COVID Vaccine Placebo Isn't Always a Textbook Placebo
National Medical Association Members Question CoVax But What About MMR

I CDC Your True Colors

True colorsThe organization trusted to tell every parent how and when to vaccinate their precious babies and children is "suddenly" making mistakes.  Why? Because of COVID-exhaustion and rational thought taking over? Because this is President Trump's CDC and therefore suspect in every area as the nation's politics turns poisonous?  Because  Americans have a much sharper understanding of the level of control CDC has over their lives? We've known this for decades, as CDC has created, exacerbated and ignored the autism epidemic.

Media outlets are reporting on a CDC error, CDC stumbles again, mistakenly posting 'draft' guidance on airborne Covid spread.

By Erika Edwards - CNBC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has walked back information posted on its website just three days ago, which stated Covid-19 can spread through aerosolized droplets.

The CDC now says Friday's guidance was posted "in error," and that new information will be issued shortly. The move is yet another misstep for the nation's leading public health agency, which recently reversed its guidance for the second time on testing asymptomatic people for the coronavirus....



Laura Hayes

The CDC cannot be trusted on or with anything, most especially with regard to your children and your family’s health.

Now, for someone worth listening to for 25 minutes, here is Dr. Michael Gaeta from Boulder, CO:


The Lancet has published the Russian two part vaccine’s action (in healthy individuals). What appears to be missing is data for individuals who contract Covid-19 before they get the second shot 3 weeks later. The first shot only induces binding antibodies. Should these binding antibodies start binding to actual SARS CoV-2 viruses, the macrophages will envelope them (as they should) but could then themselves become infected and breed more viruses (an phenomenon called Antibody Dependant Enhancement). You will not be fully immune (?) until the second shot has induced ‘neutralizing’ antibodies in sufficient quantities. It is these neutralizing antibodies which break apart the viron, rendering it non-viable and unable to replicate. The only work looking at Antibody Dependant Enhancement exists as unpublished animal data. A lack of transparency on the very problem of consern.

So say one dutifully receives the first shot but every time one goes for the second, the delivery van has either had an unfortunate accident yet again on the way to you or the vaccine fridge has broken down yet again, or your name doesn’t appear on that days list or the gas stations have been closed for a week and travel to the vaccination centre is impossible or you’re being held in a camp as a suspected subversive… you get the picture.


I'm hoping for an October Covid 19 Vaccine Surprise- Warp Factor 10 Scottie!
Trump has the political and legal power to do it.

Pharma is traumatized right now. They don't want their Covid 19 Cat let out of the bag before elections.
Currently, they are telling us how dangerous their untested RUSHED vaccines are. Trump has made them tell the truth. LOL! The citizens are awakened.

BTW, Russia will be shipping their approved Covid 19 vaccines in October......

Shelley Tzorfas

A Private- For Profit- Corporation Calling all the Shots and making numerous Errors as people die from their incompetence...

Bob Moffit

Our Covid PANDEMIC has finally accomplished what AoA community has been trying to accomplish since the very beginning so many DECADES ago .. we have been warning that public health career bureaucrats have rendered our critical federal regulatory agencies .. CDC, FDA, HHS, NIH, WHO, on and on .. UNTRUSTWORTHY AND HIGHLY POLITICIZED … far more invested what is best for THEM .. such as .. VACCINES … rather than what is best for the HEALTH OF THE PEOPLE THEY ARE SWORN TO PROTECT.

All evidence seems to reveal the COVID PANDEMIC has been POLITICIZED .. decisions are made and changed routinely … causing great confusion and fear in the world .. masks don't work .. masks work .. all the while seeking greater and greater power for politicians and public health professionals .. such as … Dr Fauci .. they have made decisions discrediting and preventing TREATMENTS of COVID in what appears to be a pre-determined DELAY, DENY, HOPE THEY DIE strategy … thereby prolonging the PANDEMIC until they can receive the BILLIONS OF DOLLARS a vaccine promises them.


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