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It’s a Shame

ShameOver the many years that we have been ringing the autism alarm at Age of Autism, the most painful realization has been how little anyone in the public eye, government, media, medical field and often worse, friends and family seems to care. “Tsk tsk. A shame. So what’s for supper?”  When your loved one is hurt, or killed, it's more than a shame. It's not acceptable loss. It's a trauma.

I couldn’t help but connect  our experience as parents of vaccine injured children to the media reports that President Trump does not seem to care.

The US president says: 'Well, I think it’s a shame' when asked by a White House reporter about the 200,000 coronavirus deaths in the US – a fifth of the global total and the highest of any country worldwide. He claims the US could have had 2.5 million deaths 'if we didn't do it properly'. Source The Guardian

The reports are all similar, that the President is showing a callous disregard toward some 200,000 Americans dead. Callous disregard - sounds familiar doesn't it? The reports cry out that 200,000 is too high. It could have been prevented. Perhaps. And if your loved one has died, 1 is too high.

No matter your thoughts on the COVID  lockdown or the number of deaths reported (too high or too low) aren't you intrigued and enraged at how the world has changed so fast for a viral pandemic while ignoring the autism epidemic that has ravaged far more than 200,000?  This doesn't mean we write off the deaths, when we know all too well that when tragedy hits home, the statistics cease to matter. 

We’ve been living the Covid existence some of us for in the autism world for 20 or more years.  Social distance? We call it "No friends, and family won't tolerate us at Thanksgiving." Virtual learning? We call it 20 years of PBS kids, Nick Jr and YouTube.  Can't leave the house without hand sanitizer and a mask? We pack diaper wipes and toddler toys that haven't been made for 15 years.

I’d like some outrage for autism.  I suppose it's why Age of Autism still exists. We can't stop telling the world about the epidemic. To do so would be a shame.


Jill in MI

I sent an e-mail request to Del Bigtree's team and also to Children's Health Defense (RFK JR.). This is what I got back from CHD:

Hi Jill,
Not that I would trust what CNN would have to say about this but hope this helps. Laura,Control%20and%20Prevention%20said%20Monday.

The CDC does regular surveys of autism in children, based on medical reports, information from parents, and schools. The most recent, in 2016, found that 1.85% of 8-year-olds were identified as having autism. That's 1 in 54 8-year-olds.
(BTW New Jersey is 1 in 35)

A new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which uses research by Rutgers University, shows a significant increase in the percentage of 4-year-old children with autism spectrum disorder in New Jersey.
The study found the rate increased 43 percent from 2010 to 2014 in the state.
The report, released April 11, found that about one in 59 children has autism. New Jersey's rate was the highest of the states studied: one in 35. That puts the national rate of autism at 1.7 percent of the childhood population and New Jersey's autism rate at 3 percent.

The first US study of autism in adults estimates that 2.2% of Americans adults have an autism spectrum condition.
That adds up to 5.4 million people age 18 and older, or about 1 in 45 people, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Monday.

--So this is a projected number. They still LOVE to deal with percentages which again hides the actual damage. Still waiting to hear from Del's team. You would not think this was such a tough number to find! (Unless you didn't really want it to be found). And why are these numbers FOUR years old? Based on school records alone, they should have more up to date info. Round and round and round we go.


You are not the first person to wonder about this.
Many have voiced that question in many of the comments through out the years.

This prompted Mark Blaxill to write this article, titled: What did the CDC know and when did they know it.

Ya see, we just can't get over the fact that they have known this from the very beginning and choose to not only continue --- but to add more vaccines onto the schedule that are all pretty bad.

Maybe, there is something even sinister and wicked going on. Fauci was a room mate in college with Gates for a while, and Gates' Daddy had a real passion for abortion, and depopulation of not dogs and cats, but humans and all that. So it is something many here have thought on and even voiced.



Dr. Orenstein is a key player.

In 1978 he was investigating the over 19% measles vaccine failure. His case study concluded that it wasn't the vaccine failing, but an age issue. The vaccine was previously administered at 12- 14 months. This age produced the most failures. They concluded that age 15 months was the magic number. 95% efficacy!

