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HHS Authorizes Pharmacists to Administer Pediatric Vaccines Creating Vaccine Jerks

Those Who Remember History Are Privileged to Repeat It


On Saturday, we were all Berliners.  Anne Dachel created a partial transcript from Robert Kennedy Jr.'s speech in Berlin on Friday.

By Anne Dachel 

Robert Kennedy, Jr: 'People in Authority Lie"


On Friday, August 28, Robert Kennedy, Jr. spoke at a press conference in Berlin, Germany announcing the expansion of Children's Health Defense to Europe. Kennedy's words made it clear these are truly desperate times and no one can just sit back and hope things get better on their own. Very powerful forces have an agenda and that agenda will affect the freedom of all of us. It's time to listen to Kennedy and to act.

I am Robert F. Kennedy, Jr….

Let me explain to you a little bit about the journey that brought me here.

I run the biggest water protection group in the world. It’s called Waterkeeper Alliance.

Back in the early 2000s I was suing big coal burning power plants in the United States for discharging mercury. At that time my only concern was the impact of mercury on fish and on the human health of the human beings who ate the fish.

Around that time it came to my attention that there was also large amounts of mercury in vaccines, much larger exposures to children than any child would ever get from eating fish.

I began to address that and we started an organization that was trying to have a very limited scope which was trying to remove the mercury from vaccines. Little by little I came to understand there were larger problems with vaccines.

The central one and the one we were most deeply concerned with was that vaccines in the United States were not safety tested. They have an exemption that is not available to any other medical product, and that exemption which most people cannot even believe, is an artifact of the CDC’s legacy as the public health service which was a quasi-military agency.

At the time the vaccine program was launched, the purpose was a national defense purpose, and they wanted to make sure that vaccines could be quickly formulated and deployed in order to derail attacks by foreign countries with biological substances.

So they removed the regulatory impediments including the necessity to safety test vaccines against placebos.

So my very narrow purpose in starting the Children Health Defense was to address this problem and to get vaccines properly safety tested, because if they’re not safety tested, nobody can tell you with any medical authority whether that vaccine is injuring more people than it’s saving.

As we continued on with this advocacy it became very clear that there were other problems as well.

There [were] problems with the corruption in our political system. The pharmaceutical companies had not only corrupted our politicians with huge amounts of lobbying money, they had captured the agencies that are supposed to protect Americans from public health threats: the CDC, the FDA, the HHS.

They had captured the press in our country by huge influxes of advertising dollars which had neutralized the press.

They had effectively subverted American democracy by neutralizing all of those institutions that the Founding Fathers of our nation had created to stand between a greedy corporation and a vulnerable child.

The Congress had been corrupted. The regulatory agencies were captured; they had become the sock puppets for the industry they’re supposed to regulate. The press had been sidelined.

And worst of all, they had passed a law in our country in 1986 that gave pharmaceutical companies complete immunity from liability. So there was no incentive for any of those companies to make vaccines safe.

Little by little we recognized that this was not just an American issue. This was a global issue.

Two years ago when I was arguing the Monsanto case and I met my partner here Senta Depuydt. Senta already understood the connection that had taken me so long to formulate between toxics in our environment, the capture of our agencies, our political structures by those powerful companies.

She also recognized that pharmaceutical companies were the most powerful, more powerful than oil, more powerful than the chemical industry, and a greater threat, not only to our children’s health but to all the institutions of democracy, not [only] in the United States, but all around the globe.

And I’m very glad that Tina Choy helped Senta to organize Children’s Health Defense Europe. We are here today to announce the launch of the beginning of this organization. We’ve been very, very successful in the United States, but we recognize that the pharmaceutical industry is operating and capturing politicians, running governments in every nation on the globe.

If we win this battle in just one nation, the United States, we’re still going to lose it globally. So we need people of good will, people who have courage, people who have a nonconformist way of thinking, who understand that we are being lied to, that the entire political structure today is saturated in pharmaceutical propaganda.

