What Did The CDC Know And When Did They Know It
Medford Oregon Mail Tribune Editorial on Vaccine Kool Aid

Elon Musk Says No CoVax for His Family

7F7024C2-58B6-4657-93D7-CA4326208E01Knucklehead definition, a stupid, bumbling, inept person. Knuckleheads, however, are what fans of The Three Stooges and the merchandise store are called. NJ Governor Phil Murphy called those who violated the lock down orders knuckleheads. It's a funny word, coined by funny men almost 100 years ago (they created comedy from 1922 - 1970!)  And the word adds a bit of levity in an otherwise very heavy world.

Tesla, Space-X founder Elon Musk says no to a CoVax. And calls Bill Gates, "a knucklehead," which is a lot nicer than the exchanges at the election debate. Quaint even. Musk is the 4th richest man in American and quite a bit younger than 65 year old Bill Gates at 49 years old. Whom do you trust to help plan YOUR future? Business Insider took a look at the "feud” between the two tech giants:
Elon Musk called Bill Gates a 'knucklehead' for criticizing his coronavirus response. Here's where their simmering feud began and how it's escalated amid the pandemic.


From The NY Post

Elon Musk says he won’t take coronavirus vaccine, calls Bill Gates a ‘knucklehead’

SpaceX founder Elon Musk stirred the pot yet again after claiming that neither he nor his family would take a COVID-19 vaccine even if it was readily available.

The 49-year-old billionaire dropped the bombshell during a Monday appearance on the New York Times opinion podcast “Sway.”

“I’m not at risk, neither are my kids,” Musk told host Kara Swisher about the rationale behind his decision.

During the bizarre exchange, the Tesla CEO decried the nationwide lockdown as a “no-win situation” that has “diminished my faith in humanity.” Musk previously called widespread quarantines “unethical” and “de facto house arrest,” RT reports...  Elon Musk says he won’t take coronavirus vaccine, calls Bill Gates a ‘knucklehead’



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