ProPublica Reports That Dr. Fauci Will Review CoVax Trial Data but Not Pfizer's
No Is a Complete Sentence: Americans Want To be Able to Say NO To a Covid Vaccine

An Abundance of Caution

Enough-LOGOby Cathy Jameson

For seven months, the public has been asked to live with an abundance of caution.  That’s included quarantining, keeping socially distant, wearing a face covering, and staying home even if one is not feeling ill.  For businesses, working with an abundance of caution included more restrictions.  It meant closing their doors.  For schools, it meant shutting down campuses and going completely virtual.  At the time, and based on a virus we knew little to nothing about, some of those precautions made sense.  

Seven months later, we’ve gained more knowledge about the virus and which precautions were necessary (and which ones were not).  Daily reminders of how to continue to live with an abundance of caution are still being broadcasting on the airwaves, like the ones I heard on the radio last week: 

Stay home!

If you have to leave home, wear a mask!

When in public, stay six-feet apart!

No matter what, don’t touch your face!

Later, when one has been fast-tracked and approved, I can bank on this added message…

Get your damn vaccine!

Even though the curve has been flattened, we’re being told to live as if it hasn’t.  I’m guessing that’s why the media is keeping that COVID-19 vaccine in their news cycle.  Claiming it’ll be the next best thing to counter the coronavirus, the vaccine is getting more airtime than the flu vaccine usually does. As with that typically ineffective flu shot, and other ones manufactured here in the states, it’ll be a liability-free vaccine the public will be offered.  That liability-free label means that should something go wrong post-vaccination, pharmaceutical companies do not have to claim any responsibility for it, even if the damage done is a result of their product.  

One would hope that those making vaccines would include using an abundance of caution in the process, but they don’t have to do that.  The law protects the vaccine industry, not the people being vaccinated.  And it seems further protection has been granted for any COVID-19 vaccine, too.  Where the manufacturers can throw caution to the wind, the double protection they’ve received for their yet-to-be developed, and minimally-tested, vaccine is red flag enough for me.  I’d be a fool to opt for any of them.  

As time goes by, we’ll certainly learn more about the coronavirus and any long-term effects it may have.  That’ll hopefully include learning about the quarantine precautions we were asked to take, too.  Evidence already shows that some precautions have had detrimental effects, including an increase in mental health issues.  Based on several observations and data, some doctors and researchers have shared that it’s time to open the world up again, even without knowing all there is to know about COVID-19.  Enough is enough. 

Recalling that declaration, as well as that growing list of precautions I’m being asked to take, the radio segment I was listening to ended with a teaser, “When we come back, new developments about COVID…” 

New developments??  

I can see the logic in some of the safety precautions states are still pushing, but if we’re still learning about the virus, how can we possibly put any faith in a vaccine?  A vaccine comes years after studying a virus.  Not within weeks to months of its introduction.  We’d have to know a lot more about COVID-19, and over a much greater amount of time, to even think a vaccine could be a viable solution.  Where many have suffered, and some even succumbed to COVID-19, I’ve read that more have gotten through the illness, and without a vaccine, too.  Personally, we got the best news last week when an elderly relative, who’d tested positive, recovered – and quicker than they were expected to as well!  

Between segments, I wasn’t surprised to hear a flu shot commercial on the radio.  It’s flu season! Get your shot now, especially you seniors out there.  Your health depends on it.  Sandwiching fear before and after news stories is not a bad strategy.  Fear sells news.  It also help sells liability-free vaccines.  Fortunately, I’ve not let fear be my guide during the last 7 months.  While it’s good to be cautious, I find that it’s always much better to have an abundance of hope, even during a pandemic.  

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.  


Jim Thompson

Re: “no exception”

Agreed. No legislation can encompass all conditions of people that are affected. And any mandate without reasonable exceptions could significantly increase the risk of serious health problems. And a brief review of the citations in this link, the types of exceptions vary between states with mandates.

On the other hand, in our state we have no state mask mandate. And we had the second highest rate of infections per capita in the nation last week.