We have watched over the past few years something that is extraordinary. We are at an inflection point, I believe, in human history, the largest and most critical inflection point in that humanity has ever encountered.

For many years totalitarian or authoritarian states have used the power of fear to engineer compliance in populations. I grew up understanding what happened in World War II in our country. During the Nuremberg Trials, Herman Goering was asked by the prosecutor, how did you make the German people comply? Goering said, it’s not just Germany, this works in any country, whether it’s a fascist country or a communist country or a monarchy or a democracy. All the rulers need to do is to tell the people that there’s something they need to be fearful of. Point a finger at that source of their fear and you can make human beings do anything you want. You can make them go to the slaughter like sheep; you can make them obey.

During the same Great Depression that spawned Adolf Hitler we were very lucky in our country that we had a leader, Franklin Roosevelt, and he said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” He understood that fear would drive us into totalitarianism. 

With the biosecurity agenda that people like Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci and Davos, and all these people who are running now the global economy, they have understood for years that they have a power that no totalitarian government has ever had available to it, which is the  biosecurity.

Hitler could point at the Jews and say those are the big threat, we need to be frightened of them, and everybody else needs to obey so that we can fight them off. Other countries were scared of the Bolsheviks. 

In the United States, our demigods point to the Mexicans or dark-skinned people and say we need to be scared of them, or terrorists. All of those things get us to voluntarily give up, relinquish our human rights, our civil rights and walk like sheep into the Abattoir.

Now they have a source of fear that is the most pervasive, an all-encompassing power that they’ve ever had which is the fear of pandemic.

Governments love pandemics the same way that they love wars because it gives them power; it gives them control and it gives them the capacity to impose obedience on human beings.

Today we have an inflection of new technology that give governments the capacity to impose controls on populations that have never been imagined before in human history by any tyrant in history.

We have 5G which has created a surveillance state. 5G is not here for your benefit. It’s not here so [it can] make your life better because you can download your videogames in 6 seconds rather than 29.

The only reason for 5G is because it allows these big data companies run by Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg and Jeffrey Bezos to harvest our data, to listen to your conversations on your  cell phone. They’ve always been able to do that, but there was no way for them to transport that data to subject it to analytics and then to monetize it and then to sell it.

Bill Gates today is building a city in Arizona, 80,000 people, with a data center that will be able to take all of this new data, the data on your Alexis in your home. You think that  Alexis is working for you? She is spying on you. Your cell phone is spying on you. They have biometric facial recognition systems. Your GPS—

Bill Gates brags that his satellites will be able to monitor every square inch of the planet 24 hours a day.

They have another innovation which is digital currency. And once they have digitalized our currency and gotten rid of the cash economy they have absolute control over us because they will be able to tax every transaction. The banks will be able to cash in on every transfer of wealth, every transaction, no matter how miniscule, no matter how small. Also they’ll be able to enforce obedience because if you’re disobedient, they’ll be able to shut down your bank account and starve you, and you’ll no access to cash.

Many people argue that this pandemic was a plandemic, that it was planned from the outset, it’s part of a sinister scheme. I can’t tell you the answer to that. I don’t have enough evidence. A lot of it feels very planned to me. I don’t know, but I will tell you this, if you create these mechanisms for control, they become weapons of obedience for authoritarian regimes no matter how beneficial or innocent the people who created them.

Once you create them, they will be abused. A hundred percent guarantee that they will be abused. And all of the people who are out on the street now, who are arguing with this new imposition that we’re seeing all around us of authoritarian control, of people being told, “Wear your mask.”

I think everybody in Europe, everybody in Germany, everybody in the United States, if they were told, here’s why you should wear a mask, here’s the science that says it will help, here is the science that says it works, that you will stop transmission to other people—everybody would wear it with no problem.

What we know is that we’re not being dealt with honestly. We’re being told, this is the science, but it’s an appeal to authority. It’s science because Tony Fauci and Bill Gates tell us it’s science. We want to see the studies. We want to see the studies on hydroxychloroquine. We want to see the studies on whether the lockdown is killing more people than the coronavirus. We want to see real science and real risk assessment.

