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Happy Birthday to an Age of Autism Hero: Andy Wakefield

Andy Wakefield BirthdayPlease join us in wishing Dr. Andy Wakefield a very happy (1 day belated) birthday. Andy has never given up on the health of children around the world, no matter the crushing cost to him personally. In a world where one's word can mean so little, where money talks and the shortcut is the well worn path, Andy stands almost alone. If his colleagues had a smidgen of his courage, the autism epidemic may have been halted years ago.

Please visit his new movie's site at 1986 The Act  and 1986 the Act's Facebook page



Thank you Dr Andrew Wakefield , When you have been left feeling about as popular as a vege stock cube at a meat only barbecue /well stuff that ,happy birthday from the burns department !
Apparenly haggis is banned in America /not fit for human consimption /
Ach well, not available in the hospital canteens, but the poem is !
Tae a feart
oh what a sleekit horrible beastie
lurks in your belly efter the feastie
just as ye sit doon among yer kin
there sterts to stir an anormous wind
the neeps and tatties and mushy haggis
start working like a gentle breeze
but soon the puddin wi the saunci face
will have ya blawing all over the place
nae matter whit the hell ye dae
a'bodys gonnae have tae pae
even if ye try tae stifle
it's like a bullet oot a rifle
hawd yer bum tight tae the chair
tae try and stop the leaking air
shifty yerse fae cheek tae cheek
prae tae god it disnae reek
but aw yer efforts go asunder
oot it comes like a clap a thunder
ricochets aroon the room
michty me asonic boom
god almighty it fairly reeeks
hope i huvny s..t my breeks
tae the bog i better scurry
aw whit the hell ,it's no ma worry
a'body roon about me chockin
wan or two are nearly boking
i'll feel better for a while
cannae help but raise a smile
wis him! i shout with acussin glower
alas too late he's just keeled ower
ye dirty bugger they shout and stare
a dinny feel welcome any mair

where e're ye go let yer wind gan' free
whit a fuss at rabbie's perty
ower the sake o one wee ferty! anon


Happy Birthday Dr. Wakefield!
Your personal integrity and sacrifice for the scientific truth and in defense of millions of vaccine injured or killed children cannot be overestimated.
Thank you with all my heart. You are a true hero of our times and a shining example of humanity for the parents, physicians, scientists and general populace.
God bless you and your family.

Jenny Allan

Grace " your suggestion that I don't stand up against the loss of our rights is defamation."
I NEVER suggested such a thing and I will forgive you for suggesting I condoned those vile persons who ran the Nazi concentration camps. I am confident the Neuremberg trials punished the right persons. It's important to defend our hard won Nuremberg rights, particularly those currently being eroded slowly but surely. I am aware of the corruption you mention and I do my best to campaign for improvements. I've got documentation too. I know it's hard to get the message through to complacent politicians and 'fat cat high heid yins', but I beieve that change is not only possible but happens, even if it takes many years.

On a different thread and a completely different topic I am presently being attacked by a troll. The tactics are familiar. Instead of addressing my comments, this person is attempting to discredit me by superimposing toxic beliefs I do not have, and toxic actions I have never taken nor ever will. I am sure you would never dream of using such tactics, but we are supposed to be on the same side, the side of humanity and this site is dedicated to all aspects of autism, including support for parents, campaigning and critically evaluating research. You appear to be suggesting AoA discriminates against you.

BTW I remember your Dad, a very fine man, and I remember meeting you and the two little boys your family adopted. I hope you and your family are well.

Grace Green

I have not just been neglected because of having autism (indeed one of my problems is being refused a diagnosis which means I get no services) but I have been abused, assaulted, deliberately poisoned, and had many other attempts on my life, as have my two sons. The perpetrators have been doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, civil servants, lawyers and the courts, as well as private sector organizations and individuals. I and my family have known for years that there is total corruption throughout the public and private sectors yet no-one would listen to us. I have stood up to every sort of threat, from a massive earth-moving vehicle not stopping for me on a single-track road (remember Tiannenman Square? - I was the man in front), through to more than fifty court appearances representing myself, and all of which I have won. So your suggestion that I don't stand up against the loss of our rights is defamation, and I have extensive documentary evidence. You live in my home town, so if you don't believe my story you could easily do some detective work and find out about my family's history. My birth name was Wendy Marshall and my father was Dr. Philip Marshall, PhD, Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology, from 1955 to 1977.

