Injured Kids, Society Costs
Aluminum is a Secret Sauce!

Time To Demand Services for Our Special Needs Children and Adult Children

Segratated NY school child w backpackThanks to reader Judy R who always sends me excellent links,, including the story of NBC's Richard Engel and his plight for his disabled young so, below.

Only one of my daughters is still in school, at age 19. Ordinarily, ESY would have been 20 hours of direct instruction and therapy services with plenty of outdoor fun, water play, swings, slides, activity and life. This summer, she had 3 hours per week delivered by ZOOM with her mother sitting next to her facilitating. She also had carry over work on websites, that also required her mother to sit next to her.  Her tiny, private autism placement pooped the bed in June after providing unbelievably wonderful programming for 27 years. They decided to close their doors rather than accept the challenges of COVID and honor their 40 students. So now we are trying to create a new program for Bella to carry her through her final years in school.  And guess what? Her mother will be at her side.... at least for now. It's exhausting. I am not a teacher. I have other jobs that need tending. And she has two older sisters who are also home more than they are at the now re-opened day program.  I feel like the classic Lucille Ball chocolate factory episode. I love my kids. I love chocolates!



What about compensatory services? Are we supposed to turn a blind eye to the lack of services? When is school supposed to provide them, assuming we open for in person learning full time maybe in 2021?  Weekends? Nights?  It's an impossible task.

The Daily Mail ran this story today:

NBC News chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel has opened up about how the coronavirus pandemic has been a 'nightmare' for his severely disabled four-year-old son who has been cut off from the therapies that enrich his life. 

The 46-year-old journalist's eldest son, Henry, cannot walk or talk. He was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome, a genetic mutation that leads to severe cognitive deficits and physical impairment. The condition is rare, even more so in boys, and there is no cure.

In an essay published by Today, Engel explained that he and his wife, Mary Forrest, have noticed Henry's overall condition has deteriorated since the start of the global crisis, noting that other families with special needs children are also struggling.  Read more here.

I have seen some pretty nasty posts on social media about our special needs kids in school. Some parents and teachers (rare I'm sure) think their schooling is a waste of time and resources better used as if school is triage - save those who "can". NO child left behind means my kids, and your kids too.

Yesterday, we finally learned that Kamala Harris will be former Vice President Joe Biden's running mate.  The election season is underway, and while we do not endorse candidates (we are a non-profit) and despite what some believe that we "lean" this way or that, the Presidential election is high stakes for so many reasons. One reason is education, that is to say, COVIDcation.

What are you looking at for Fall programming in your city? State? Nation? Let us know in the comments.



Couldn't find anything linking Rett’s directly to vaccination but I think what I went on to read about Rett’s is worrying although not totally surprising. There is growing evidence that it is brought on by an immune dysfunction.

A quick 101 for visitors that are new here:
There is no such thing as a ‘bad’ gene. All genes confer some survival advantage to the organism. Problems occur when a ‘allele’ of a gene becomes altered (mutated) in a ‘critical’ way. This can be due to toxins or any number of different stressors.
Some versions of the more common inherited alleles have already been identified as manifesting as certain diseases when they get altered, because they are common enough in the population for the correlation to have been noticed. Many more await discovery. Also, as some alterations are actually beneficial, so it takes a long time to sort through them and separate them out.

Aside: This kinda throws a bucket of cold water over eugenicists, because if one tried to removed all the alleles that could get pathologically changed there wouldn’t be anybody left!

For those that might wish to dig deeper into Rett’s. Below are a few of the papers I read last evening with some excerpts which I thought telling.

Cytokine Dysregulation in MECP2- and CDKL5-Related Rett Syndrome: Relationships with Aberrant Redox Homeostasis, Inflammation, and ω-3 PUFAs
EPA and DHA, that is, the major ω-3 PUFAs contained in fish oil, are known to partly inhibit several aspects of inflammation, including leukocyte chemotaxis, adhesion molecule expression, production of eicosanoids, production of inflammatory cytokines, and T-helper 1 lymphocyte reactivity… Our findings demonstrate that ω-3 PUFAs partially counterbalance cytokine changes, aberrant redox homeostasis, and proinflammatory status.

Wonder if Henry's parents know about fish oil or J.B. Handley book?

Aside: The AoA link to J.B. Handley video has bee pulled from Youtube.

Immune Dysfunction in Rett Syndrome Patients Revealed by High Levels of Serum Anti-N(Glc) IgM Antibody Fraction
“We suggest that the association between neuroinflammation and the observed serum IgM rise might be causal to the RTT disease initiation and/or progression.”

