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Pediatricians Refuse To Care for Children

Board of Education
Kim's pediatrician had one of these in his office. Kinder than today's pediatricians.

I call this the new Mommy wars.

Pediatricians are more likely to be female; a 2010 survey by the American Academy of Pediatrics found 55.6 of graduate pediatricians and 68.9 percent of pediatric residents were female. The same survey found almost 74 percent were Caucasian and 35 percent were less than 40 years old.

And from 2015 source ama:  Based on key findings, women make up a larger percentage of residents in:

  • Family medicine (about 58 percent)
  • Psychiatry (about 57 percent)
  • Pediatrics (about 75 percent)
  • Obstetrics/gynecology (about 85 percent)

If this story below doesn't tell you that pediatrics is the last sales arm of the female pharmaceutical sales rep force, nothing will.  I imagine that the pediatricians refusing care to families are the younger doctors who have been full indoctrinated in medical school. Pediatrics used to be about the whole care of a child from head to toes, all ten of them. And while there are those dedicated MDs who still have their hearts in the right place for patients, the trend to abandoning the “non-compliant” is sad indeed. My experience over the years?  They weigh. Measure. Do a cursory eye exam for those patients who CAN sit and answer (never for my own daughters). Administer vaccines. And now they also encourage private conversations about gender and sexuality (there are signs on the wall of the exam rooms telling kids that they can talk, which is a good thing. ) and they refer out to specialists for everything else.  My pediatrician pierced my ears in the 70s! I have been aghast at how little care my daughters with autism have received, compared to their typical peers.  This discrimination now expands to the actual refusal to do their job, to treat sick children.  Imagine if ER doctors interviewed every gun shot victim who entered their hallways - and refused treatment for any reason. Doctors are supposed to provide care - without question. Perhaps we need a new exemption category whereby the DOCTORS can become exempted from treating under or unvaccination children.  Just as doctors can conscientiously object to performing abortions. If the Doctors feel so strongly about vaccination, let them have that choice.  No punishments for those doctors who chose to accept families who alter the CDC schedules.  Just a fair market choice. And parents can vote with their feet where to go.



By Serena Gordon
HealthDay Reporter

TUESDAY, Sept. 15, 2020 (HealthDay News) -- Parents who choose to forgo or delay their children's vaccinations may quickly find themselves without a pediatrician.

Just over half (51%) of pediatric offices in the United States have a policy to dismiss families that refuse childhood vaccines, a nationwide survey found. Thirty-seven percent of pediatricians themselves said they often dismissed families for refusing vaccines, and 6% said they would dismiss a family for choosing to spread out crucial early vaccines.

"Arguments for dismissing families include that vaccination is the standard of care and the benefits far outweigh the risks. The evidence for vaccines is so strong that doctors may feel they just can't work with parents who stray so far from the standards of medical care," said lead author Dr. Sean O'Leary. He's a professor of pediatrics at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus and Children's Hospital Colorado in Aurora.

"Another argument for dismissing families is that doing so may increase vaccine rates when parents see that pediatric practices feel so strongly about vaccines. Some of the downsides are that kids might end up without a medical home, or parents will find pediatricians who don't have policies about vaccines," O'Leary said.



Remember what Dr. Heidi Larson said from last years WHO Vaccine Safety Summit?

Dr. Larson: doctors and nurses are "very wobbly" and "starting to question the safety of vaccines," and it's a "huge problem."

Dr. Larson: doctors don't have confidence in vaccine safety to stand up to mothers asking questions. Doctors only got a "half day of vaccine instruction in medical school."

Bottom line for their profession, best way for them to deal with "their" problem is to dismiss the messenger. Stick their heads in the sand. Voila--vaccines are safe and effective.

The pediatric community practicing their medical profession as they..........have.........been.......indoctornated.

Kay Fabe

Somehow I and my 5 brothers and sisters survived childhood without a pediatrician. One other sister (the oldest) died of leukemia as an infant but a pediatrician wouldn't have helped her. She was born at a time when atomic bomb testing was ongoing and my grandfather was tasked with the job of recording radiation readings on the streets on Boston with a geiger counter. No idea if related but my parents had spent some time in Kansas before she was born

Just a family Doc and the ER for the rest of us. Vaccines were rather limited in the 50’s and 60’s, and autism was so rare hardly anyone knew of anybody with autism. I did in fact have a cousin with severe autism and he is in a home today well into his 40’s. I cant say I know his vaccine history but he was born in the early 70’s and the MMR was around by then.

Paul Picha

"Standard of Care" .. coercive term that when employed by any healthcare provider should cause the healthcare consumer to flee

These pediatricians are providing a good service to families they refuse to treat, akin to a restaurant having a sign on the door "our kitchen has roaches"

Best to pay cash and select provider of your choice, not who the cartel wants you to see thru their shady-### insurance network

Flatten The Herd

As a former member of a certain California based HMO for almost four decades I got very sick after receiving my last flu vaccine sixteen years ago. After that I refused any further jabs to include the pneumococcal and shingles vaccinations. This decision cost me dearly. My non-compliance with their maniacally forceful vax policies mandated by vicious primary care physicians effectively ended any more healthcare for me. There were no more referrals to be had and worse still, the HMO went into full-on destructive mode. I suffered numerous efforts to inflict deliberate harm including retributive, surgically disfiguring surgeries. For sixteen years my healthcare, even on Medicare, is nothing more than a series of risk management exercises along the lines of no, no and no to their ostensible "healthcare". These people mean business and will stop at nothing to get everybody, not just kids, to vaccinate.