Mask mandates in my state are enforced as no exception, almost exclusively.
Additionally no legislation can encompass all conditions of people that are affected.

Jim Thompson

Re: “Masks may be benign for you, and not for others.”

Yes. That is why reasonable regulations contain exemptions. For example, see the link cited earlier. “The new ordinance comes with exceptions, such as medical and mental health issues…”


Masks may be benign for you, and not for others.
For those whose health drops from wearing a mask, governors are requiring those individuals to increase their susceptibility to illness. We are not all the same medically.
It is good to ask people to exercise caution.

Jim Thompson

Susan Welch,

Thank you for the link. Here is a study that provides a report and “summary of the different types of masks tested, the materials they are made of, and their effectiveness in impeding droplet-dispersal.”

susan welch

Jim Thompson. If wearing a mask was safe and effective, then your quote would be perfectly reasonable. However, all the research (prior to this virus) does not indicate that this is the case.

Jim Thompson

Regarding “the state has no business here.”

Just as we have our freedoms and rights--we have our regulations. But is either unlimited?

We collectively accept reasonable regulations by the state on our rights when we drive on public roads and bridges. And so regarding Covid state protective measures, is requiring a mask in public indoor spaces too much to ask?

Here is an opinion provided during a debate of a city mandate for wearing masks in public indoor spaces. “ ‘While I understand the appeal to personal responsibility, when you walk into a public space and pass the virus to a family’s grandparent, aunt, uncle, who ends up dying, how are we to hold you responsible for that? Your choices affect others and that’s where personal responsibility ends and public health begins,’ Sam Smith said.”

Tim Lundeen

My objection is exactly this language: “Those who are not vulnerable should immediately be allowed to resume life as normal.”

We should ALL be allowed to resume life as normal, or self-quarantine if we so desire. The state has no business here.

Jim Thompson

Thank you for the link to the Post interview of Dr. Atlas by Freddie Sayers. After watching Dr. Atlas's responses to the questions what comes to mind is the approach taken by the promoters of the South Dakota motorcycle rally of 2020. See


Dr Atlas is in health policy at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.
After listening to this interview I am impressed by his sense of clarity and purpose.
He appears to be a thoughtful addition to US leadership, careful, concerned, and focused.
(I love what he said about his 93 yr old mother)

Jim Thompson

It doesn't have that much detail. Nevertheless the general public cannot be expected to discern who is vulnerable from this novel virus that spreads so easily. The declaration appears to be the greatest of evils in terms of population illness and death. That is likely why so many scientists discount Dr. Scott Atlas--who is a radiologist.

John Stone


I may have been wrong but I did not take it from the Great Barrington Declaration that it was necessarily the state’s job to decide who was vulnerable - it just might be to assist vulnerable people who select themselves.

I suppose there might be some good if not all the powerful interests are taking exactly the same line?


Jim Thompson


Thank you for your message of "hope."

John Stone, to add to you comment, IMO the declaration for exposure to Covid as promoted by Dr. Scott Atlas has no ethical basis. The funding, according to Wikipedia citations, is as follows:

“The Great Barrington Declaration was authored by Sunetra Gupta of the University of Oxford, Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford University, and Martin Kulldorff of Harvard University.[1] It was sponsored by the American Institute for Economic Research, a libertarian think tank that is part of a Koch-funded network of organizations associated with climate change denial.[14][15]”

The declaration includes the statement that “Those who are not vulnerable should immediately be allowed to resume life as normal.” So one has to ask--what is the medical definition of “not vulnerable?” And how in the next 12 to 18 months does that protect anyone? And finally the goal of economic recovery, at the expense of millions of additional deaths, fails the Hippocratic Oath of "First do no harm."


Yesterday I saw a couple thousand people on the beach, less than ten were masked - the rest were swimming, surfing, kayaking, wading, walking, playing paddle board, volleyball, building sand castles, flying kites, reading under umbrella's - enjoying freedom and life.

None of them believe this covid bs anymore...or they just 'forgot' yesterday.

One thing I did pick up on at the beach was a young man, about 5, who was flapping his hands as his mom was taking him to the car. That was real. I didn't watch the American 'news' this weekend because it's all bs. The real story is at the beach.


