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Grandma! What a BIG Syringe You Have!

WolfAre you prepared to let "people" into your home or your parents'  home to vaccinate?  Start memorizing this sentence; "I (my Mother, Father, Grandparent) am/is neither underserved nor vulnerable.

From STAT News:

There’s no place like home for older and high-risk people to get Covid-19 vaccines

By Thomas Lally and Marc Rothman

October 28, 2020

Staying at home has never been so vital for older Americans and those with compromised health. After nine months of the coronavirus pandemic, sheltering in place is still the most effective protection against Covid-19 for many older adults, and likely will be until an effective vaccine helps stop the pandemic.

The virus has taken an enormous toll on our nation’s older adults. They account for 16% of the U.S. population but 80% of Covid-19 deaths, somewhat higher than their share of deaths from all causes over the same period (75%).

Covid-19 has crystallized for many the challenges that homebound older adults face when it comes to access to care. At least 2 million people ages 65 and older are permanently homebound and millions more cannot easily get to a doctor’s office. While telemedicine has exploded and living room couches have become the new exam table, virtual medicine cannot deliver vaccines — a challenge that we hope will need solving sooner rather than later.

We believe that the home should be a focal point in the effort to eradicate the virus. Bringing vaccines to the home also gives providers another opportunity to visualize the management of their patients’ chronic diseases and intervene accordingly...

...Without serious planning, it could take a year for a Covid-19 vaccine to reach the majority of Americans. Social determinants of health — age, race, income, geography, education, mobility, and access to health care — will complicate the challenge of providing it to everyone effectively. News that the vaccine may require two rounds of injections may make distribution even more complex and limit the rate of adoption.

These challenges must be addressed before a vaccine arrives by putting into place strategies to gain the trust of the public and reach essential adherence rates, which is needed to bring good health to all, including vulnerable and underserved populations. To that end, the home setting should be included in vaccine distribution planning.


Tim Lundeen

Perhaps the authors need to take remedial mathematics.

They say "The virus has taken an enormous toll on our nation’s older adults. They account for 16% of the U.S. population but 80% of Covid-19 deaths, somewhat higher than their share of deaths from all causes over the same period (75%)."

But when you look at percentage of overall deaths from COVID, versus all deaths, COVID is 9.5% of all over-65 deaths in the US. Basically, one month of deaths. Hardly "enormous", especially since most of these "COVID" deaths were miscategorized; very likely the true number of "FROM covid deaths was 1/10th of this.

See https://www.acsh.org/news/2020/06/23/coronavirus-covid-deaths-us-age-race-14863 and https://www.researchgate.net/publication/344228032_Using_CDC_data_and_death_certificate_standards_to_propose_a_preliminary_estimate_for_the_number_of_US_COVID-19_associated_deaths_that_were_caused_by_or_contributed_to_by_SARS-CoV-2_infection)

Bob Moffit

As Ronald Reagan once observed .. the most terrifying 12 words to hear … "I'm from the government and I am here to help you".

They are going to need a warrant and police presence to gain access to my home .. but .. hey that's just me … fine for all those who think this is a good idea.

Gary Ogden

Very interesting article:

Gary Ogden

I wonder what planet Thomas Lally and Marc Rothman are from. Gain the public trust? Sorry, gentlemen, that has been irrevocably lost with this lockdown crap. "Bring good health to all?" Like the third leading cause of death--medical treatment-- is currently doing? Sorry guys, your mission is a lost cause. We're not idiots. With the politicization of the vaccine by the Democrats you've literally shot the whole magazine into your foot.

Laura Hayes

Older adults must realize that to Pharma, they are like shooting fish in a barrel.

Whether they lobby to send the syringe-wielding nurse to the exam room, hospital room, elder care home, or personal home, they plan to jab you, with ease, via lies, fear, coercion, exclusion, and/or denial of services. Be warned, beware, and prepare!


I noticed new Medicare Advantage program includes a free annual home visit.
Another trojan horse.

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