Supreme Court Doe v Merck Presents Opportunity to Argue Lawfulness of Mandatory Vaccination
Robert Kennedy Jr: A International Message for Freedom and Hope

H Res 1154 Conflates Vaccine Safety with Q Anon & Conspiracy Theories

Rep. Malinowski Official PhotoH Res 1154 is sponsored by Tom Malinowski (D) from New Jersey.

Vaccine safety, as important as any safety movement, has been lumped in with Q Anon.  Q ANON. It's a pretty big leap from blood drinking half humans, alien invasions and bomb threats to vaccine safety.  But wait. Maybe there is something else in play? Perhaps Q Anon has been used as a wrapping to shut down vaccine safety. Our Mothers taught us that we are known by the company we keep. Or the company we are said to keep? Either way, this legislation is a cruelty and an insult to every single American who has been harmed by a vaccine. Including so many of our own children. And probably a huge waste of effort while Americans struggle to stay afloat during Covid. But you can decide. (Thank you to reader MW for sending the link.)

Sponsor: Rep. Malinowski, Tom [D-NJ-7] (Introduced 09/25/2020)
Committees: House - Judiciary; Intelligence (Permanent Select)
Latest Action: House - 10/02/2020 Motion to reconsider laid on the table Agreed to without objection. (All Actions)

H. Res. 1154

In the House of Representatives, U. S.,

October 2, 2020.

Whereas, throughout history, conspiracy theories that falsely blame secret cabals or marginalized groups for society’s ills have fueled prejudice, genocide, and acts of terrorism;

Whereas QAnon is a movement promoting a collection of unfounded conspiracy theories that have spread widely on the internet since 2017;

Whereas QAnon initially alleged that prominent Americans are engaged in a secret plot to control the world, while using their power to exploit children, and has expanded to embrace virtually every popular conspiracy theory of the last several decades, from questioning the truth about the September 11th terrorist attacks, to believing in alien landings, to denying the safety of vaccines;

Whereas many QAnon followers express anti-Semitic views, and the Anti-Defamation League has said that the movement’s central conspiracy theory includes anti-Semitic elements;

Whereas conspiracy theories have been a central driver of anti-Semitism for centuries, and QAnon conspiracy theories are fanning the flames as anti-Semitism is on the rise in the United States and around the world;

Whereas the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has assessed with high confidence that “fringe political conspiracy theories”, including QAnon, “very likely motivate some domestic extremists, wholly or in part, to engage in criminal or violent activity”, and that these conspiracy theories “very likely encourage the targeting of specific people, places and organizations, thereby increasing the likelihood of violence against these targets”;

Whereas the FBI bases this assessment on “events in which individuals committed crimes, plotted attacks, or successfully carried out deadly violence, and who—either before or after their arrests—attributed their actions to their conspiratorial beliefs”;

Whereas QAnon adherents have been implicated in crimes that they claim their QAnon beliefs inspired, including—

(1) a man arrested in 2018 for plotting to plant a bomb in the Illinois Capitol rotunda to make Americans aware of the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory;

(2) a man arrested in 2018 for using an armored car to block traffic on the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge;

(3) a man in Arizona arrested in 2019 for vandalizing a Catholic church;

(4) a woman in Colorado arrested in 2019 for plotting an armed raid to kidnap her child, who had been taken from her custody;

(5) a man charged with the murder of an organized crime boss in New York in 2019; and

(6) a woman arrested in New York with a car full of knives after posting a video accusing Joe Biden of participating in child sex trafficking and threatening to kill him;

Whereas the FBI further assesses that “these conspiracy theories very likely will emerge, spread and evolve in the modern information marketplace * * * fostering anti-government sentiment, racial and religious prejudice, [and] increasing political tensions”;

Whereas, according to the Combating Terrorism Center at the United States Military Academy at West Point, “QAnon is arguably no longer simply a fringe conspiracy theory but an ideology that has demonstrated its capacity to radicalize to violence individuals at an alarming speed”;

Whereas Facebook, Twitter, and Google have removed or blocked QAnon groups and content from their platforms for violating their policies against misinformation, bullying, hate speech, and harassment;

Whereas QAnon adherents have been harming legitimate efforts to combat child exploitation and sex trafficking, including by overwhelming antitrafficking hotlines with false reports;

Whereas the conspiracy theories promoted by QAnon undermine trust in America’s democratic institutions, encourage rejection of objective reality, and deepen our Nation’s political polarization; and

Whereas our Nation’s polarization is further accentuated by others, from the far left to the far right, promoting extreme ideologies and antigovernment conspiracy theories, hijacking legitimate peaceful protests, and encouraging followers to damage, deface, or vandalize local, State, and Federal Government properties and to attack law enforcement: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the House of Representatives—