Kate Pierson

Pediatricians who dismiss families for not taking vaccines are actually doing them a favor. Parents would be better off finding a naturopathic doctor or if you want to stay with an allopathic doc, a family medicine doctor would be a good choice (less likely to push vaccines). My now, 28 year old son became severely, non-verbally autistic and epileptic because I took him to each "well" baby visit to receive every vaccine on the CDC schedule. He was normal at birth but regressed and lost all language at one year of age after his "wellness" checkup following multiple shots, including the MMR. He will need 24 hour care for the rest of his life.

Carolyn M

Kathy Sincere,

It seems to me that Dante might not need to include another circle of hell - The Inferno already has a number of circles to which some of these people might be consigned. For instance:

Greed - for the kickbacks from having a large percentage of fully vaccinated patients in their practices.

False Prophets - such statements as "The illness would have been worse if you hadn't vaccinated."

False Counselors - for denying that vaccine injury occurs or that it is "extremely rare" and that "the benefits outweigh the risks".

Betrayal - swearing an oath to do no harm, proceeding to do so, denying it had happened and then kicking families out of their practices if the families did not continue to let their child/children be harmed further.

Laura Hayes

Sounds like it just got a whole lot easier to select a pediatrician.

Better yet, unselect using one in the first place, and watch the health, development, and well-being of your child flourish on breastfeeding, mom and baby following a WAPF diet, proper supervision, plenty of play and exercise, a good night's sleep each night, lots of love, a toxin-free home, and the complete avoidance of all pharmaceuticals, including vaccines.

To learn more about a healthy diet for mom and baby, visit wapf.org

To learn more about raising a healthy child minus iatrogenic (doctor and nurse induced) harm, read the late Dr. Robert Mendelsohn's "How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor":

And to learn why you need to "BEWARE of Standard of Care", here is an article especially for pregnant women and mothers of young children:

Shelley Tzorfas

The "Standard of Care" for pediatricians in the supposed "Well Visits" is to shoot your baby and children (Teens too) with copious amounts of Alzheimer's causing Aluminum, Cancer Causing Formaldehyde (Which is beneficial when Embalming Corpses) Peanut oils leading to anaphylactic shock and deaths, Tumorigenic Aborted human Fetal Cell DNA in the "Live" vaccines that shed illnesses to others for up to 60 days, cells from Pigs, Dogs, the blood of Horseshoe crabs and insects- Nothing short of a Witches Brew. If 51% of Pediatricians remove families that will not allow toxins to be shot into their offspring, that means there might be hope for the other 49%.


I never went to a pediatrician. Did not know what they were then one showed up at the hospital when my daughter was born and had a look at her. Told me I had an appointment to see him in a month's time.
We moved and guess what-- the new town had a group of peds too.
Every tell I have heard from parents -- mostly nurses telling how their kids reacted and they told the peds, and the peds came down on them--- made another appointment with a regular doctor.

Wished I had.


WHY are vaccines ONLY available as private, for-profit products? ....Ask your pediatrician!....


Who needs pediatricians? The specialty was relatively new when I was a child. Before that, one doctor saw all members of families. You can always look up information pertaining specifically to children.

That means you can take your child to a general practitioner or a family-practice physician. Or to a chiropractor, who can offer many helpful treatments. Or a homeopath, the most useful of all. Or a naturopath. Most of these professionals are wary of vaccines.


In pediatric care these days it’s far more important to know how to shoot a snazzy TikTok then to have a practice full of healthy children.


What support is there for pediatricians who don’t want to push vaccines? Suggestions please so I can pass along.

Kathy Sincere

What parents need to understand is that the "well-baby" checkups are nothing more than pediatricians grooming them to accept multiple vaccines for their children. . Then the "well" baby becomes the sick baby and the visits to the doctor repeat, only this time for serious issues and medicine. Oh, and come back in two months for your next round of poisons.

Parents in Colorado know Dr. Sean O'Leary very well. He has been a prime spokesperson for Pharma and the AAP at every single vaccine bill hearing in CO since 2014. Parents of severely vaccine-injured children are denied voicing their opposition to these draconian bills but Dr. O'Leary gets ushered in to his front row seat at the Capitol for testimony. Testimony to support bills that would crush our medical freedom and put us all in their data base for harassment and tracking.

Dr. O'Leary conveniently forgot to mention the huge financial incentives that drives pediatricians to exploit sweet innocent children and sicken them. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/incentivizing-pediatricians-to-be-vaccine-bullies/

If Dante wrote The Inferno today he would likely include a circle of hell for people who take an oath to first do no harm and do so anyway, with arrogant self-righteousness.


Don’t expect anything but bullshit from WebMd on vax.

The question unanswered (and unasked): “Is you decision to dismiss vaccine hesitant families based on achieving financial incentives for vax compliance levels?”

And, this: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/11/111128152420.htm

Bob Moffit

"Arguments for dismissing families include that vaccination is the standard of care and the benefits far outweigh the risks"

How is it possible for a parent to believe their just vaccinated child that suffered any one of the many adverse reactions LISTED on the vaccine insert … many life-altering, life-long, life-threatening .. chronic-autoimmune disorders .. asthma, allergies (peanuts???), juvenile type 1 diabetes … on and on … including SIDS .. the supposed BENEFT was worth the RISK of ADVERSE REACTION THEIR CHILD WILL LIVE WITH FOR THE REMINDER OF THEIR LIVES.


If there is such thing as a ONE SIZE FITS ALL PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCT ,,, from prescription drugs to band aids … I would love to know what that product is????

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