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A Reminder on Behalf of Pre-Verbal Loved Ones


I prefer the term, "pre-verbal" but the sentiment is the same. Many of our children do not use their voice and words for speaking. And yet, they have as much to say as any of us. And it's probably wiser than much of the noise we hear today. So while it's not April, but we think it's important to remind readers that we have not forgotten how much advocacy is desperately needed for autism families. Yours. Mine. And Ours.



Ladies (and gentlemen), let me share my own experience:
my son is 23, vaccine injured, deaf and autistic.
Yet he is verbal.
He said his first words at 5 - 1/2 years old (after being mute for 4 years).
He was, and still is, in Auditory verbal therapy.
That is a therapy that technically is for the deaf with amplification (hearing aids or cochlear implants).
But our therapist have taught many deaf and autistic people, and plain autistic kids too.
For all the moms of non-verbal autistic out there - look into speech for the deaf!
Just sharing

Bob Moffit


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