Jenny Allan

Grace-" I was told, in effect, that I didn't belong here because I'm a vaccine injured adult, and you would only stand alongside "parents" and I asked, "So where does that leave Andy Wakefield?"

I am not sure what you are referring to, but I can assure you I am very much on your side on the issues of the neglect of persons with autism, child and adult, and do what I can to help. Most of my letters to Government agencies are either ignored, or responded to with official standard texts, many extolling the research involving amongst other rubbish, the flawed Danish papers involving Poul Thorsen. I have quite a collection.

My own Grandson, who was a part of the Wakefield research, is now an adult, but his bowel problems have been virtually ignored by the NHS. He suffers pain on a daily basis, and one ignorant hospital consultant accused him of making up his epilepsy. She changed her tune after my daughter sent copies of his previous medical notes, (shredded by the hospital).

I will leave Kim & Co to respond to your complaint about AoA only being concerned with parents of autistic children, but that has never been my perception.

Grace Green

Jenny Allan,
So it WAS you! I think you must remember that you and I have had disagreements on here before after I tried to tell the facts about the life-threateningly violent persecution I have experienced for the last forty years at least. Several refused to believe me, which is a bit rich on this website where almost no-one has been believed that their children have been vaccine injured, and I try to take your side. I was told, in effect, that I didn't belong here because I'm a vaccine injured adult, and you would only stand alongside "parents" and I asked, "So where does that leave Andy Wakefield?" So you don't need to say They might come for me next, they already have, and still are. I have no support, and no protection because, unlike Dr. Wakefield I'm not in the public eye. He himself said the CDC whistleblower's life was at risk until he was "outed", yet no-one here makes any attempt to protect me and my sons.

Jenny Allan

Grace- I am NOT saying 'doctors and scientists killing children to save their jobs, not their lives, is OK.'

But we must not condemn persons until we have walked in their shoes. In the US several research scientists have died in unexplained circumstances. Some of them had made discoveries, including possible cancer therapies, which threatened the profits of the pharmaceutical industry. In the UK, an alternative medical practitioner has been hauled before the GMC multiple times, and at least one doctor has lost everything in an attempt to fight multiple legal battles against her. It would have been so easy to promise to be 'good' and walk away, but not everyone has the guts and resources to fight.

It takes courage to stand up for your beliefs in this cruel world. One day they might come for you. if you dare to stand up against the loss of our hard won Neuremberg rights, using a fast diminishing Covid-19 virus as an excuse. A vaccine might well be forced on us and /or our children. I am prepared to go to jail rather than submit to this. Are you?


Happy Birthday Dr. Wakefield. In my opinion you are one of the true heroes in our battle to save our children and I would love to see you get a Noble Prize.

Kay Fabe

“for caving in to the enormous pressure put on them, by powerful government agencies, and pharmaceutical companies.”

You mean they were pressured to take those bonuses and free gifts for maintaining a high vaccination rate?

Put them all on trial

Jerry Martinez

Happy birthday Dr. Wakefield ! Thank you for being a man of courage and resolve. Thank you for fighting for our Sam who will be 14 in a few weeks and became nonverbal at 18 months. God bless you!

Donna L.

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Dr Wakefield!
You should not have to stand virtually alone in your courage to expose what's been done - and what continues to be done - to children worldwide.
With so much gratitude,

susan welch

Happy Birthday, Dr Wakefield. A truly honourable man.

I hope I live long enough to see you vindicated in the mainstream media. It will happen one day.


Happy Birthday Dr. Wakefield !!!

May all your wishes come true.

Angus Files

Happy Birthday Dr Wakefield

As they say Birthdays are good for you ,the people who have the most live the longest..

Hope you had a nice day.

Pharma For Prison


Grace Green

jennifer Allan,
You are saying that although we told the Nazi's who went along with the gas chamber murders in order to save their own lives, that following orders was no excuse, and some of those were executed, doctors and scientists killing children to save their jobs, not their lives, is OK? You feel sorry for them? Many of us who have been poisoned by their vaccines have been struggling to survive on a tiny fraction of what they earn, because of our disabilities. I can't bring myself to sympathize with any of them!

