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Covid Vaccine Means More Animal Cruelty: 250,000 Sharks Could Be Slaughtered

SharksAt what point will animal activists catch on to the cruelty to animals in the production of vaccines, included the coveted Covid vaccine?  Monkeys. Blue Crabs. And Sharks, hunted and their their livers harvested. Meanwhile, shark fins for shark fin soup are protected. No spoons, just harpoons.

By Aisha Zahid, Sky news reporter

Monday 28 September 2020 01:21, UK

Coronavirus: Half a million sharks 'could be killed for vaccine', experts warn

Sharks produce squalene, a natural oil made in their livers, which is an ingredient in several COVID-19 vaccine candidates.

...Shark Allies, a California-based group, suggests that if the world's population received one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine containing the liver oil, around 250,000 sharks would need to be slaughtered, depending on the amount of squalene used.


Grace Green

And we look down on the Chinese for killing animals for medicines which don't work!

Shelley Tzorfas

What does Squalene-made from the liver of a shark do to the human body? Then again what does Squalene do to the Human body when the person has a known FISH ALLERGY? Years ago shark pills were all the rage. A tennis coach of mine was taking them for her health. She was becoming extremely ill and I had remembered her saying that she was allergic to fish. She did not put the 2 together in her mind, but lucky for her I did.

Hans Litten

Gary Masumoto ...Vaccine A
Squalene MF59
Gulf War Syndrome

Are they really going to do this ? This could get really rough

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