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"Triumph" and "Ambush" vaccines to be rolled out in the UK next month?

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Ohhh right Susan; there is a thought for sure.

It is not about race; it is about intelligence.
Poverty is linked to mental health
They want the population dumbed down.
A one eyed man in the kingdom of the blind is king.

This has already been done guys. Right here in the United States in the mountains when the typhoid shot was given every year to school children. Three in one since WWI.

Even our own eugenics; lawyer, Ky senator, hero of the mountains; Harry Caudill tried forever to pull Kentuckians out of poverty. Still 15 million Kentuckians -- fled the mountains, and filled up the nation's factories around the United States. Harry finally had to throw in the towel and wondered why couldn't those that remain do any better? He finally meet with California's eugenics man; William Shockley, a scientist with controversial eugenicist stances at Stanford University in California. Caudill came to believe in Shockley's theory of "dysgenics," the argument that unintelligent people weaken the genes of a "race" over time. was the problem.

Ohhh; I wish I could go back in time and tell Caudill what the real problem was. Caudill died of a gun to his head by suicide because he had Parkinson disease. As Professor Exeley is saying now-- aluminum (from the vaccines ) is in the nerve clumps of Parkinson brains. So Caudill was intelligent but he still was marked by the beast -- Babylon's God Sun amulet (vaccines) done in the name of protection 666.

Still: However; a lot of Jews did not think the Nazis would kill them cause they were valued as slaves, and they really saw them as dogs that breed fast and could be replaced by gypsies, or other nasty groups.

susan welch

Grace, I do hope you are wrong. After all, they wouldn't want to kill off all the 'servants' would they?

Grace Green

I think they have been reducing everyone's immune function by vaccines for several generations, and now using face masks, unhealthy food and sunlight deprivation. When we are all at our lowest they will release the really nasty virus from a laboratory somewhere, and people will fall in their millions.


@John Stone

"American Eugenics Society (1926-1972)"


@John Stone

I am glad someone else knows this. I have thoroughly researched it. Charles Darwin's son was the founder of the eugenics movement. The first international meeting was held in England. After that it was in New York City. Hitler was willing to actually apply it on a national level. I think Operation Paperclip allowed the WW 2 "scientists" working in this area to come to the U.S. and continue their research.
Thanks for the link.

John Stone


The Nazi eugenics program strictly speaking was just a an off-shoot of the US one:


@ Benedetta

I'm convinced the U.S. vaccine program is a continuation of the Nazi eugenics program. This is the elite's method of population control. The Covid Vax will take it up a notch...or two. Good comment.


However; even the newer DTaP or Tapd or what ever rearrangement of the letters of the acellular pertussis is still a maimer of children and a killer when it can; and it hurts adults too as it is given as a tetanus shot. .

And the claim is that it is safer! So, what does that mean about the DTP vaccine they had for 60 years knowing they could use a DTaP, still a evil vaccine?

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