(1) condemns QAnon and rejects the conspiracy theories it promotes;

(2) condemns all other groups and ideologies, from the far left to the far right, that contribute to the spread of unfounded conspiracy theories and that encourage Americans to destroy public and private property and attack law enforcement officers;

(3) encourages the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as all Federal law enforcement and homeland security agencies, to continue to strengthen their focus on preventing violence, threats, harassment, and other criminal activity by extremists motivated by fringe political conspiracy theories;

(4) encourages the intelligence community to uncover any foreign support, assistance, or online amplification QAnon receives, as well as any QAnon affiliations, coordination, and contacts with foreign extremist organizations or groups espousing violence; and

(5) urges all Americans, regardless of our beliefs or partisan affiliation, to seek information from authoritative sources and to engage in political debate from a common factual foundation.



Is this the "Dark Winter" Dr. Suzanne Humphries was calling out?

Another excellent video from Ben Swan with all the details. VERY RELEVANT!



The excellent Ben Swan links H Res 1154 to the Hunter Biden tapes and "Q Anon".
Must See!

False Scientists

Honestly it seems they’re trying to shame and lump together anything, anyone who questions. You are not allowed to question anything to do with climate change, health...


Here's the link:
Conspiracy theorists think Biden saying ‘dark winter’ proves a false-flag is imminent
A 2001 bio-terrorist attack simulation known as Operation Dark Winter is being referenced online.


Our own Dr. Suzanne Humphries has been labeled a "conspiracy theorist."

Joe Biden used the term "dark winter" in the last Presidential Debate. Evidently it has a dual meaning related to biowarfare.......

"Conspiratorial corners of the internet believe Biden was actually referencing Operation Dark Winter, the code name for a U.S. bio-terrorist attack simulation carried out in 2001. The operation, designed by health professionals from the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies—now known as the Center for Health Security—and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), intended to gauge the government’s response to a mock smallpox outbreak linked to an unknown terrorist entity.

“In the debate, Biden said ‘It’s going to be a dark winter,'” said Suzanne Humphries, a conspiratorial author. “Have you looked up dark winter??? I think that slipped out unintentionally.” "


Ethel bethel

What is the status of this? I would like to politely call the office of the sponsor and explain very carefully that it is a con piracy Theory that instead of a bunch of parents all over the world saw their child react to a vaccine actually we conspired to say this because we like it when movie stars have the same thing happen to their child and we would love the expense and to watch the suffering of a special needs child.


Dangerous wee do-ings? Same difference ,different accent as this recent report UK ?>news > new report warns that 79%of anti-vaccination networks host Jew-hate ?
Article 5 days ago . States - Lord Mann's Report to government warns "Exposing the level of antisemitism amongst anti-vaxxer movement is of the utmost importance"
Sounds very Fabian Society-ish ,with the original coat of arms -Wolf in sheep's clothing .

If that's their "Best Ghillie Suit Outfit?" then their ideological organisational hin-end, is sticking out a mile! "There will be no poached salmon available for their sandwiches ,the silly wee sausages !"


"We will wear masks, social distance, and wash our hands as soon as we get home for a long time to come."


In case you missed this......
Sunday's scene at the National Mall for 'Let Us Worship'



" (mRNA) It’s not a vaccine."

Uhm. Yes it is. According to the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, it would fit the LEGAL definition of "vaccine" and "taxable vaccine." I've already posted about this earlier.

Invest in Drone Startup Volansi now. Cold chain vaccines delivered to your front door.....
I wonder if it can deliver mosquito vector vaccines as well, yes?

Merck Partners With Drone Startup Volansi For Vaccine Delivery


My brother in law's, sister's children aren't vaccinated (3 kids ages 10-3). She is a nurse and was afraid that there would be micro chips in the vaccines that could be used to track her children. Vaccine safety, liability, and low immune response were never an issue. In fact when I asked her about those issues she thought the questions odd. She and her family are very big conspiracy theorists. They have a bunker in their backyard and have a large amount of emergency rations stored in case of terrorists attacks. At first I was annoyed that her reasoning for not vaccinating her kids was so ridiculous. At the end of the day though, her kids are better off. So why do I care what her reasons are? I haven't talked to her in several years so perhaps she follows Qanon too.


I, like Benedetta, don’t know what QAnon is, but don’t care. I also didn’t know what an mRNA vaccine was but looked it up ast week. I looked at several articles which I didn’t understand, then found this at Natural News from last spring. I understood it and think it is an even-handed assessment.

It’s not a vaccine. However, it’s clear that it is designed to provoke the immune system into producing certain proteins, and, like vaccines, cause excessive inflammation and autoimmune syndromes in many. I can see where it might be used to teach an immune system to react to and kill cancerous tumors. But, as in this case, we cannot know at this time how successful it would be and what the undesired side effects would be. I think they should study it for several decades, not jump right away to administering this potentially very dangerous and irreversible treatment on billions. I think for those who want it, Sputnik V would be a better choice, an old-fashioned vaccine which, at least so far, is apparently not causing a lot of severe damage.