Measles Vaccine Efficacy: Influence of Age at Vaccination vs. Duration of Time Since Vaccination
James D. Shelton, John E. Jacobson, Walter A. Orenstein, Kenneth F. Schulz and H. Denny Donnell
Pediatrics December 1978, 62 (6) 961-964

"To evaluate the recent decision of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practice to increase the recommended age for initial measles vaccination from 12 to 15 months, we carried out a case control study of vaccine failure in a recent measles epidemic. Compared to children vaccinated at ages 15 months or older, we found an increased risk of vaccine failure among those vaccinated at 12 to 14 months (relative risk = 19.2, 95% confidence interval = 4.6 to 80.1). In order to sort out the influence of age at vaccination from elapsed time since vaccination, we subjected the data to discrminant analysis. Age at vaccination subsumed all of the effect of duration of time since vaccination. Thus, we find no evidence of waning immunity over time."

But by 2015, the age standard changed again. Why?

CDC Measles Vaccination Rule Has Left Millions of Vaccinated Americans Without Protection


Jill; I don't think it was that late as 1987.
Try looking at the year 1974.
That was the year they developed that Expanded Programme on Immunization

Barbara Loe Fisher in 1976 well knew, as she watched her son regress that year. She watched him sit in his rocking chair right after a DPT vaccine and witnessed the results of brain swelling and then he went to sleep. A sleep she could not awaken him from. All this was going on as I sat in my college class room, and listen to Raymond Otero tell me about mistaken parents. That was also the year of the swine flu vaccine.

By 1982 Barbara Loe was busy with trying to tell the world what had happened and I was clueless. That was the year I watched my daughter develop serum sickness 7 weeks after her 4th DPT vaccine only they called it Kawasaki disease.

By 1986 so many parents had sued and won, that the poor vaccine manufacturers had to threaten Congress that they would quit if they did not get some protection.

I wonder what a programmeeeeee is anyway.

Jill in MI

Emma - Nice promotion for Dr. Orenstein! Co-author with Plotkin and Offit. Well, it's friends all around. I wonder if they all have secret decoder rings? Global Health polio eradication for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - How's that workin' for him now? I think India folded up the welcome mat for the Gates Foundation. I have never even heard of this man, but if you are the director of the U.S. immunization program from 1988-2004 and completely missed the growing tsunami of autism cases mirroring the uptick in vaccines promoted and given, well let's just say the welcome mat at my house is also not available.


"Who was head of the CDC at the time?"

@Jill in MI

Check this out:

Dr. Walter Orenstein
"Prior to 2004, Dr. Orenstein worked for 26 years in the Immunization Program at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. From 1988-2004, he was the Director of the United States Immunization Program. He is a former Assistant Surgeon General of the USPHS. Dr. Orenstein successfully developed, promoted, facilitated and expanded new vaccination strategies to enhance disease prevention."

"From 2008 through 2011, Dr. Orenstein was Deputy Director for Immunization Programs in the Vaccine Delivery department of the Global Health Program at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. His primary focus at the foundation had been on polio eradication, measles control, and improving routine immunization programs. Between 2004 and 2008, he was a Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics at Emory University, Associate Director of the Emory Vaccine Center and Director of the Emory Program on Vaccine Policy and Development among other responsibilities."

"Walter A. Orenstein, MD, is a Professor of Medicine, Epidemiology, Global Health, and Pediatrics, as well as Associate Director of the Emory Vaccine Center and Director of the Emory Program on Vaccine Policy and Development having returned to Emory University in October 2011."

"Dr. Orenstein has authored and co-authored numerous books, journals and reviews. Along with Stanley Plotkin, MD and Paul Offit, MD, Dr. Orenstein co-edited Vaccines, 6th edition in 2013 – the leading textbook in the field. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Infectious Diseases Society of America and the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society. In 2006, he was elected to the Institute of Medicine. He is a past Chair of the WHO’s Poliomyelitis Technical Consultative Group. He served as the Chair of the National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC) under the National Vaccine Program Office (NVPO) in the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) from 2011 to 2016. He is also currently a member of the World Health Organization’s Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) on Immunization Polio Working Group."

Jill in MI

Emmaphiladelphia - "So about 3 cases/ 10,000 BEFORE 1990 (1987). With so few cases, what triggered the CDC to spend time and money to surveil in 1996? Now that the numbers have increased every year since 1987, THEY COULD CARE LESS!"

Do you think someone on the inside started asking questions? Damage control? Who was head of the CDC at the time? Geberding? Is this when they started with the "better diagnosing" mantra? Was someone using the Vaccine Safety Datalink seeing a trend? Simpsonwood wasn't until 2000. We got into this game in 1993 per the Hep B shot. It seems that someone was getting cold feet in 1996.


