President Trump Uses 9/11 PREP Act History to Authorize Pharmacists To Administer COVID Vaccines To Kids 3 and Older
Hide and Peek

Testimony on Vaccines with Senator Rand Paul & Dr. Francis Collins

Choice_mainSenator Rand Paul on Mandated COVID Vaccination for American schoolchildren in at the HELP Hearing on 9/9. Dr. Francis Collins, the witness with whom he speaks, is the head of the NIH.  Read about the hearing here - Testimony on Vaccines: Saving Lives, Ensuring Confidence, and Protecting Public Health

"There is a difference between smallpox and COVID..."

"We really need to start thinking through our fervor."


Kathryn Z Berg

Interesting Video. I don't know what the focus of the hearing was. It appears to be mandating the CoVid Vaxx.

I get why he says they are incredibly safe, even if he knows better. The focus of the meeting would have changed and he wouldn't have been able to bring up his points that were really important. He is being politically savvy. He has taken a bit of a hit previously. In order to be effective, he needs to say other things. The really important thing, is whether he is taking action behind the scenes to make vaccines safer. Is he?

One example of an important thing he brought up is mentioning that people have always been on chemotherapy and those people used to make sure they weren't exposed to people who were sick. Now it has become everyone else's responsibility. And he questioned that. That's awesome that he said that. I haven't heard anyone say that who is in a position to have any influence at all.

Grace Green

Maybe it's me being too literal again, but I thought it strange he said vaccines are incredibly safe! If it's incredible that they're safe it shouldn't be surprising that people don't trust them!

Shelley Tzorfas

My understanding is that Human Aborted fetal Cell DNA is going to be utilized in COVID Vaccines. This Cannibalistic material is the main reason that vaccines shed. They kill fetuses then inject people with them. They are then labeled as "Live" Vaccines. Maybe its karma but these "Live" vaccines go on to cause illness and deaths to others among a hodgepodge of toxic ingredients. US Vaccine court has already paid out $4 Billion 400 Million dollars. Thanks Bob for your question.


Dr. Francis Collins - genetic man, champion of all things are inherited, holy knight of the ream that it is a matter of time until we find the combos of genes that brings on things like autism --- yeah him; is far to busy wheeling, and dealing in the complexities of the pharma/ federal agencies/higher education draconian system. He is a busy bee in denying the masses medical treatments like hydroxychloroquine; esp all those sleepless nights he is up with Gates, and Fauci.

Collins is juggling all of that while he collects tax money to the tune of millions if not billions in research for vaccines, and patents that will lead to vaccines;

He is far to busy to study the consequences of those vaccines.

My God people this man is not super human!

But thank goodness Rand Paul has called his attention to it. Rand Paul knows they have gone way too far in all of this. Such a fighter even though Rand Paul finds himself on a shot up ball field, or finding himself face down in the leaves from a blind side tackle of a crazy dr. neighbor, in which he loses part of his lung, or just crossing the street from the White House and find himself surrounded by a mob.

Crazy times we live in. It should be Francis Collins that experienced all of this stuff cause he has caused real harm, but nothing.

Laura Hayes

3 quotes from Rand Paul's testimony, and my responses to his comments:

1. First statement he made, "No one disputes the medical miracle of vaccines." Rand, you could not be more wrong, and I am quite sure you know that. Please don't perpetuate the propaganda. When you do, it keeps the focus on vaccines, versus on common-sense, time-proven, risk-free ways to protect, maintain, and enhance health, minus risk-laden vaccines. Repeating vaccine propaganda leads to its use as justification for medical tyranny, which can never be justified in a free and ethical society.

2. "Let's try to persuade people about it." Why? Why would you want to persuade anyone to take any vaccine, as not one has been tested or approved properly or ethically, and therefore, not one should be on the market. The same will be true for "Covid" vaccines. Rand, should you, your family, or your staff want to learn more about this fact, read or watch my "Why Is This Legal?" presentation from 2018:

3. "I think at one time flu vaccine was recommended for over 50, and I now I think it's more extensive. And that's fine, the vaccines are incredibly safe." No, Rand, the vaccines are not incredibly safe. Quite the opposite, so please don't continue to repeat such dangerous and untrue vaccine propaganda. In addition to the presentation listed in point #2, perhaps you, your family, and your staff might also consider reading/watching my "Vaccines: What Is There to Be 'Pro' About?" presentation from 2016:

Although I appreciate that Rand Paul is speaking in favor of medical choice freedom and parental rights (with regard to parents being fully and solely in charge of making any and all medical decisions for their children, minus government interference, coercion, cost, or penalty), it is critically important that he stop parroting vaccine propaganda, and instead include the dangers, inefficacies, and lack of need for vaccines in his testimony.

