Hide and Peek
Response to the British Government Proposal to Roll Out A COVD-19 Vaccine Before Christmas

J& J - Poison Powder But a Safe CoVax.

033A57B6-04C9-4999-BB3C-5E42E29C3B88 I had a little Tweetchat with Johnson & Johnson on Twitter. They have pinned this Tweet about "the integrity of the scientific process" vis a vis Covid vaccine development.  How many Americans know that because of the PREP act, they bear all the risk of injury or even death, and J&J is fully protected by Uncle Sam. When the cat has walked away, the mice never pay. "We stand with science."  Like a boot on your throat.  According to DrugWatch: A Huffington Post investigation called J&J “America’s most admired lawbreaker.” That must have been MANY years ago, before HuffPo became HuphPo.







Gary Ogden

Kim: Totally cool to see your cameo in the We Say No video!

Shelley Tzorfas

Vaccine maker's can obtain Tumorigenic Aborted Human Fetal Cell DNA, Neurologically damaging Aluminum, Cancer causing Formaldehyde to stick into their needles while being granted a Liability free status. When you get Alzheimer's from the Aluminum, Tumors from the Fetal Cell DNA, or cancer from the Formaldehyde, they are Free from responsibility. They can stick out their tongues and say "Ahh.."

Michael S.

Nice tweet, Kim. Thanks for being awake.

Bob Moffit

@ Laura regarding your comment on the pharmaceutical companies … indeed … there is ample evidence today this corrupt industry can .. and .. should be … PROSECUTED UNDER THE RACKETEERING INFLUENCING CORRUPT ORGANIZATIONS ACT (RICO) …

Laura Hayes

What do you get when 9 liars make a promise?

A really big lie of gargantuan proportions.

Trusting the promises of these pharmaceutical companies is akin to trusting 9 mafiosos when they promise they are done threatening, harming, and killing people. No difference at all, actually.

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