@Jill in MI

Here's another interesting CDC Table:
"Identified Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder
ADDM Network 2000-2016 Combining Data from All Sites"

You will notice that it begins with the birth year 1992- 5 years after the introduction of the 1987 un-safety tested new liability-free vaccine schedule with the added experimental bioengineered Hep B vaccine for infants on day of birth and containing 25mg of mercury and an aluminum adjuvant. The 1987 birth year cohort would have been entering kindergarten that year and the autism numbers would be showing up and noticed, thus triggering the 2000 study. They knew something was up. The ASD rate went from 1 in 150 in 2000 to 1 in 54 16 years later! This is not genetic.

In light of the above statistics, here is an article from Dec. 31, 2002, "CDC: Autism Rates Higher Than Thought"

"CDC investigators have tracked autism cases in the metropolitan Atlanta area since 1996, finding that 34 children per 10,000 either have autism or disorders linked to it. That is far higher than the average estimate of roughly three autism cases per 10,000 children in studies conducted in the U.S. before 1990. But it is in line with another recently reported CDC investigation from New Jersey and studies from the United Kingdom and Canada.

The Atlanta surveillance is the first ongoing investigation of autism within a population in the United States, but the CDC has recently begun to track autism cases at a dozen other sites around the country. CDC epidemiologist Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp, MD, who led the Atlanta investigation, tells WebMD that the new surveillance network will provide a much better picture of the true incidence of autism within the U.S."

So about 3 cases/ 10,000 BEFORE 1990 (1987). With so few cases, what triggered the CDC to spend time and money to surveil in 1996? Now that the numbers have increased every year since 1987, THEY COULD CARE LESS!

Jill in MI

Thank you Emmaphiladelphia for the info. Starting with Yazbak's charts, I proceeded down the rabbit hole which led me to the IDEA website for Special Ed. Lots and lots of numbers. Some states were not included. They only have child count information from ages 6-21 and then only up until 2005 (unless I have not read far enough). I am looking for a total number of children/young adults/adults who have the diagnosis of autism in the U.S. Pulling a number out of my head - could it possibly be 1.2 million? Many of the charts only use percentages. I did send an e-mail to The Highwire yesterday with this question. I will report back with their response.

P.S. I just finished watching the latest Highwire episode. Del's comments while eating popcorn as a sidebar to the Rand Paul/Fauci "discussion" was hilarious!


@Jill in MI, Benedetta

Here are some archived autism statistics from 1990-1998. The numbers are quite telling. I believe 1987 is ground zero for the Autism explosion. This is the year the new "improved" LIABILITY FREE vaccine schedule was launched in most states. For the first time, the schedule included a new bioengineered Hepatitis B vaccine given to newborns on the day of birth, which contained 25mg of mercury and an aluminum adjuvant.

Laura Hayes

Corrected link for my 5th link posted below:

Laura Hayes

More for America's Hall of Shame. Below is an email I just sent to my email group.

Subject: What America Has Become...

3 people in ID arrested for not wearing masks at outdoor worship event:

Fox coverage of same atrocity:

Woman in OH tased and arrested for not wearing a mask at an outdoor middle-school football game:

Meanwhile, those committing real and violent crimes, such as the massive destruction of property and the harming of others, are permitted to destroy and harm away (e.g. And don't forget that thousands of prisoners have been released before their sentences were completed, including violent criminals, some of whom are already committing more crimes ( to be replaced by those who would dare to sing worship songs and watch sporting events without their faces ridiculously and dangerously covered.

Still complying? Then welcome to your new America.

In disgust,

"The Catastrophic Costs of Complying" by Laura Hayes


Jill if you get an answer and a number let me know.

Jill in MI

Benedetta - Thank you for the information. I guess they only keep "good" numbers on the pandemic they are using for their own agenda. Autism is just one of the uncomfortable side affects of their vaccine agenda. Those pesky side affects!

I wonder if RFK Jr. has any solid info. I believe I heard him say that there are now 60,000 new cases of autism diagnosed each year. And then we get into the ridiculousness of separating different types of "spectrum." Of course they don't do that with childhood cancer or childhood diabetes. What a shell game.

I am going to send an e-mail to The Highwire and see if Del and his team have any solid info. It is really heartening to me to see so many people flat out saying they will never get this CoVid vaccine. When I hear people using the words "herd immunity" in the "community immunity" sense, I almost faint. And then to hear Offit and Peter Hotez warning people about vaccine induced immunopathology, trials not being done properly, comparing results to a placebo group, etc. (Ha! NOW you're worried), I have to pinch myself to see if I am dreaming. Maybe it had to come to this to get people to see the greed/hidden agenda behind vaccine development. We shall see.

