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I put off explaining death to my autistic son. Covid-19 convinced me I couldn’t wait any longer.

Tarot_death_02Note: Below is an article that ran in The Washington Post this weekend.   You may or may not approve of Ellenby's language choices. Or what she says about her son.  I was surprised to see a mainstream article that talks about the violence and danger that can come with autism behaviors.  I haven't dug into the comments yet. I'm sure she's taking a drubbing from all sides, as I did when I wrote for WaPo.  Have you been able to explain the COVID shutdown to your loved one with autism? If you are an adult with autism, how have you processed the changes?


By Whitney Ellenby

I put off explaining death to my autistic son. Covid-19 convinced me I couldn’t wait any longer.

Even before I uttered a word, my son knew something was off.

My flustered movements alerted him to a shift in equilibrium in the house. The statewide coronavirus shutdown had just been announced, and as I struggled to wrap my head around the profound adjustments I needed to make, the fear of a grave illness was rivaled by an entirely different threat: How would I explain the crisis to my profoundly autistic 19-year-old son?

Zack’s language and comprehension are truncated; he has no conspicuous understanding of global adversity, personal sacrifice or collective safety.

The stakes of being truthful were greater than you might imagine. I’ve gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that Zack fully participates in his community, even forcing him to remain at indoor venues he feared such as movie theaters, restaurants and airplanes. My “inclusion by fire” methods feel vindicated by the fact that Zack regularly navigates the world with competence and zeal.

But there is one dire exception — his absolute intolerance of unexpected closures. Zack has no interest in the reason: All venues should be open according to his schedule. Delivering news of a sudden closure — of a splash park shut due to lightning, a movie sold out — is perilous. In seconds, Zack lashes out in frustration. Sometimes I absorb the blows and hold my ground to enforce upon him the reality that disappointment is a part of life; more often I scramble for alternatives to distract him.

And now I couldn’t. For a young man whose life quite literally revolves around predictable schedules and recreation, virtually everything he depended upon had been eviscerated overnight.

Read more here I put off explaining death to my autistic son. Covid-19 convinced me I couldn’t wait any longer.

Whitney Ellenby is the author of “Autism Uncensored: Pulling Back the Curtain,” founder of the charitable venture Autism Ambassadors and a former Justice Department disability rights attorney.


Angus Files

Grace we say no he/she has gone to Tescos back in 5 mins and point to the clock.He will say it if hes missing any of his siblings as well.Were used to it but when he says it in company the faces of people they dont know where to look.Catches us as well.

Very stressfull for him when things dont go like clockwork day after day.


Pharma For Prison


Grace Green

I do hope your son isn't alarmed when he says that. Would it be possible to teach him about traffic jams, as being a much more likely explanation for you being late? Come to think of it, most "NTs" have trouble understanding relative risk, hence the desire for a vaccine rather than a bout of the cold!

Angus Files

"Dads gone to heaven" thats what my wife hears if I`m not back, and I hear "Mums gone to heaven".

During COVID the delays are longer so were hearing it more.Thats as far as our education of Heaven has got us but its better than nothing and there is gain there we think.

My wife came up with the observation that this COVID fandango part of it is based on tests using PCR (polymerase chain reaction), which greatly amplifies the viral genetic material if it is present.
Which will detect very small particles and that seems fine when using for tehsting for COVID.

Where was PCR Testing used and it wasnt to be believed?


Dr. Rima had no observations to make.

"Next, she asked whether at the time that Colten Snyder and Michelle Cedillo’s samples were sent to the O’Leary lab other labs were also doing the same type of testing.

Dr. Rima answered that the Unigenetics lab was the only lab in the world doing that type of testing at the time. He went onto give his opinion that the technology had not been validated which is why it had not been adopted.

Finally, Dr. Rima restated his opinion that the levels of measles virus RNA from Colten
Snyder were too high to be believed."

It seems the PCR technology has now been validated can we revisit please!

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