sharks could be slaughtered for commercial squalene liver oil .article Aof A Sept 30 2020

United Nations Headquarters and other "Root and Branch" off-shoot organisations - Unicef, WHO,
GAVI The vaccine Alliance etc "Snobs with double standards?">desa>disabilities>envision 2030
17 Sustainable Development Goals [ SDG's] - The United Nations .

Article www.the>p11so140-6736[20]31612-3
Heidi Larson : Shifting the conversation about vaccine confidence . 10 Sept 2020. By Pamela Das.

SNEEZLES - By AA Milne You Tube
Oh Pooh ! The polar bears,black bears , and brown bears will be breathing a big sigh of relief !
"Thank goodness they are harvesting shark livers for vaccine liver oil and not us bears ?
My family ,Skerray and Island Roan [Island of the seals ] knew fine well .The blubber of a drowned seal is no use to man or beast it's tainted !
It is noted however as historical fact that,
The lackeys of lackeys always have been and always will be a hundred times worse than the servant of a servant ,who is wore than "Auld Nick" the devil's underpants elastic .

If you can track deer ,you can easily track forensic/cultural flunkies ?
Covid, polital policies/nudges, looking like ,sounding like and behaving like ,
"deer caught in the headlights " sort of paralysed in an altered emotional state !

The Loch Maree Islands Alastair Gilles YouTube

Angus Files

The Queen and family, are reported to be big homeopathic believers,maybe that is why Her Majesty is being unwisely targeted by Larson.

Queen Elizabeth may have alternative medicine to thank for her good health, according to a report.

During overseas engagements, she would be accompanied by a small leather case with a supply of homoeopathic remedies, according to the Daily Mail

The case would include arsenicum album for food poisoning, cocculus for travel sickness, nux vomica for indigestion and arnica, for jet-lag and bruising.

Apparently, homeopathy runs in the family with her father George VI relying heavily on alternative medicine and naming a racehorse Hypericum after a remedy.

The Queen mother, who lived to 101 was also said to be a fan of homeopathy.

On Wednesday it was confirmed their grandfather, Prince Charles, has tested positive for coronavirus.

A statement from Clarence House confirmed the heir apparent, aged 71, tested positive for Covid-19.

Meanwhile the Queen is "in good health" and isolating with Prince Philip after meeting Boris Johnson two weeks ago.

Buckingham Palace today said the 93-year-old monarch was well after the PM confirmed he had tested positive for the bug.

Pharma For Prison



“I think the palace is going to have to decide for themselves – do you want to risk a new vaccine on the Queen? Or do you want to keep her isolated? They’re going to have to weigh those risks,” she added...

Did she just openly question the value of a vaccine? Isn't that a hate crime?

Puddy the sad dog

I find it a mind boggling example of cognitive dissonance that the media and powers that be :

—openly admit to a terror of a swine flu fiasco
—they insist on liabilty protection
—they utterly refuse to believe anyone could have a valid reason to fear injection or that anyone might have seen devastating vaccine injury
—they go in somersaults to avoid seeking out a parent of a vaccine injured child, learning about vaccine court and its secrecy, validating past vaccine injury
—they act as if there things are true at once:
——-vaccines are 100% safe 100% of the time
——-we must thank those wondrous Pharma folk for their selfless willingness to create vaccines by removing liabilty and cost
——anyone who sees the problem with both statements is a tin foil hat wearer
——-climate change deniers were created by the industry responsible for climate change and and vaccine injury deniers was created by the industry responsible for vaccine injury YET vaccine hesitancy is irrational even if your child was killed by a catastrophic vaccine reaction
—no one has the brains to diagnose a vaccine injury except someone 1000 miles away and even if you see it right before your eyes you must be wrong Because of vaccine injury happens that’s more scary than a worldwide pandemic and we can’t have that so we must shut the —- up about your suffering and trauma .


Heidi Larson will be one of the 3 speakers at the next British Society for the Philosophy of Science debate organised by London School of Economics! 6.00–7.15pm, Tuesday 20 October.


Was originally going to include Prof Tom Jefferson who is a virologist and would have been the only medic. [2] [3]

Wonder why the first debate was really cancelled? [possible hint] Tom is a campaigner for access to randomised controlled trial data.

Now been replaced by a Cardiologist & Comedian (their words not mine) who is now the only medic. Wonder why? [possible hint] On his youtube channel — I kid you not— he used a ‘fact-checking’ site to try and discredit Judy Mikovits and other dubious factual inexactitudes.

One has to register to watch the podcast and to take part.


Oh! And WHO (Accidentally) Confirms Covid is No More Dangerous Than Flu.


It’s pointless for Her Majesty to “weigh the risks” of taking the vaccine, when unlike the rest of us she will have the luxury of doing so - without any vaccine mandates! My NY Governor Andrew Cuomo has already stated publicly that he will mandate it once it’s available. So WE, unlike the Queen, won’t have any choice to weigh the risks. She’s irrelevant.

John Stone

The fundamental point is manipulation not science, and Larson cannot get away from it. If the Queen were to consent to be vaccinated in public (which would be an awful intrusion for her) or even to declare that she had (which some people might not believe) it would be because it was her and not because it proves the safety of the science, and people should make informed choices (in the UK informed choice is at least theoretically the rule, so everyone should make up their minds for themselves on the best information irrespective of the Queen), which is one reason why this talk is out of order. There are two further points: one is with the multiple products likely to become available what about those the she doesn’t use? The other is that none of these products is touted at the moment to offer more than 50% protection, if even that is supposed to be believed - so does that ease her isolation supposing she wants to be isolated. I think it just causes confusion.

Bob Moffit

'Vaccine misinformation expert Professor Heidi Larson said she feared that people’s concerns about vaccine safety were not being addressed, which could result in them not taking it.'

Heidi can begin investigating her "concerns about vaccine safety no being address" by reviewing recent WHO meeting where the person in charge of measuring vaccine compliance stated that MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS .. THOSE WHO ADMINISTER THE VACCINES ARE RAISING SERIOUS CONCERNS OF THEIR OWN ON "VACCINE SAFETY"

Jenny Allan

Thankfully, I am quite sure our Queen, who did not wear a mask in public recently, will not consent to a Covid-19 vaccine. I regard it as disgraceful for Professor Heidi Larson, to even attempt to involve The Queen, or indeed any other members of the Royal Family in an obviously political/pharma sponsored attempt to promote a vaccine, or indeed any other manfactured product.

I am sick to the teeth of our UK mainsteam press and media, describing those of us with perfectly legitimate concerns about certain vaccines, as 'anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists'. None of the Covid-19 vaccines, currently undergoing human trials, have yet been proven to be either effective or safe.
As for conspiracies, these have always existed as long as humans with greed and ambition, have plotted and schemed. With Covid-19 vaccines, potential profits would seem to have been prioritised before patient safety. Our political leaders, desperate to 'save face' after their Covid-19 mistakes and misjudgements, seem to now be over relying on a Covid-19 vaccine, which may never materialise.

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