Cherry Misra

There are not many good things about autism, but I would put in the list, A. That it took me down the path that taught me to save myself from American dental destruction (mercury poisoning) and B. it enabled me to retrieve my husband from Alzheimers Disease and C. that I could feel close to those high souls such as Dr. Andrew Wakefield . Happy Birthday Dr. Wakefield ! - name engraved on the white marble wall of the museum of Autism - Cherry Misra


Happy Birthday Dr. Wakefield! Here's to the day when the medical industry learns and then informs us we had it all backwards. It is the rare person who does not have autism.c. Better diagnosing will teach us that 1 in 10,000 do not have autism and that one without autism was never vaccinated.

jennifer Allan

Thanks Kim but I cannot find it in my heart to condemn scientists and clinicians threatened with the loss of their livelihoods and reputations, for caving in to the enormous pressure put on them, by powerful government agencies, and pharmaceutical companies.

Kim for Jenny

Jenny, good morning. I was referring to doctors in general, not the original group. Kim

Jenny Allan

"If his colleagues had a smidgen of his courage, the autism epidemic may have been halted years ago."

Sorry -I cannot agree with this. My Grandson was under the care of Royal Free Clinicians Professors John Walker-Smith and Simon Murch, both of whom stood in the GMC 'dock' with Dr Wakefield under trumped up charges of 'conspiracy' to inflict unnecessary invasive procedures on children in order to conduct research, rather than clinical need. I cannot fault my Grandson's care which almost certainly saved his colon if not his life. We have always been certain the MMR vaccine was to blame. Proper ethical permission was obtained beforehand to obtain 2 extra samples for research. Parents had the option of refusal; their children would still have received the hiighest standards of care. All 3 doctors were found guilty, but Professor Murch was permitted to keep his licence, being junior to Professor Walker-Smith.

It's not widely known in the UK and US, but doctors under threat of GMC disciplinary action can surrender their licences to practice medicine voluntarily, with no further actions taken. It took enormous courage for Professor Walker-Smith, who had already retired as a clinician and in frail health, to subject himself to 3 years of a GMC 'Kangaroo Court'. He described the stainless steel fitted chamber as a 'torture chamber' in his memoir. Two years later in the London High Court Professor Walker Smith was completely exonerated by Lord Justice Mitting, with some harsh words for the GMC. Professor Murch, was left in a kind of 'no man's land' limbo. I pray his career did not suffer too much. His clinical care of my Grandson was exemplary.

One of the pathologist co-authors of the Lancet early report, wrote to the British Medical Journal, following a Brian Deer BMJ 'hatchet job' on the pathology. Editor Fiona Godlee, who long ago surrendered her own medical licence, then attempted to smear all 13 Lancet authors, in an attempt to have all scientific research papers with Dr Wakefield's name on them withdrawn. She got nowhere. University College London, which includes the Royal Free and several other hospitals in its portfolio had had enough.

The position with Dr Wakefield is very different, since his contract precluded him from clinical contact with patients. His position at the Royal Free was purely as a researcher and the GMC, could not normally be involved with disciplinary action against him. Research misconduct is dealt with by another separate organisation in the UK. This was the reason for dragging the two clinicians before the GMC, charged with conspiracy, in order to 'snare' Dr Wakefield.

There are plenty of persons to blame, Prime Minister Tony Blair (suspected of getting single measles, mumps and rubella jabs for baby son Leo), Government Medical Secretary John Reid (now lord), Professor and David Salisbury, in charge of immunisations. I'm sure John Stone can supply more. I am not blaming Brian Deer, but rather those who employed this dispicable man as an 'attack dog'. The BMJ quite ridiculously published several articles by Deer, a man with NO medical or scientific qualifications whatsoever

Dr Wakefield. Have a very happy birthday. History will record you as one of the 'good guys'.

Bob Moffit

My family will be eternally grateful for all the personal sacrifices Dr Wakefield has endured for speaking truth to power … the man is truly an WORLD WIDE HERO AND WILL BE REMEMBERED AS SUCH BY FUTURE INFORMED GENERATIONS. GOD BLESS HIM AND HIS FAMILY.



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