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Virginia First State to Trial Balloon Mandating COVID Vaccine

Trial balloonYesterday, an ACTION ALERT was sent by the Autism Action Network to fight the suggestion of a MANDATE for COVID vaccine in Virginia.  We might assume that the Governor's phones were ringing off the hook thanks to this alert and alarms sounded up and down the Commonwealth of Virginia, and thus, the updated announcement from the Governor's office denying a mandate. Don't let your guard down for a second, this vaccine (in all its unholy, warped iterations) will be on the agenda of every legislature this Fall as overzealous public health officials salivate at the prospect of mass, unbridled vaccination.

This story in the ACTION ALERT was updated that Gov Northam has stated he will not mandate the COVID vaccine.

Northam not planning on COVID-19 vaccine mandate despite support from top official

Evening, 8/24: RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC)- A spokesperson for Gov. Ralph Northam said Monday he’s not planning on mandating a COVID-19 vaccine in Virginia, even though his Administration’s top health official supports the idea.

In an interview with 8News on Friday, State Health Commissioner Dr. Norman Oliver said he planned on mandating a coronavirus immunization once it’s safely released to the public. In Virginia, state law gives him the authority to order immediate vaccination ‘of all persons in case of an epidemic of any disease of public health importance for which a vaccine exists.’ The law only includes an exemption for medical reasons.

Dr. Oliver was not available for a follow-up interview on Monday but a spokesperson for the Virginia Department of Health sent 8News the following statement:

“When Dr. Oliver spoke of his support of a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine for adults, he was sharing his personal opinion as a physician.  Currently, the Northam administration has taken no official policy position on whether or not a COVID-19 vaccine for adults should be mandatory. VDH regrets this error.”


Action Alert:

The health commissioner of Virginia stated in a television interview on Saturday that he intends to make covid 19 vaccines mandatory for all residents of the state once it becomes available. Under Virginia law, Norman Oliver, MD, as health commissioner, can order mandatory vaccines in a health emergency. Only medical exemptions would be allowed. Commissioner Oliver, however, has not taken action yet.

So far Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has remained silent on the issue, but Oliver reports to him, and Northam appears to be letting an underling float a potentially unpopular idea so he can disavow it if politically expedient. This is the first incident we are aware of that where a state official with the authority to do so has declared the intention to make covid 19 shots mandatory for all residents. Therefore, this action has national significance and we are asking people from all over the US to respond.  No doubt this will be the first of many similar measures if we do not take action.

    Let's let Gov. Northam know that this idea is not politically expedient. Before you take action on this issue if you value the information, news and advocacy opportunities brought to you be the Autism Action Network please make it possible for us to keep going here, by supporting our one fundraiser of the year that we do in conjunction with the Autism Community Walk TENTATIVELY scheduled for October 18, 2020 at Belmont Lake State Park in Babylon, NY.

Give Governor Northam a call and let him know politely why this is a bad idea:

Governor Ralph Northam, (804) 786-2211

Here are just a few reasons why a mandate is a bad idea:

At this point we do not know if there will be a covid 19 vaccine.

If there is a vaccine how will we know if it is "safe" and "effective"?

These vaccines are being developed at "warp speed" and numerous short cuts are being taken in the analysis of both safety and efficacy. There is no way anyone can plausibly declare that a vaccine produced in a matter of months is anything other that experimental. And the Nuremberg Code makes clear that no one can be forced to participate in a medical experiment.

 It is clear that healthy adults under the age of 70 have little to fear from covid 19, and children have almost no chance of getting covid 19. How will we know if these people face a greater health threat from the vaccine rather than the disease? And if they do shouldn't the decision to get the vaccine be left to  individuals or parents?

No vaccine manufacturer or physician who  administers vaccines will do so unless they have complete liability for any injuries that may be caused by the product or its administration, yet we are supposed to trust that the vaccine is both safe and effective.

Given the experimental nature of the vaccine the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program used to administer vaccine injuries will not be used for covid 19, but the far more restrictive Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program, which is yet another expression of a lack of confidence in the covid 19 vaccine by the federal government.

The state can only make this declaration if there is an ongoing "emergency," what will constitute an "emergency" that justifies this unprecedented denial of fundamental human rights?

A bill has been introduced in the Virginia legislature, House Bill 5016, to create a religious exemption to vaccine mandates but the Republican-backed bill is unlikely to pass in the majority democratic legislature or receive Northam's signature to become law. 

See the original article here:


Sue Blake


Laura Hayes

Grace Green,

The Brighteon link is still working for me. Maybe give it one more try.

Here is the title listed under the Brighteon link for you:

Dr. Petrella: 'It is Going to be the Most Terrible Vaccine of All'

Grace Green

This video is no longer available on youtube, and I can't get the brighteon to work. On bitchute I can only get it in Italian with Spanish subtitles! Could you tell us the title of the piece, maybe I could search for it. Thanks. Grace. (It sounded really brilliant, as much as I could make out!)

Laura Hayes

Hans Litten, and All,

Here is the same video on Brighteon, for when YouTube pulls it:

Hans Litten

Posted by: Laura Hayes | August 26, 2020 at 09:23 AM

& all the other good ones here :

Please find the 6 minute snippet from the Italian doctor Roberto Petrella

Laura Hayes

The VA House bill to add a RE for potential/proposed Covid vaccine mandate was, not surprisingly, defeated yesterday by a Democrat-controlled committee.

Grace Green

I would have thought we now have enough evidence of this not being an "epidemic of any disease of public health importance" using only the official data, for this to be challenged in court. Get Del Bigtree and RFK Jr. onto it! We all have to stop thinking ourselves into accepting their fraudulent narrative.

Carolyn M

"The state can only make this declaration if there is an ongoing 'emergency '..."

Virginia has an ongoing state of emergency due to the coronavirus. The amended executive order does not expire - it can only be changed by being amended or rescinded. Some Republican state legislators are reportedly trying to place limits on the governor's emergency powers - limiting how long a state of emergency can be extended without the concurrence of the state legislature. However, due to the Democrat control of the Virginia legislature, that is unlikely to happen.

When the Health Commissioner stated he intended to impose a coronavirus vaccine mandate, that is what he meant. He had stated that he would impose a mandate as long as he was still Health Commissioner at the time a vaccine became available. That is not expressing "his personal opinion as a physician".


It looks pretty bad to have to live in Virginia. The western counties have discussed annexing to West Virginia.

But when it comes to vaccines annexing to West Virginia, are you any better off!

Bob Moffit

As THEY say: "DEOCRACY DIES IN DARKNESS" .. amazing what a little light on a subject will accomplish.

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