Whereas the same propagandist that promoted endless (Iraq) war is now employed by the World Health Organization to propagandize the safety of vaccines, now, therefore, be it resolved that no human being should be forcibly injected with any product, either physically or through civil sanctions.


I think eventually CV will fade into insignificance the way all previous pandemic viruses have done, even without a vaccine. Like SARS, no vaccine, but disappeared for unknown reasons, no large-scale public measures anywhere. But I don’t know how long that will take. I have no idea how effective the mRNA vaccine will be but I think it will be dangerous and reactive for many. In any case, even if it were effective for a long time, it would take a long time to vaccinate millions (of willing people) and see if vaccine herd immunity is even possible. We will wear masks, social distance, and wash our hands as soon as we get home for a long time to come.


This is a high level smear campaign. This House Resolution specifically calls "denying the safety of vaccines" a "conspiracy theory". This is a very dangerous form of censorship. The next step is to make such claims ILLEGAL. We need to flip the House. Call your representative and ask if they support H Res 1154. Give them your opinion on it.


Truth here.
How many of us had to scramble to our magic box of knowledge to find out what the heck QAnon was?

Trump did not know either.

I would like to keep it that way.

Hans Litten

A top doctor who served as an expert witness for the U.S. Congress says that even after a COVID-19 vaccine is available, mask wearing and other social distancing measures will remain mandatory.

“I feel like there is this perception that once we have a #CoronavirusVaccine life will go back to normal,” tweeted Dr.Krutika Kuppalli.

“Life will not be like it was pre-COVID. Even after we have a #vaccine you will still need to use good hand hygiene, maintain physical distance, avoid crowds and wear masks,” she added.

I feel like there is this perception that once we have a #CoronavirusVaccine life will go back to normal.

Life will not be like it was pre-COVID. Even after we have a #vaccine you will still need to use good hand hygiene, maintain physical distance, avoid crowds and wear masks

— Dr.Krutika Kuppalli (@KrutikaKuppalli) October 24, 2020

As we have repeatedly highlighted, despite the original lockdown and social distancing rules being introduced on the basis of ‘getting back to normal’, we’re now being told life will never return to normal.

In a CNN article written by their international security editor Nick Paton Walsh, the author asserted that the mandatory wearing of masks will become “permanent,” “just part of life,” and that the public would need to “come to terms with it.”

Earlier this month, a senior U.S. Army official said that there’ll probably never be a return to “normal” post-COVID and that rules such as social distancing and mask wearing will likely become permanent.

Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates also warned that the world won’t return to normal until there is widespread take up of a second coronavirus vaccine and that this could take years.

The idea that life will never return to pre-corona normality is also being pushed by globalist bodies like the World Economic Forum, which has promoted the necessity of exploiting the pandemic to implement a “great reset.”


Whereas one doesn't need conspiracy theories or QAnon to have one's "trust in America’s democratic institutions undermined." All one has to do was look at the behavior of Americas once trusted institutions.

Where as when one points out "objectively" the "reality" of what is, it is more often than not "rejected" subjectively by those in the very same institutions that now demand (not earn or deserve) our trust.

Where as It is people like Tom Malinowski through their misguided notions and belief in their own omnipotence and self righteousness who "deepen our Nation’s political polarization." All done with the help of a lazy media.


(5 amended) to seek information from authoritative sources such as Age of Autism, Mercola, Children's Health Defense and to engage in the civil political debate from the real (not the media's) factual foundation.

Attest: the American people who still think for themselves.

Bob Moffit

Using Qanon as a weapon to discredit all legal, justified opposition to vaccines is typical of what politicians and media do … demonize all who want SAFE vaccines by linking them to Qanon … an organization no one would even know of if not for POLITICIANS AND MEDIA.

No different than "demonizing" Dr Wakefield and Jenny McCarthy their usual targets to discredit all who want safe vaccines.

How many times are media and political opponents going to ask Trump if he "disavows the KKK and white supremists"?????

Cherry Misra

Some months back, I chanced to watch a youtube video in which someone was interviewing a man who was considered an authority in what we generally refer to as "the deep state". He had written a book on the topic. When questioned about what Q Anon was, his reply was that he was not certain, but it appeared to be a site intended to spread disinformation. From what we see here, maybe this person was correct. Could Q anon be a useful site for discrediting anyone an anonymous group wishes to discredit, including perhaps all the innocent parents and others who witnessed injuries to children after vaccines. Just one more clever way to attack our right to free speech.


There are no words for this...

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