Rett syndrome: An autoimmune disease?
The full text above is behind a paywall so here is a FREE Version.
”This review has shown an unexpected connection between RTT and MeCP2 to immune dysfunction and autoimmunity. From the current available knowledge, it is clear that MECP2 gene loss-of-function mutations can lead to oxidative damage, cytokine dysregulation, acute phase protein response, as well as the occurrence of anti-neuronal antibodies and specific IgMs to N-glucosylated peptide antigens. On the other hand, several major autoimmune diseases, such as RA, SLE, SSc, and primary Sjögren syndrome, show an association with MECP2 gene polymorphisms. Although “no classical autoimmunity” has been to date evidenced in RTT patients, several clues suggest the coexistence of an autoimmune component in the disease. These concepts and observations could be of help in clarifying pathophysiological mechanisms and pave the way for novel therapeutic strategies for the disease.”

Are we looking at a future where 100% of the fully vaccinated population will be found to be suffering from life shortening vaccine injuries?

Kay Fabe

I wish I could be more optimistic. I think its all going to get worse than better. If people don't wake up to whats going on real soon its done forever. Stalins If you Dont Work Dont Eat will soon apply, and for those who get to eat its Fake Meat at inflated prices for you

Elections wont change anything at this point. You have a choice between Pure Evil and Totally Diverse Evil. Both camps seek authoritarian control and submission. The constitution is tissue paper to them and serving you is not in their interests. You are the virus.

The key is waking people up and making them aware is danger is to all of them and not just a certain group. Sadly most people only care about themselves.

Grace Green

I think Bob Moffit may be onto something. As well as that quote, I noticed that the condition starts from age 6 months. So what makes them think the kids are born with it? And what else might possibly happen at 6 months?

Angus Files


I remember we refused the test for down syndrom after reading an article on Mercola about how there is so little amniotic fluid around the baby and when they remove 10ml approx it was like 45% of the fluid around the baby at that given time.Mercola had proved that most Down Syndrom babies came from parents who had got the baby tested.No test hardly any down syndrom.

Cant find the article now but thats why we refused the test and even if it were down syndrom we couldnt take a life away like that.The genetic ploy we`ve seen that somewhere before as well.

Pharma For Prison



I have been thinking for a long time that the cause of Rhett syndrome might be a lie.

So many lies now a days.

Then there is the poor Down Syndrome kids. Yeah, they got a genetic problem, but I have had even a neurologist tell me that a vaccine injury made them so much more worse.

Bob Moffit

Sorry a little 'off topic" comment on this article .. but .. I just couldn't resist comparing Rhett Syndrome being described as "rare with no cure""

"The 46-year-old journalist's eldest son, Henry, cannot walk or talk. He was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome, a genetic mutation that leads to severe cognitive deficits and physical impairment. The condition is rare, even more so in boys, and there is no cure."

Approximately 50 years ago .. my then 4 year old daughter was diagnosed with immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) .. a chronic autoimmune disorder that eventually … after months in the hospital .. required the surgical removal of her spleen .. thereby making her severely immune compromised for the rest of her life. At that time .. we too were told by the best doctors in New York that her condition was so rare .. it was labelled "BIZZARE". Fast forward 35 years and my second grandson was diagnosed with autism .. again a diagnosis that was at that time so RARE pediatricians could not diagnose it having never heard of it during their extensive medical education. Thanks to the internet .. as we frantically researched autism … we learned that ITP is no longer BIZZARE … and is now listed prominently on a few vaccines as a possible VACCINE INJURY. Which means … THEY KNEW AT THE TIME OF MY DAUGHTER'S INJURY THAT IT WAS CAUSED BY A VACCINE .. AND BECAUSE THEY DID NOT WARN US OF THE RISKS OF CHILDHOOD VACCINES .. OUR SECOND GRANDSON .. NOW 21 YEARS OF AGE .. REMAINS NON-VERBAL REQUIRING 24/7 LOVING CARE.

Does anyone know if RETT SYDROME has been linked to VACCINES????


How does one get a horse back in the stable, saddle up a unicorn or get Heidi back in her bottle or win public confidence? WHO you gonna call? Well, WHO has called Hill & Knowlton Strategies.

This is just part of what the firm specialise in.
Including using behavioural science to start, sustain and stop habits (?) post-COVID

Still. If they fail to restore public confidence in the WHO brand, there is always the possibility of a second opportunity (in good Hollywood tradition) for a SARS CoV-3 sequel.

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