Again, thank you Kim for manning the wheel of our community. Age of Autism is the first thing I read in the morning with my hot tea. Bless you.

s k isaacs

Kim, thank you for another heartwrenching and insightful post. You inspire me to be stronger, to be a warrior.

Benedetta, thank you for reminding us of the data from the 80's and 90's that, for some reason, is very hard to find. Why are these numbers usually left off the prevalence charts - even within our own community? The reporting of the exponential increase must include these earlier figures.
Here are the numbers reported by the CDC that - like most charts - doesn't reference any years before 2000. I kindly ask that AOA provide a simple post that charts data starting in the 1980s, please. 1:10000 to 1:35 is a very different picture than 1:250 to 1:35. We need to see all the data, present the graph to anyone who will look, and keep reporting despite the callous disregard.

And yes, I would like to have someone tell me how many total diagnosed in the US. I am afraid to see the number, but we need to know.

I was a teacher in the 90s; I did not have students with autism.
Now I am at home - socially distant for years - with my own teenager on the spectrum.

Donna L.

Amen! Thank you, Kim.

susan welch

Excellent post expressing what so many of us feel.

Thank you for this post - and thank you, too, for all the articles and comments that make up a wonderful community.

Tim Lundeen

The true COVID death numbers in the US are in the 5,000 to 15,000 range.

The "public heath" measures (lockdowns, social distancing, terror campaign) cost far more lives than COVID. Just in France, excess deaths from these were 30,000.

A. Franklin

I love AGE OF AUTISM. Thank you for always being there so we don't feel so alone.


I have looked and looked at this too Jill.

I too wonder Jill?

At this time it is really impossible to really know.

First because it is a rapid changing number as it increases.

I myself have been around long enough to watch a show on "Quincy" the 1970s, and trying to figure out what was wrong with artistic people -- oh autistic ---- 1 in 10,000 at that time; maybe!? by the 1980s was 1:300 according to Harris Coulter and Barbara Loe Fisher, by the 90s it was higher, 1; 199, by CDC own -- figures. It has continued to rise since then; New Jersey that has the best monitoring system, and South Korea both agree that is is about 1 out of 35 for a very, very long time; several decades. Even Utah has it at that number.

Vaccine injury equates with much more that autism. All are hidden form the consciousness and awareness of the American people, such as autoimmune diseases, and immune problems in general and that is thyroid and diabetes. Mental health as well. Not all injuries end up as autism.

But the CDC whose real job is to monitor health trends and keep stats, but they got into the ream of vaccine making and best buddies with pharma. NIMH changed the way to diagnose autism back a few years ago, no doubt to hide just this one mental problem from the view of the American people. So now we have a DSM book that separates the autism diagnosis into communication and social problems.

We don't know because we are as usual being lied to.

Jill in MI

Does anyone know how many kids/adults have been diagnosed with autism in the US? Just looking for a good ballpark figure. It seems when I do talk about autism, it is still looked at as very rare (even though everyone knows "someone" with autism). Has there ever been an acknowledged number? Thank you.

Bob Moffit

I suspect .. with valid reason .. POLITICS .. PURE AND SIMPLE .. are the reason our media characterizes the deaths attributed to the Covid PANDEMIC are due to President Trump's "callous disregard" .. and .. unfortunately it's not just the media our public health bureaucracies are equally driven by POLITICS … consider attack on HDC when there are literally thousands of doctors worldwide that report HDC given early and in proper doses has SAVED LIVES. If not politics .. why has Fauci taken such a hard line against HDC while at the same time recommending a far more expensive .. less examined new drug .. Remdesivir?

Indeed .. I would suggest POLITICS is also the reason our AoA community has been struggling for TWENTY YEARS … TWO FULL DECADES .. to get even a smidgen of the Covid PANDEMIC coverage for our damaged kids .. hundreds of thousands of them worldwide … it is pure POLITICS that has prevented and denied public health agencies from pronouncing AUTISM THE PANDEMIC IT IS .. POLITICS THAT CONTINUES TO AVOID VAX V UNVAX STUDY TO IDENTIFY IF VAXXED POPULATION IS LESS HEALTHY THAN NON-VAXXED.


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