Laura Hayes

From my first rally speech opposing SB277 in CA in 2015, which is applicable now, also:

"I would like to address the recurrent mention that all must be vaccinated to protect the immunocompromised. The elephant in the room that refuses to be acknowledged is how and why do we have so many children and young adults today who are classified as immunocompromised? Could it be that the very vaccines they received, possibly beginning in utero, and subsequently on the day of birth, and at regular intervals thereafter, when their blood-brain-barriers were wide open and their immune systems were undeveloped and unable to handle the barrage of toxins and viruses contained in vaccines, could it be that they are immunocompromised due to the vaccines they received? And now legislators propose to mandate that other children be force- vaccinated until everyone is ill beyond repair?

Furthermore, for the children who are seriously immunocompromised, going out in public is a danger to them, and their parents must decide if they need to be kept at home until re-entry into social settings is possible. Vaccinating all children in the state of CA will not protect them. There will always be diseases circulating to which they will be exposed, including the common cold. There will always be those for whom vaccines don’t work. There will always be those whose temporary, partial, and artificial vaccine- induced immunity has waned and is no longer present. There will always be those who just received live-virus vaccines, who are actually contagious and shedding the very diseases against which they were vaccinated. There will always be a risk for those who are immunocompromised...there is always a risk for every one. That does not mean that others should be forced to endure risk to supposedly protect them. Furthermore, that is not the government’s decision to make. Risk-benefit health care decisions must be made for children by their parents, who know them best, who know their present health status, who know the child’s family history, and who know there are many ways to protect, maintain, and enhance their child’s health...risk-free ways...without risk- laden vaccines.

It is the responsibility of all parents of immunocompromised children to take the needed measures to protect their children. It is not the responsibility of other children, most especially if it could mean chronic illness, permanent disability, or death for those children. It is no one’s right to put themselves in the position of valuing one child’s life over another’s."

To listen to my speech in its entirety, as it remains relevant today, click here:

Bob Moffit

@ Shelly

"Dr Collins needs to study the consequences indeed. He doesn't know if the vaccines that they are studying now are going to be safe and effective. He won't know until later how they will affect children. He wants to avoid kids getting worse from the vaccine if they have Cancer and are on Chemotherapy"

If history is our guide .. the medical profession insists children receive their vaccines to protect other children who are unable to be vaccinated .. such as … children undergoing chemo therapy .. but .. as we all know .. recently vaccinated children can "shed" their vaccination pathogen to the vulnerable children .. thereby becoming a THREAT TO THEM.

It will be interesting to learn if Covid vaccine can SHED?


Still missing the mark, tip toeing around the truth, and meekly bowing to the vaccine gods lest they become angry. Pushing these drugs on elders who are more likely to die from them and least likely to derive any sort of benefit, is disgusting, especially knowing that the flu vaccine that is mandated upon nursing home residents makes them more susceptible to covid.

Shelley Tzorfas

Dr Collins needs to study the consequences indeed. He doesn't know if the vaccines that they are studying now are going to be safe and effective. He won't know until later how they will affect children. He wants to avoid kids getting worse from the vaccine if they have Cancer and are on Chemotherapy? Less than 1 child per MILLION die from Covid. Doctor many people here know the EFFECTS of vaccines. These are EFFECTS-Not Side Effects. 1 in 20 boys had brain encephalitis leading to Autism, 1 in 20 have deadly food allergies, 1 in 5 high school kids has ADHD, 1 in 285 little kids with Cancers, many have daily multiple seizures and Juvenile Diabetes is through the roof. Doctor-your credentials mean Nothing, your ignorance is harmful. 54% of our kids are now chronically ill. That is the EFFECTS!


Good for Senator Paul to say what he did but someone needs to tell him that smallpox vaccinations were only given to between five and ten percent of the world's population. He should at least read 'Dissolving Illusions' by Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrianyk. Still, it was good of him to step up in this way.

Bob Moffit

I would have more respect for Sen Paul's "confidence and trust" in vaccines if he had sponsored and pursued that common sense …. long denied … independent .. scientific study of vaccinated v. unvaccinated populations .. to ascertain .. ONCE AND FOR ALL TIME …if BOTH population are healthy and absent of the chronic autoimmune disorders that presently occur in 54% of this generation's children???

Surely Sen Paul knows our public health agencies have the data, resources and expertise to conduct such a study … they lack only the WILL to do it. To Sen. Paul I would ask: WHY????

I appreciate Sen Paul's concern for INDIVIDUAL CHOICE on the subject of vaccines … and I am hoping the Covid vaccine inspires the Senator to pursue the SAFETY AND EFFICENCY of the numerous vaccines recommended and approved for our children .. beginning with HEP B within hours of birth .. to protect healthy infants from a disease that is far from highly COMMUNICAL .. requiring bodily fluids to acquire.

After all .. this pending COVID VACCINE will become just one more .. predictably not the last one either … to add to the ever increasing numbers of vaccines already required for our children.


Coram Deo

Excellent video. Thank you.

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