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Developmental Language Disorder Formerly Known As Speech Delay

DLD ItelandBy Anne Dachel

I just saw this October 15th story from Ireland about Developmental Language Disorder (DLD).

I’m sorry I missed that acronym in the past. (I also missed DLD AWARENESS DAY, OCTOBER 16, 2020.)

Really it’s just one more official acronym to describe the pitiful state of childhood in the 21st century. Add it to ADD, ADHD, ASD, LD, ED, DD, OCD and lots more.

The Irish Times published a really positive story about DLD awareness entitled, Lighting up purple and yellow for Developmental language disorder. (Not to be confused with Lighting up blue for autism awareness every April.)

The Times explained what DLD is, and lots of speakers were included on a video:

Developmental language disorder (DLD) is diagnosed when a child’s language skills are persistently below the level expected. In DLD, language deficits occur in the absence of another condition, such as autism spectrum disorder, and children may have difficulty understanding instructions, finding the right words, using correct grammar and telling stories.

“In my day-to-day life, it’s hard, because it messes with your emotions and it can make you agitated,” says Robert. “And there are things that other people can do, like they can just start writing a story off the bat, but I have to take a couple of minutes to even think of my first paragraph.”

VIDEO: Raising Awareness of Development


…DLD emerges in early childhood but persists into adulthood.

People who have DLD have difficulty understanding and using language.

They may have a small vocabulary or trouble formulating a grammatical sentence.

Difficulty organizing the ideas they want to express and problems learning to read and write.

These problems with language matter. …

So DLD isn’t just a problem with language; it’s a problem with living life to its fullest.

Increasing awareness of DLD can help by motivating policymakers, funding agencies, educators and health care providers…

So just like autism, it “emerges in early childhood,” and we need awareness and funding for DLD.  And just like autism, it’s something that primarily affects children.

One site informed readers: “DLD is a hidden but very common condition affecting about 1 out of 15 children.”

Numbers never matter. They don’t with ASD or anything else in the alphabet soup of childhood disabilities, so don’t let that one in 15 rate bother you.

OH, the same site said that the cause is a mystery.

When people over age 30 ask why they never heard of these conditions when they were in school, I guess the only answer is that there just wasn’t awareness back then. Thank goodness we woke up to everything that’s wrong with kids today. And as far as DLD is concerned, all we need is more awareness, money and purple and yellow lights.



That is right Grace Green.
Harris Coulter in his book did not emphasize autism. He said autism like symptoms showed a lot in other mental diagnosis. He covered them all, so basically his book is on encephalitis, and its many different manifestations of behavior on down the line.

There is one paragraph that sticks out at me. I would like exactly quote it here; it raised a snort from me,. But I left the book over at my parents' house.
The paragraph went something like this:

In spite of Psychologists making a heroic effort to identify all the possible and many different out comes of a encephalitis, in the end it is still a brain injury from a vaccine; and the goal should not be to identify all the different outcomes, but to stop them.

Grace Green

Yes, I was wondering if that's the reason why They don't like the Myalgic Encephalomyelitis diagnosis. It is given on the basis of a whole range of symptoms which mirror the "diseases" you have listed. That's why sufferers object to reducing the condition to the description "chronic fatigue syndrome". Andy Wakefield has said that ME is adult onset autism so there is no reason why autism should not encompass all of those symptoms. Better still, let's stop calling it autism!

Shelley Tzorfas

Speech delays Are symptoms of Autism but Md's and researchers have been taking the symptoms of ASD and chipping away at them to form new categories so that people no longer see how the numbers of kids with ASD are Escalating. Bob supplied a great list of illnesses/issues from the 72 concoctions that kids are forced to get. Let's add Juvenile Diabetes, Peanut allergies causing anaphylactic shock and deaths, Childhood Cancers (Now Rampant) Seizures , SIDS SUDS SADS, Juvenile Arthritis, Lupus, Hypotonia, ODD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Crones Disease, GERD, Auditory Processing Disorder, Strabismus, and many more.

John Stone

Just to remind everybody



The language centers of the brain are no doubt, been damaged in a lot of cases.

I have heard them also say that their muscles are rather weak. I thought when I first heard this; that was yet another lie. But maybe not.

Harris Coulter's book mentioned that speech , weakened muscles came from damage to the cranial nerves. So the same thing that happens to the eyes (cranial nerve damage) is happened to those muscles used to make sound.

Bob Moffit

Duh … 1 in 15 suffering DLD is a "mystery"? How about we do a simple comparison of the vaccines administered to that 1 child with a few thousand of unvaccinated children??? Indeed .. another simple question … are there 1 in 15 children who are unvaccinated?

Think about this for a moment … "Add DLD to ADD, ADHD, ASD, LD, ED, DD, OCD and lots more" .. that are now COMMON in our children …. and it is all a great "mystery"?????.

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