Liberta! Italian Restaurateur and Customers Hold Off Police Trying to Enforce Closure
Grandma! What a BIG Syringe You Have!

A Second Shutdown

FermeFrance and Germany announced additional shutdowns last night. Italy is already protesting their most recent restrictions. Here in the USA, we are waiting for both an election and a decision on whether we will remain somewhat, partially or fully open as we head into the Holiday season. The first shutdown last Spring was supposed to be a "2 weeks to flatten the curve" for hospitals. Most of us rallied like champs and stayed home. Two weeks turned into two months turned into two seasons and now who knows?  The autism community has been hard hit. Our loved ones are often ruled by structure, routine, the calendar. If we go the way of Europe and have a draconian shutdown, I fear what will happen to our friends and family. My friends and my own family.

What do you think?

From The New York Times:

Covid-19 Live Updates: France and Germany Announce New Restrictions as Cases Surge in Europe

Germany will close restaurants and bars starting Monday, while France tightens rules of its own.




Complete definitions and diagnoses haven’t been reached yet. This Harvard article says 60-80% of Covid patients still have severe symptoms three months later. No endpoint has been determined.

Yes, that’s right. 3% of Covid patients worldwide so far have died of it. No one has any idea how many people so far have had an undiagnosed case, often completely asymptomatic. Like the website Worldometers, speculating on that number to try to make the fatality rate look lower is a game I’m not interested in playing. Well over a million have been killed by it so far. But yes, certainly if you say Let’s look at the big picture, if your denominator is the total world population, hardly any have died of it so far. But let’s give ourselves even more of a margin: let’s make the denominator all the people who have ever lived. Now you can really see how unimportant Covid is in the big picture.


Last comment was 2.5% still had some symptoms after 3 months but that wasn't automatically disability just that they weren't symptom free.


"Three percent die and ten percent permanently disabled by the natural disease? "

3% don't die that is the case fatality rate. Infection fatality rate much lower.

Not sure where the 10% came from but there was a tracking app study that found 12% still had some symptoms after 30 days, the media promoted this as 10% get long covid but what they didn't tell people was that after 30 months only 2.5% still had some symptoms.


Donna L and Greyone,

Do you have a point regarding those who do not have a comfortable home to lock down or quarantine in? What was that city in the Northeast that tested a number of homeless people and found a large number of them had antibodies? Is your suggestion that everyone should be exposed to catching Covid to an equal degree? Drag those in comfortable homes out and have a Covid carrier sneeze in their face? Sort of a mandatory natural vaccine to create natural herd immunity? Three percent die and ten percent permanently disabled by the natural disease? Or did you have another point?


"No one knows why SARS just disappeared in less than a year."

Sounds like a plot right out of Mission Impossible.
Anything is possible in a CCP controlled country. Nobody talks.

Donna L.

Your belief that, as you said, "Most people can stay at home very comfortably" completely overlooks whole segments of society, including those without homes, victims of domestic violence, and people like me, who will literally be killed by their aggressive child/adult with severe autism. I guess we don't matter; it seems you only care about the lives of those with Covid. Everyone else can just...die.


A Chinese doctor caught SARS from a patient. He said as going to go to a nephew’s wedding and stayed at a hotel in Hong Kong en route. He gave SARS to seven people staying on his floor, with no known contact among them. They all spread it to their own countries within days. One man gave it to forty people in Canada. Many of these people died. The doctor got sick and checked himself into a hospital, where he died. No one knows why SARS just disappeared in less than a year.


"Most people can stay at home very comfortably. "


"Nothing is certain since this virus was bioengineered. "

Not really. SARS 1 was high death rate, low spread. SARS Cov2 is low death rate, high spread, with targeted age group- the elderly. The perfect mix for a political/economic agenda. All the more reason to resist while we still can.


This pandemic has lasted less than a year. It’s too soon to say that we can’t stand it anymore. The Spanish flu lasted a little over a year, the first go-round of the Black Plague in Europe two or three years. It could be a lot worse. Most people can stay at home very comfortably. Have food delivered or get it from the Food Bank. As far as I know they are still meeting the need. Easy to stay informed and be entertained. Loss of income is terrible, as we know personally. For those who at be evicted, horrible. I read that laws were being considered to address that. But you have to remember that that’s how epidemics go. The overflowing morgues and refrigerated improvised vehicles, the long processions of cars carrying caskets, in many countries, were horrific. But at least we don’t have people walking down the street every day yelling Bring out your dead! (I just read the other day the reasons which support the Black Plague being an Ebola-type virus rather than bubonic plague). I don’t think we have Siberian-like villages in which every single inhabitant lies dead in his house from the Spanish flu.

Nothing is certain since this virus was bioengineered. But so far no pandemic has lasted indefinitely. It’s only been a year.


la maladie de l'Etat

False Scientists

Resist! Far too much collateral damage to make any sense of these lockdowns, other than a power grab.

Gary Ogden

And the tyranny will only stop when we put a stop to it. Rip off those face diapers, people, and throw them in the trash. Better, make them into a funeral pyre. Then I suggest we fire the entire "public health" establishment, federal, state, and county. Supply them with tents and sleeping bags if they have nowhere to go. Still plenty of overpasses with room under them for cozy and dry sleeping! Mostly in rural areas, though. The upside is the lower crime rate in rural areas. A win-win!

Bob Moffit

These government lockdowns will NEVER end .. they have succeeded in forcing compliance of the most ludicrous public requirements and there is no way they are ever going to allow return of our normal LIVES AND FREEDOMS … NEVER.


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