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By Cathy Jameson

A few years ago we added a toddler-friendly gizmo to the car seat Ronan was using.  It's a plush strap cover that has a bear head on it.  I hated to have to add the strap cover, but with how Ronan wiggled in his car seat, it was an extra layer of soft fabric over the thin seat belt material. CJ bear

Let's just say that Ronan didn’t love it.  Besides it being something new for him to get used to, Ronan especially didn't love the bear head that was sewn on the strap.  After he tried to yank it off several times, I cut it off and brought it inside to the kitchen.

The same day that I put the strap cover on Ronan's car seat was the same day that I was asked a slew of questions about my kids' health.  It was a friendly conversation and also third one I'd had on the topic in less than a week.  During the three conversations, I was asked my thoughts about vaccines.  Funny that so many of the conversations I have lead back to that subject.  

I am happy to be a source of information, but it made me sad.  These people, who were each well-educated experts in their field, were concerned about diseases but confused about vaccines.  As knowledgeable as they were about other topics, they lacked enough information to be able to come to a solid decision about what to do.  I could hear their concern in their voices and in the questions they did not ask their doctor but instead asked me.  Their doctors said, 'Here, your child needs this shot.  Get it.' 

But their doctor didn't stick around to talk about the vaccine excipients.  

They didn't explain the risks of vaccination or share what side effects to look for.  

They didn't offer advice should an adverse reaction occur. 

The longer our conversations went, the more I realized how very little their doctors did to fully inform their patients.  Some people prefer to blindly trust what they are told.  Remember, I was that person at one time, too.  But I think if someone is being asked to be a partner in a medical decision, they must be presented with a lot more information than what each of these three people had been offered.  Because some patients are not being treated as partners, some facts about vaccines bear repeating.  

Happy to repeat that information no matter who reaches out to me for help, I like NVIC’s Ask 8. A conversation starter, I've suggested people ask their provider that list of questions when vaccines are first brought up.  Of course many more links, books, and websites exist and can be read, studied, and cited.  I thought this next list, which I happened to stumble upon after that third vaccine conversation that one week, was very thorough.  

From Natural Immunity Community:  

Question to ask your Pediatrician before you allow them to vaccinate your healthy newborn.


Can you show me any studies regarding infant vaccines being tested directly on infants, and comparing the observations to non-vaccinated infants? There are none, those studies have never been done.

Can you show me any studies regarding childhood vaccines being tested directly on children, and comparing the observations to non-vaccinated children? There are none, those studies have never been done.

Can you show me any studies that prove giving more than one vaccine at a time has been proven safe? There are none, those studies have never been done.

Can you show me any studies that prove that the current vaccine schedule is safe? There are none, those studies have never been done.

Can you show me any studies which prove that the vaccines recommended for pregnant women, have been tested on pregnant women? There are none, those studies have never been done.

Can you show me any studies that prove that vaccinated children are healthier and don't get the targeted diseases, compared to un-vaccinated children? There are none, those studies have never been done by a government or vaccine maker.

Can you show me any studies that prove that the heavy metal preservatives in vaccines (mercury and aluminum) have been proven safe for infants, children or adults? There are none, those studies have never been done.

Can you show me the studies where vaccinated people were exposed to the targeted virus, to prove that vaccinated people don't acquire the targeted disease when the targeted virus enters their system? There are none, those studies have never been done.

Can you show me the studies that follow a group of vaccinated people, after they leave the hospital or doctor's office, which proves that people who get vaccines don't fall ill after the shot? There are none, those studies have never been done.

Can you show me the studies where vaccines were compared to any modality of healthy living (like sleep, exercise, water, vitamins, eating organic vegetables etc) for effects on immunity? There are none, those studies have never been done.

Can you explain to me doctor, in a logical way, why antibody production, after vaccine injection, is the only proof needed to prove a vaccine works, even though many incidents exist where a vaccinated person does produce disease specific antibodies yet still gets the targeted disease, and sometimes dies from that exact disease? Can you explain this highly irrational concept, that a vaccine is considered effective when it produces antibodies and not because the vaccinated person was tested against the target virus, and declared more immune than a non vaccinated person?

If you were the government and wanted to prove once and for all that vaccines work, wouldn't you survey vaccinated people after they're vaccinated, to prove they're healthier, that they don't get sick in general and don't get the targeted disease?

What about surveying sick people with say the flu, when they enter the hospital? Wouldn't it be a slam dunk to announce that everyone entering the hospital in 2014-2015, who had the flu, were un-vaccinated? Why do you think your government avoids doing these simple surveys? The governments (ruling families) don't do these studies because the already know what's happening......because they've designed what's happening.

You are free to awaken at any time.

