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What are you hidingBy  Cathy Jameson

We’ve been told that a severe adverse event has occurred during AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine trial. Not much has been shared yet about what the transverse-myelitis injury entails except that the trial has been halted and that an investigation is underway. You won’t find that kind of quick response when an individual reacts negatively to a vaccine that's already on the market. In fact, it won’t make the sort of news that AstraZeneca is getting at all. People are lucky if their doctor believes them let alone sees them write a press release about it.

When vaccine injuries happen with FDA-approved, liability-free vaccines, Americans are out of luck. That’s because:

- vaccines come with no warranty

- consumers have the right to get vaccines, but they have no recourse when a vaccine fails or causes injury or death

- documented side effects and adverse events, including death, are listed on package inserts of vaccines produced, sold, and administered in the United States, but

- pharmaceutical companies,  and those who administer their products, aren’t held legally responsible for vaccine products or what happens after vaccines have been administered, and because

- pharmaceutical companies are the priority, never the consumers.

Consumers may file a claim. They may do that anytime they suspect an injury and if they can prove that one of the following events has happened.

CJ Vaccine Injury Table




Further explanation of the Vaccine Injury Table can be found on the HRSA.gov website.  Having that information prior to choosing to vaccinate is important. Even so, the federal government does not assure their citizens that they will receive any compensation for adverse events, no matter how severe.

It should be noted that a COVID vaccine is not yet listed on the Vaccine Injury Table. When one is developed and approved by the FDA, it may fall under the final listing found on page 4, "XVII. Any new vaccine recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for routine administration to children, after publication by the Secretary of a notice of coverage." Time will tell if it will be included. [Note: Table injuries can be changed as is evident on this Notice of Proposed Rulemaking document.  The most recent call for review is currently underway with a comment period ending January 12, 2021.]

At least AstraZeneca knew to put the brakes on their studies. “This is not anything really unexpected…” Dr. Atlas also said that this isn't something to be alarmed about and that this is exactly why we are doing the trials in the first place. "People should be assured by this," he said.  It may look like the public’s health is top priority, but it really isn't. I don’t think it can be when billions of dollars are being made and when some of the public will be forced to take a rushed vaccine they do not want, need, or trust.

Pharmaceutical companies understand the hesitancy and the significant concerns people have communicated about a COVID-19 vaccine. Maybe that’s why nine companies took a pledge stating that they’d “stand with science”  and would follow "high ethical standards and sound scientific principles…"  Most businesses don’t need to make pledges like that because being honest and standing behind a product is naturally a best practice. For those companies to say they’ll do the right thing is a nice gesture. But I doubt their sincerity.

That’s because pledge or no pledge, the Act of 1986 shields pharmaceutical companies, including the other ones (HERE) who did not make a pledge. For decades, the law has been on their side. This added COVID-specific protection  will also only help them.

Imagine if the millions of people who may eventually receive any one of the future COVID-19 vaccines had a fraction of the protection companies have already been guaranteed. That product protection is a sure thing. So are the huge payouts that have already happened.

Focusing on profits  while being allowed to skip over vital parts of the process is bad business.  Making fast deals while skirting long-standing industry standards, these COVID-19 vaccines are a wild card. I’d seriously be a fool to want to get one.

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.



Kay Fabe

Pledges can be broke especially if you invoke Kol Nidrei or even without doing so. Lying to the people is not a crime. At worst they get a fine, which is the cost of doing business and factored into the pricing. These companies have no morals and no liability. A deadly combination

Thats a pretty skimpy list of adverse events with ridiculously short times that they no doubt pulled out of their pants on the fly.


Benedetta when I saw "Pledge" at the beginning of your comment, my second thought was of Pledge, the furniture polish which is great at removing finger prints. Unfortunately, Pledge or pledge cannot remove the stench of Pharma.

Jerry Martinez

Great points made. I tell folks if you get a bad set of tires from Firestone or discount tire, and it results in injury to you or a love one you can sue them where it hurts, not so with childhood vaccines. Sol. Love how the "expert "MDs" will say vaccine injury is so rare, believe me its only rare if it doesn't happen to you or a loved one. Once it does, this rare injury for the greater good lasts a life time. They can keep their poisonous needles, my family and I will pass.


Pledge or not, they will screw us. IT is a given!
Trump keeps saying the things we came out of already therapeutics is fantastic!

Well, I want hydroxychloroquine, But Quercin will do I suppose.


There is nothing makes me lose peace in my mind, makes it hard for me to go to sleep, makes me want to hunt up the some body and beat them to a bloody pulp when they indicate that vaccine injuries are from those poor mistaken parents.

After we have watched most often multiple reaction every time we vaccinate, and usually more than one child. In fact we already are under the heavy yoke of guilt of being so very stupid to take so long, witnessed so many incidences after each vaccine to become those poor, mistaken (antivaxxers) no really regretting vaccinating parents.

Right now guys, I am wanting to hunt up a high school buddy that took up the whole page in my senior year book with her picture, sitting in a chair, holding some flowers with Basketball Queen over her picture. She said some things, not near as bad as I have had things said to me; but she let me know that her resume as bachelor in science and her work in the field of health care that she knew more that Del Bigtree whom she never listened to; Oh but she did read some where from the real experts he was a fraud.

I was too harsh with her. I should have prayed first; to say the right things to make her one with us. One of the sea of glass mingled with fire. But I got just a bit too much fire.

Bob Moffit

"When vaccine injuries happen with FDA-approved, liability-free vaccines, Americans are out of luck."

Right on Kathy … the one thing we can be certain of when it comes to developing a Covid vaccine at warp speed .. there will be some at HIGH RISK ADVERSE REACTIONS .. while some others may BENEFIT from the vaccine … but … that RISK-BENEFIT RATIO WILL REMAIN UNKNOWN FOR DECADES AFTER THIS VACCINE IS MARKETED.



If a government representative or agency publicly recommends (aka advertises) a vaccine, there should be a stipulation which requires that the known side effects be stated as well, just as when any other drug on the market is advertised.

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