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And The Tree Was.... Happy?

C621301B-DDA7-409B-88ED-F80529BE992AAre you familiar with Shel Silverstein’s classic book called “The Giving Tree”? This photo popped up in my Facebook memories yesterday.  I signed a copy of this book on Christmas, 1995 as a gift for my first born daughter.  I knew that I would give anything and everything I could to her. I did not know that autism would mean I would have to give quite so much, maybe even down to a stump.

I have seen so many social media posts from families really struggling during this COVID culture. Violence at home. Children from young to adult having dangerous behaviors as as a result of the tumultuous changes. The losses.  Suffering depression. Malaise. Loss of skills.

We try to cover many topics on AofA, but I always want to return to our heart and soul. The men and women, mothers and fathers, the children facing the unfathomable and ever changing challenges of life and autism.  So I ask you, HOW ARE YOU DOING?  For real. Not the stuff we tell our families and friends so as to keep the conversation light. What are your needs right now? How can we help each other.  Leave your comments. Use your name or not - if you need anonymity, we understand. If you are really in need, email me personally at and I'll try to connect you with help.

Some days I am indeed ground right down to a stump with the work required to take care of every aspect of life for three beautiful ladies with autism. That said.... I AM happy. Not the happy I imagined as I held my daughter almost 26 years ago as a young wife. But happy nonetheless. I'd love to hear from you. Let me know.



Thank you Michelle,Brandon and Kim, for describing your situation effects/circumstances, with Covid.
Please know that "You are not out of sight, or out of mind!"
So apart from ,Pray Big, Pray Hard ,Pray Often , Re Lockdowns . Is the cure worse than the viral infection itself ?

Article -- The Covid Physician . 2 November 2020.
The full article definitely worth reading .
Describes what an ordinary GP, sounds like ,reads like and behaves like !
Ordinary sturdy hardy practitioners, will not leave their patients or care home residents to sink or swim at home !
Basic training identifies it as "Murder" through involuntary ,non-voluntary, gross criminal clinical negligence !
Will health and social care staff follow their orders of "The coronavirus enablement act or not?"
With staff forced to be masked ? But certainly not gagged!
The Seekers- We shall not be moved -stereo enhanced You Tube .

Michelle M Guppy

I wouldn't say that I'm happy. But I am Choosing Happy. That has been a long journey in understanding that difference. Yesterday was the first day back to his Day Habilitation Program for my severely vaccine-injured son. I realize how fortunate I am in even having one for him to go back to after it's been closed since March due to COVID. I had so much to do, that all I could do was weep. Weep the tears of endless days in isolation realizing for the first time perahps, that society has zero fucks to give our kids, or us parents, or our ravaged marriages through this. Those whose marriages managed to still stay intact that is. All the agencies, all the churches, all the people in all the communities in this country - and the only thing that got me through these cruel, cruel, cruel months was a bird. A bird as ravaged as I was - yet who still showed up each morning - reminding me of NDCQ and HOPEISM.

Am I relieved that he's back and at least I get on average 4-5 hours a day to escape Life with Autism, Seizures, & a side of PANDAS? Yes.

But more than that - I've seen how little regard there is for my son and us as his parents - and more than ever, I fear that it will happen again. On a whim our only support will be yanked out from under us and once again we will rather be dead than live like we had to.

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