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New York City Mayor Believes COVID Vaccine Will End Violence in His Crumbling City

F5645A4F-7FF0-40C0-BE61-BACA98B28423Mayor DeBlasio prognosticates that the COVID vaccine will come into New Yorkers' lives and change the future. Cue the smoke and patchouli. He's probably right..... it will change lives. I was reminded of a song that kind of scared me as a kid, Showdown (thanks, Anne)  from Emerson Lake and Palmer. Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. Anyone old enough to remember the guy in that photo?  LOL!  From the New York Post, which has been shedding light on the reality of what's happened in the Big Apple all summer.

De Blasio claims COVID-19 vaccine will cure NYC shooting epidemic

With gun violence hitting fever pitch in the city, Mayor Bill de Blasio claimed Wednesday that a coronavirus vaccine would somehow cure the shooting epidemic.

“We are dealing with a challenge we’ve never seen in the city. It is, thank God, temporary … there will be a vaccine, there will be a turnaround,” de Blasio said when asked at his daily press conference about the surging gunplay.

The NYPD reported Wednesday that shootings have spiked by 151 incidents in August, from 91 to 242, which is a 161 percent increase from the same time last year.

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends
We're so glad you could attend,
Come inside, come inside
There behind a glass stands a real blade of grass
Be careful as you pass, move along, move along
Come inside, the shows about to start
Guaranteed to blow your head apart
Rest assured you'll get your money's worth
The greatest show in Heaven, Hell or Earth
You've got to see the show, it's a dynamo
You've got to see the show, its rock and roll, oh
Right before your eyes see the laughter from the skies
And he laughs until he cries, then he dies, then he dies


False Scientists

So much try by the idiot who has shown himself to be a liar regarding stockpiled respirators etc...

Ronald Kostoff

Politics has become so toxic, and attacks on politicians in public venues have become so commonplace, that I suspect we are not getting the best people going into politics. Why would anyone want to subject themselves to this type of abuse, especially if they have other options? The New York that I used to visit is dead! De Blasio has killed it. Many of those restaurants and other businesses will never see the light of day again. What is even more disheartening is that his constituents allow this to happen.

Grace Green

Perhaps he's telling us something about what's going to be in the vaccine. People turned into zombies.


Usually it is best to keep a campaign tightly focussed on the immediate issue. Side issues offer too many opportunities for the opposition to employ slight-of-hand misdirections ensuring that there is never any real progress forwards. This is how it has been with medical harms — for decades. It has been so in many other areas of science, education, finance & commerce and list goes on. Few people have the free time to research each issue and develop an ‘informed opinion’ on each one. Or to put it another way, they haven’t had the time to question whether their ‘beliefs’ in how the different systems work is truly justified. [Some time back, I worked out that it took about forty five hours of research to get the the bottom of any issue] Well, it may be clear to many, that the ‘checks and balances’ that were built into our organisations and institutions have slowly been neutered almost to oblivion. The situation is rapidly getting worse, for there are more vaccines mandated and psychiatric drugs than ever getting proscribed.

Campaigning psychiatrist Peter Breggin is himself now attempting to take the State of Ohio to court over the Covid-19 restrictions. https://breggin.com/dr-breggins-covid-19-totalitarianism-legal-report/

No doubt, resort to such legal avenues will be initiated by others as time goes on. But the speed will be dependant on grass roots support. Do please remember though, that many of our individually, firmly held convictions, are in reality just ‘beliefs’ that just appear ‘obvious’ on the superficial level. So apply conscious judgement before supporting anything.

Finally. Is it not time for all of us involved and concerned with healthcare — in all its many forms — to unite and speak with one voice to say enough is enough?

Shelley Tzorfas

Mental illness runs amok in NYC. The leaders of the city and state are destroying everything that NY once stood for. There is a mass exodus out of NY. Just look what the NYPOST said. "New York Post, which has been shedding light on the reality of what's happened in the Big Apple all summer-
De Blasio claims COVID-19 vaccine will cure NYC shooting epidemic."
Imagine anyone let alone a Mayor be so ill as to say that a Vaccine will stop a Shooting Epidemic all while his stand is to get rid of police? Who will feel safe enough for their property and lives under De Blasio's Meltdowns? Not whites, not blacks, not Asians, not any culture except maybe for the rats.


De Blasio has allowed NYC to devolve into an apocalyptic ghost town. If people take this untested, RNA/DNA changing CV-19 kill shot, they’ll all be either debilitated by it, rendering them harmless, or dead. Substituting physical violence with bioterrorism.

John Stone

Hi-jack the news with a phoney agenda, incompetent, cynical, a trash merchant in a time of dire need. The dance round the Golden Calf.

Patricia P Tursi, Ph.D.

Yes, and de Blasio helped BLM deface the streets of NYC and destroy it by painting the streets the ugly color and divide the people of NYC. He has participated in the destruction of NYC rather than promote unity. He knows nothing about health and the history of vaccines. Watch the Mike Wallace "60 Minutes" interview of Dr David Spencer, ex CIA director who wasresponsible for the Swine Flu Vaccine which caused paralysis, deaths and destruction of immunity systems. Some people learn from history, others are doomed to repeat it.

Kim for Anne - laughing!

Anne, you are correct! I am the little sister and it was my BIG sister who listened to ELP when I was little. So please forgive my youthful error. LOLOLOL!!!!

Bob Moffit

De Blasio is by far the worst Mayor the City of New York in my lifetime … trust me .. that spans DECADES and includes some very bad Mayors ..John Lindsay and David Dinkins to name just two.

De Blasio is by far the worst … absolutely SHAMELESS .. incapable of accepting any responsibility for his failure to govern as NYC continues to decline under HIS LEADERSHIP.

Actually campaigned for President … as I said … SHAMELESS.

Anne Shaw

Tricked - I wanted to hear Karn Evil, instead I got Showdown!

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