Families of Severely Disabled Schoolchildren in UK Set Adrift
Governor Cuomo Shifts from Volunteer to Anti-Vaxxer

Just In Time for Vaccine Mistrust - A Report That Masks No Longer Work

COVID changeI think we should go back to February when the virus was born (hee hee ho ho ha ha) and rename it "Sneaky Pete the Pharma Treat."   Maybe pharma cried out "Houston, we have a problem," and Houston researchers responded with a repair?  Neither soap nor mask nor water nor shield will stop COVID from its appointed rounds. Only a vaccine can save us!



Mutated coronavirus 'may now be more contagious and able to get around masks'

Researchers in Houston, US, who have been studying coronavirus since March have warned that a new more dominant strain D614G could be adapting to get around barriers.

The coronavirus may have mutated and could be more contagious and able to get around barriers such as masks and hand-washing, a study has claimed.

Experts have warned that a new dominant strain of Covid-19 could be adapting to circumvent barriers such as masks and hand-washing.

Since March experts based in Houston, US, have been sequencing the genomes of coronavirus and have logged 5,085 sequences, the Washington Post reports.


Laura Hayes

Let the lawsuits against the tyrants and despots begin!

"Life in Prison for Hoaxes" - Peggy Hall's latest - be encouraged!


Only 8 minutes long - have a watch - then share!

Laura Hayes


Your comments about home schooling are spot on and well articulated, and will hopefully be an encouragement to anyone who reads them who is considering home schooling...thank you!

And thank you for your many recent comments here on AoA...I am greatly appreciating them!


Shelley Tzorfas This virus is so different and dangerous that it can with stand ultraviolet rays -- unheard of by all other viruses.
Why they have to make people wear mask while they watch their son's play foot ball.
They have to banned beach going.

Shelley Tzorfas

A virus so deadly it can wrap around corners
A virus so deadly that it can permeate brick and mortar
A virus so deadly that it can squeeze through plastic and pop under masks
Well, then, it must be a virus so deadly that it can slide into syringes, cold storage, & Chinese Manufacturing


Thanks for the great link Laura.
"With deep appreciation for the wonderful work of these three women"
I agree!
I have home schooled since the '90's. I'm so glad to see the movement still growing. With advances in technology and years of development of home school specific curriculum, it is better than ever. I like to call it Free Market Education. I never limited my children to one type of schooling or curriculum. It worked well- especially for my vaccine injured children. My youngest is now doing home school art college. We had already planned it before Covid 19 and haven't missed a beat. NO masks or social distancing. No college loans. Home schooling parents will find that they learn more than their children. They will realize over time how limited their public (private) school education was. There are many different ways to teach different subjects, and you get to try all of them to see which works best. It has totally transformed my thinking skills. My now adult children are independent thinkers and self-starters. They have learned to work around their "learning disabilities" and have had the time to focus on what they do best and have a passion for. It is not an easy road, but a very rewarding one.

Benedetta F Stilwell

Yeah, Bob, but my sister-in-law lost two members of her family Her 34 year son and her 92 year old mother.

Perhaps hydroxychloroquine should have been given out over the counter, encouraged with each covid 19 test given --

" Hey you just tested positive so run, and get that hydroxychloroquine and while you are at it some vitamin C, vitamin D and maybe some lysine That stuff seems to work good on chickens with viruses. "


They also will not take out my 96 year old father's gall bladder. They just got a drain in it till he dies.
It is going to kill him by starvation? Is he too being denied medical treatment? His age he might die on the operating table and they don't want people dying on the operating table but still if they are going to die a slow and painful death anyway? There are to be some kind of code typed in to such operations and then we just don't count it against them.

On the other hand they have gone all out to not treat every one from some virus that Fauci/Gates gave the Chinese.


"Everyone who wants to do good to the human race always ends in universal bullying" - Aldous Huxley
This may not be a complete axiom, but it is very often the case as it is now.

Then there are those who feign they want to do good as a means to power. With bullying also as their tool.

Laura Hayes

Looking for a place to post the link below, and this post seemed as good as any :)

Brava, brava, brava! A MOST ENCOURAGING discussion among 3 amazing women...a MUST WATCH!!!

Peggy Hall of The Healthy American
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny of Vaxxter
Dr. Pam Popper of Make Americans Free Again (sign up so that powerful voting blocks can be established!)

Link to their discussion taped yesterday, 9-25-20:


Topics covered:

-lawsuits in progress in multiple states, and the positive effects they are already having
-excellent advice about getting involved in do-able and effective ways
-the one question every person running for public office must be asked
-rich discussion about the wonderful benefits of homeschooling...benefits for the children, parents, and whole family

Please make the time to listen to this 90-minute video and be encouraged, inspired, and motivated to help make Americans healthy, free, vibrant, and thriving again!

With deep appreciation for the wonderful work of these three women,

go Trump

With 5,085 CV19 sequences, it seems like it might take TWO doses of the miracle vaccine, developed in only a few months, to save the World.

Sadly, it looks like the virus / mask comparison to a mosquito flying through a chain link fence, seems to be accurate.

Bob Moffit

Tucker Carlson show last night revealed DEATH RATES according to age and it should now be known and understood the likely death of young children up to and through college years is something like 1 in 99,08 % .. and the survival rate of all ages .. including high risk seniors ..is far better than we are being constantly told by media stressing 200,000 have died from Covid and frightening predictions the death numbers are likely to increase dramatically. Even THAT number is suspect due to medical professionals assigning Covid as cause of death in 30% where other co-morbalities were actual cause.

I have never seen such CONFUSION and "scientific argument" over a disease .. NEVER .. wear masks, don't wear masks, social distance in certain gatherings not so much in others .. on and on ..


Angus Files

True Kim I havent worn a mask to date nobody has said anything plenty looks.
Henry Kissinger remarked in 1970, "Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people."
Addendum control toilet paper to control the people..


Tesco reinstates rationing on pasta, flour and toilet roll

Pharma For Prison


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