Just In Time for Vaccine Mistrust - A Report That Masks No Longer Work
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Governor Cuomo Shifts from Volunteer to Anti-Vaxxer


April 2020: “It’s over whenever you have a vaccine,” said Cuomo during an Albany press briefing. He has said such a step may take 12 to 18 months. Anything we can do to work with the federal government to get the vaccine done faster, we are all in,” Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York

Gov. Cuomo: ‘I’m Not Going To Trust The Federal Government’s Opinion’ On Potential Approved COVID-19 Vaccine Governor Says New York State Health Officials Will Also Screen Any Federally Approved Vaccine

Riddle us this: Over the last year, before we had ever heard the word COVID, Governor Cuomo tightened medical exemptions and removed the religious exemption in the State of New York, in the ultimate show of vaccine trust. Removing exemptions implies that the politicians believe that every vaccine is safe and effective for every citizen. Every child. Yours. Mine. Even their own kids.  Advocates fought hard for many months to stop exemption removal laws from coast to coast. Thousands of children in New York had been expelled from school for vaccine non-compliance. Today, every parent knows what it's like to have your child home instead of in school.

This weekend, Governor Cuomo, who had at one time offered up his state to test the COVID vaccine, is now saying that he does not trust the Federal government as it generates COVID vaccines.  He wants to test it for himself in New York. But just months ago he said:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday offered up New York as a “laboratory” for testing of possible coronavirus vaccines, as another 752 residents succumbed to the bug. “It’s over whenever you have a vaccine,” said Cuomo during an Albany press briefing. He has said such a step may take 12 to 18 months. Anything we can do to work with the federal government to get the vaccine done faster, we are all in,” the governor continued. “We want to use New York as a laboratory. We are ready, willing, in any way.” Cuomo said the state Health Department stands ready to work with the federal Food and Drug Administration — and that New Yorkers would make perfect test subjects.  Source: New York Post April 2020


He hasn't even experienced the personal vaccine injury losses so many of us have - and he doesn't trust the science safety system. We don't trust the safety science on the pediatric schedule.  From hard experience and knowledge of the science. So let's use this opportunity to hammer home education.  Maybe COVID has a purpose after all?



I think we’ll have to wait and see how effective Sputnik V may be. The Chinese vaccine may turn out to be effective as well.


I think that the massive insults being heaped on them is just politics. They got a likely effective vaccine before we did, for right now, they’re number one!

It’s very interesting how the entire pharma industry with its myriad shills at every level, all turned on a dime as they flew across the sky, every one of them changing both his trajectory and his narrative at exactly the same time and in exactly the same way. Maybe a little interesting that Fauci, after nearly a year of lauding the coming vaccine, now no longer does and for the first time says that D3 and C (not zinc?) work to prevent Covid and he takes them himself. I’d say something about the lives that knowledge might have saved, except that it’s been all over the Internet all year. It’s difficult for me to chalk this all up to a massive, no holds barred, attempt to destroy you-know-who, but maybe that’s what it is. Except what happens when/if any of the vaccines turns out to be moderately safe and effective? (Not for us, we’re at high risk of vaccine damage.) Any hope that their shame will be such that they kamikaze?


He’s not really afraid of any Covid vaccine, it’s just new marching orders from the never-He-who-will-not-be-named-ers. It’s just another one of those events in which dozens of pundits will be broadcast mouthing the exact same words. Most can memorize than and don’t need a teleprompter.

Try asking him what makes a Covid dangerous while the MMR, hep-B vaccine, Gardasil, DTaP, flu vaccines, etc., are safe for everyone but that hapless and elusory one in a million. Try asking him what makes someone reacting to the Covid vaccine with transverse myelitis or MS a tragic and completely unacceptable outcome when so many have had these exact same reactions to other vaccines as well as Covid.

Every word out of his mouth is meaningless and just brands him as an obedient party tsovaritch.


@Greg Hill

If Hydroxy was allowed to be used as a safe and reliable treatment for Covid 19, then under the Emergency Powers Act, a vaccine would not receive liability protection. This is why it was fought tooth and nail. During the original SARS outbreak, the NIH under Fauci had already listed it as an approved remedy. Del Bigtree exposed this a few months ago. I don't think it's so simple. Never forget that CDC Atlanta is a L4 lab. The BLM Marxists are actively infiltrating using their "institutional racism" course that is currently being taught to CDC employees. They claim this is a health issue and want to use the CDC to develop tests and oversee the detection of "racism" in the public at large.



Well, the Russians already have a tested traditional virus based vaccine ready to go in October. The Israelis appear to be interested in it. All sorts of interesting things going on. Keep your eyes open.

"Russian President Vladimir Putin said large-scale production would begin in September, and the vaccination could be available for use by tens of thousands of people by October.”

"Rotstein said the Russian vaccine is based on the coronavirus itself and not “just mRNA,” such as Moderna’s, which he said means “it might not only be a good vaccine, but also a less-risky one because it is based on the same technology as other antiviral vaccines.””

"“Remember, there are senior Jewish scientists participating [in the development of coronavirus vaccines] everywhere, not just in the US – also in Russia,” Rotstein said.”