Cathy, may God bless you for your usual excellent work here at AoA! I especially like the links to the PREP Act, & Barrington document. It's obvious that TPTB are NOT in agreement on how to maintain their hold on money, power, and control ovrr WE THE PEOPLE.... Trump has made it clear that any vaxxxes will NOT be mandatory, and I do find that reassuring, at least! Keep up the good work!

go Trump

If you think of the US of A as a Corporation and no longer a country, everything begins to make sense.

Money is printed and handed out to those who can declare the biggest problem or emergency. Fauci passes most of it out as he pleases, & Zika was only a warmup for Covid 19. Much of the extra funding is passed on as better stock values for the members of the government.

The drug lords bought Congress long ago and can put any of them out of office should they not agree with the medical intellects. I would guess nearly half the CV19 deaths were those who were not treated properly and could have survived with simple inexpensive early treatments.


John, I have no doubt some of the Declarers are well intentioned, but consider

"Current lockdown policies are producing devastating effects on short and long-term public health. ****The results (to name a few) include lower childhood vaccination rates"*****...

well Merck is certainly in agreement, I have heard their radio commercials warning about falling vaccine rates.

"Retired people living at home should have groceries and other essentials delivered to their home. When possible, they should meet family members outside rather than inside. ****A comprehensive and detailed list of measures, including approaches to multi-generational households, can be implemented, and is well within the scope and capability of public health professionals."*****

sets off major alarms-redesigning household relationships by a comprehensive list!!!
the devil is in the details, and giving public health authorities in the US inapropriate tasking.

John Stone

I think the Great Barrington Declaration is highly unsatisfactory document but I don't think it is a deliberate decoy.


Mr Moffit,
Re great barrington
The Declaration says
“Those who are not vulnerable should immediately be allowed to resume life as normal. "

This is a trojan horse.
Who designates the "vulnerable" group?
I won't be permitted to get my own groceries, or eat at a restaurant, or socialize, because I am a senior?
Read it carefully.
Quarantining an uninfected senior is a violation of human dignity.
The state should never be making that decision.
Where does the vulnerable designation end-with a vaccine.


An excellent TRUTH BOMB!
Thank you Kathy.

Bob Moffit

From today's NY Post … fairly good column on COVID VACCINE RESISTANCE .. worth reading:


As more is revealed about COVID, its origins and its political usefulness, we will find that the abundance of caution becomes an abundance of profit.
Thank you Cathy and Age of Autism for your work!

Bob Moffit

Kathy writes:

'As time goes by, we’ll certainly learn more about the coronavirus and any long-term effects it may have. That’ll hopefully include learning about the quarantine precautions we were asked to take, too. Evidence already shows that some precautions have had detrimental effects, including an increase in mental health issues. Based on several observations and data, some doctors and researchers have shared that it’s time to open the world up again, even without knowing all there is to know about COVID-19. Enough is enough. '

The scientific "pushback" on "long-term effects" resulting from LOCKDOWNS has begun .. it is called the "Great Barrington Declaration" ….

"The lockdowns of society and the cold stop of the world’s economy in the face of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) represents a huge mistake, argue some prestigious scientists in the world of epidemiology. The Great Barrington Declaration, released last week by scientists who argue that most of us should return to our pre-COVID ways of life, has generated a lot of attention and controversy."

Read about the DECLARATION here:

Michael S.

Hope, not fear.

Fear is the number one most effective way to control people.

Nice article, Cathy.

Angus Files

When they still cant provide a copy of the virus one wonder how they can make a vaccine.Another point worth wathcing is who is becoming richer no prize for the right answers ..

Oneness Versus the 1%

“I used to be in Paris for the local weather summit, and I have been doing this UN Summit for the reason that Earth summit in ’92. I have been doing the Biodiversity Conference, drafting of clauses, together with Article 19.1, which mainly required biosafety and evaluation of GMOs. So, I used to be very stunned that, for the primary time, the billionaires had been on the stage with the heads of state,”

Pharma For Prison


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