Like other parents whose children have been harmed by liability-free vaccines, I am asked about vaccines quite a bit.  I don't claim to know everything about them.  I don’t.  I will share as much I do know, though, as well as what I have personally experienced.  That part is easy.  The hard part falls back on the parent—deciding what to do with information they’ve learned.  That’s up to them.  It's with the hope that whoever is asking me questions will continue to read, search, and then be confident in whatever vaccine decision they end up making.  My other hope is that the parents get the final say in the process, not their doctor and not the government either.  

After repeating my suggestions to that third concerned parent, when I hung up the phone I walked through the kitchen.  There was that little bear head that I'd just cut off of Ronan's strap.  It's a happy little bear, but it wasn't happily received by Ronan.  Had Ronan never been injured, he wouldn't need that silly bear strap cover.  

Had Ronan never been injured...

But he was.  And I've learned a great deal because of it.  Over the years other people have recognize that.  So when that phone rings again, and when the parent on the other end is desperately looking for answers, I'll repeat a promise I made to myself:  to answer that call and help.  

As unbearable as it sometimes is to talk about Ronan's vaccine injury, I promise that I will help.  To share our story one more time.  To send those links one more time.  To speak up one more time.  To remind them it should be no one else's decision to make but theirs.  And to let them know that they can avoid what I did not.  

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism. 



Excellent commentary - so grateful you continue to advocate for parents.

BTW re Justice Clarence Thomas & Monsanto, for whom he worked in 1977-1979
There is no rule requiring a Supreme Court justice to recuse himself or herself from a case involving a former employer. The bright-line rules of 28 U.S.C. § 455(b) require recusal when a justice has “serves as lawyer in the matter in controversy,” § 455(b)(2), which would not apply to Justice Thomas’s involvement in the two Monsanto cases. (Roundup Ready didn’t come out until two decades after Justice Thomas left Monsanto.) And there’s never been a suggestion that Justice Thomas holds stock or options or an ESOP or other security that would disqualify him under § 455(b)(4).
More generally, a justice is required to “disqualify himself in any proceeding in which his impartiality might reasonably be questioned.” § 455(a). That doesn’t apply to Justice Thomas and Monsanto. Brief employment in the distant past can’t possibly be disqualifying in the absence of a continuing relationship, since justices routinely hear cases involving administrations that they’ve recently worked for. (E.g., Justice Kagan, Justice Rehnquist, both Justices Marshall, Justice Douglas.)


Excellent list of questions, Cathy. I only wish I had asked them in 1987, 1996, 1997, and 2000. I was so brainwashed that vaccines were safe and necessary, that I overrode my maternal instincts to protect my children. I could write a book about the ensuing repercussions.
Thank you for fighting the good fight!

Shelley Tzorfas

"If you were the government.."" Our so called government is now a bunch of people that freely market vaccines. Payments are received in many cases in EXCHANGE for taking away parents rights to say No to vaccines for their children on the bases of their Religious, Philosophical or Medical beliefs. As more and more rights are removed, people don't see the connection with the upcoming Forced Adult vaccines because once all rights are removed for children then all rights are removed for adults too. You are beginning to hear University professors, health professionals, Fauci and his buddy Gates say life will not return to normal until EVERYONE is vaccinated. Not just any vaccine, but an experimental potion-never seen before-that will use RNA and change people somewhat into GMO's; Genetically Modified Organisms. A financial dream come true for Gates who pushes GMO's and vaccines, a real double header!. Monsanto even sat on the Supreme Court as Clarence Thomas was a lawyer for Monsanto according to what I read. The industries that will benefit are the maker's of Neurotoxic Aluminum, Cancer Causing Formaldehyde, Tumorigenic Aborted Human Fetal Cell DNA, Peanut oil manufacturers, labs that kill dogs for their Kidney cells (Cocker Spaniel Cells) and a long list of other poisons.
The upcoming elections to my mind are rigged. Kamala Harris's husband is said to have been a Merck attorney. That is great for them. We are already transforming into the "United States of Pharmaceuticals." I read several times that up to 83% of our vaccines are made-in-China. It poses the question of Who Owns US?

Bob Moffit

"If you were the government and wanted to prove once and for all that vaccines work, wouldn't you survey vaccinated people after they're vaccinated, to prove they're healthier, that they don't get sick in general and don't get the targeted disease?"

I find it impossible to believe a pediatrician who has been caring for CHILDREN his entire career .. some for DECADES .. yet these doctors do not see a general deterioration in the general health of today's children .. arguably the unhealthiest generation in world history? In my own family I have experience TWO generations of vaccine injuries … the first my then 4 year old daughter and ITP (immune thrombocytopenia) resulting in the surgical removal of her spleen .. rendering her vulnerable for the remainder of her life … and … my second grandson (now 20) who was diagnosed autistic at the tender age of 2.


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