Greg Hill

It's all very simple, really. Trump obviously learned an important lesson when his suggestion that HCL might be useful was turned by the Democrats into a campaign to discourage or even forbid its use. So when he came to have serious concerns about the safety of hastily developed vaccines he announced "Operation Warp Speed" promoting them, knowing full well that Cuomo and Democratic leaders generally would respond by calling for greater caution and delaying their widespread use. And of course -- believing or at least pretending to believe that their self-declared dictatorial powers to impose lockdowns, close schools, destroy small businesses, etc. by edict are and will continue to be justified until everyone has been vaccinated -- the governors-turned-emperors (including, sadly, some Republican governors) are certainly not in any hurry to get this all over with.


Emmaphiladelphia has great insights. I think she's right on target.

One possible scenario: Team Trump comes up with a vaccine, beating the Dem/Gates crowd to it. It is announced to the public with great fanfare. It is totally safe and effective - except for people with a particular biological/genetic vulnerability to it. Unfortunately, there's no way of knowing in advance who those might be. Therefore the vaccine will be entirely optional.

We'll just have to see how this plays out.


I know that Fauci and his people inside his department at the CDC has all those patents.
So, maybe they could make the vaccine. Only they would know if it truly could be done. According to so very many it can't, or at least hasn't.

It kind of reminds me of the swine flu of 1976, they had the series of three vaccine then and it was horrible. It made the news big time, and that is the last thing the drug companies wanted to happen especially back then when they were working toward a Congress protection racket. .

Fauci (but who knows if he lies) said they had the SARS vaccine and then the SARS virus just disappeared. Did they have a good SARS vaccine that would not get the news coverage that the Swine Flu vaccine of 1976 did? My guess is a pretty solid, NO!

It might be more likely that all this turn around is that Fauci never planned on developing the vaccine, but planned to pretend to work on it, as the CDC collects tons of money from the tax payers for the next 30 years like he did the HIV vaccine. It has worked so well in the past. It is a good blueprint for a really great scam? With that money Fauci has become a very powerful man and so respected. He through the CDC has bought into WHO, Gates Foundation, UNICEF, from those other vaccines. He has effected the health care of the world, even out sourced corona viruses to China to work on.

When this all began, they called Fauci a hero, and we should not criticize a hero. At the time it kind of reminded me of how everyone timidly begins in their criticism of vaccines. First I want to declare that vaccines are a great invention, and they have saved countless lives, they have rid of diseases; I am not an antivaxxer; all before they launch into some of the horrific health problems that should shake us in our boots.

This might be on Trump's part one of the most clever three Dimensional chess game of all?

I so pray that it is.

Cuomo -- needs the board of education -- he has messed up bad by allowing covid 19 elderly patients out of the hospital and back into the nursing homes to spread it to others before they die.

Why would you put dying patients from something that kills them as quick as covid does in nursing homes with out medical help anyway? Is that what happened?


This is a very interesting Fox interview with VP Pence: "Mike Pence weighs in on coronavirus vaccine timeline" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TbElQOhvPs

This makes me laugh. Total vaccine role reversal. Continued emphasis by Pence that the first vaccine recipients will be the medical profession and eldercare patients. He continually says it will happen in 2020. The Fox anchor desperately tries to counter this with the CDC's oppositional response.

I still can't help but think Trump is punking pharma with their own words/ methods. It appears to be working. Let's just hope the President makes sure these WARP SPEED vaccines are VOLUNTARY and disappear after the election.

I hope Del continues to archive the "flipped" pro-vaxxers' words. They will be great ammo in our fight for vaccine safety/health freedom.


The question is, WHY DID THEY FLIP?
The new anti-vax stance is throughout the entire Democrat leadership. Most are pharma-phunded. In early January, Fauci said they could have a vaccine ready to test in 3 months. None of them complained then. What is it about Trump's "OPERATION WARP SPEED" (which was announced later ) that they don't like?


I have suggested that the vaccine rush exposed their true fear of the vaccine dangers, which they might not be protected from under a Trump administration. OPERATION WARP SPEED calls for the MILITARY to distribute it. As President, Trump controls the military and presumably the vaccine will be distributed under Declaration of Emergency powers. I guess the Dems only want a vaccine they are in control of......

Bob Moffit

I have been hoping this COVID PANDEMIC will finally accomplish what we in the AoA community have been trying to accomplish for at least TWENTY YEARS .. to expose our public health agencies and media as being notoriously unreliable .. recommending and approving drugs like VIOXX and products like J&J asbestos "talcum powder". These pharmaceutical companies .. just about ALL OF THEM .. have lost BILLIONS to victims of their callous disregard for the safety of their drugs and products.


If anything can be gained from Cuomo's sudden .. BELATED … concern on the subject of VACCINE SAFETY .. perhaps the entire issue of granting PRODUCT LIABILITY to vaccines will receive renewed retrospection? I almost gagged watching Trump interview with Mark Levin wherein Trump actually answered Levin's question of safety of vaccine manufactured and brought to public at WARP SPEED .. by stating: (paraphrasing) Mark the companies wouldn't dare approve an unsafe vaccine because they would BE LIABLE FOR IT.

On Orwell's "Animal Farm": "All pigs are equal .. but .. some pigs are more equal than others".


Isn't it great to be MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS???


It is WILD is it not. CRAZY NUTS!

Did we ever dream of such? EVER?

Hammer home this education. What do I bring? A mallet might be better than an hammer.

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