My father told me when I was a child, “People in authority lie.” If we are going to continue to live in a democracy we need to understand that people in authority lie. People in authority will abuse every power that we relinquish to them, and right now we are giving them the power to micromanage every bit of our lives.

Twenty-four hours a day they’re going to know where we are, they’re going to know the money that we spend, they’re going to have access to our children. They’re going to have the right to compel unwanted medical interventions on us.

The Nazis did that in the camps in World War II. They tested vaccines on Gypsies and Jews, and the world was so horrified after the war, we signed the Nuremberg Charter. We all pledged when we [did] that we would never again impose unwanted medical interventions on human beings without informed consent. Yet in two years, all of that conviction has suddenly disappeared. People are walking around in masks when the science has not been explained to them.

They are doing what they’re told.  These government agencies are orchestrating obedience, and it is not democratic; it’s not the product of democracy.

It’s the product of a pharmaceutical driven, biosecurity agenda that will enslave the entire human race and plunge us into a dystopian nightmare where the apocalyptical forces of ignorance and greed will be running our lives and ruining our children and destroying all the dreams and dignity that we hope to give to our children.

The launch of this organization, Children’s Health Defense, in Europe is a beachhead; it’s an announcement to the world that we are not going to take it. We are building institutions to fight your institutions. You have global institutions and we now have a global institution. And we are going to be out tomorrow with the biggest crowd in German history, and they’re all going to be saying—peacefully—the same thing: We are not going to let you take our democracy away. We are not going to let you take our health away. We are not going to let you take our freedoms away. We are not going to let you take our children away.

 I am very proud of the people I’m sitting at this table with who are people who have the courage to challenge, to speak truth to power and to think independently, and to break away from the orthodoxies that are enslaving so much of the human race.

Thank you.

















Grace Green

The BBC made no mention of the protest either in their bulletins or on their website (though they did find space for a long article about a stray cat who was killed by a dog).
However the next day they reported that Piers Corbyn had been arrested for organizing an anti-lockdown protest - evidently such a small one that they hadn't even reported on it!

John Stone


Yes, it was main feature on the Mail’s homepage on Saturday billed as ‘10,000 Conspiracy Theorists’! Today, of course, the Mail is discovering they are right after all:


Today they also learned what clamping down on dissent might mean and the didn’t seem too sure of themselves (there was no comment column which I have never seen before in the Mail) but this will be the reality of censorship if we continue on this path:


Jonathan Rose

Apparently there was a big anti-lockdown rally in Trafalgar Square. Did it receive any coverage in the UK media?

Angus Files

Chop you never learn

Maurice Hilleman

"Vaccines ..the bargain basement technology for the Twentieth Century"




the list goes on


Pharma For Prison



The placebos are aluminum laced adjuvant without the antigen.
Because the aluminum adjuvant like the mercury adjuvant was grandfathered in it is considered safe. Such adjuvants were produced early in the last century, and never went through any safety trails all by their little lonesome.

At one time we might have had a few antigens with these adjuvants and now they have added on and added up antigens and adjuvants. In fact they have combined antigens with adjuvants to be given at the same time, and on top of that other antigens and adjuvants are given in the same body with in a few weeks or months.

In the Gardasil vaccine they did keep up with 300 girls just saline water.

No auto immune diseases were being developed like those in the antigen or adjuvant group. But then the smart testers could not have that cause that would be unethical so they gave them including the 300 the whole ball of wax.

When their spears were broken

they fought with their daggers

When their daggers were broke

they fought with their hands

Until all 300

had died for their land. (pharma land) that is.

Wayne Rohde

Unbelievable rally for RFK Jr. The German nation acts more like Americans than we do when it comes to corruption, pollution, and greed.

Frederic Chopin

Actually the initial vaccines against a particular infection ARE tested against placebos (an example would be the Salk vaccine field trials). New vaccine candidates for infections against which we already have safe and effective vaccines are tested against those vaccines for obvious ethical reasons.

Of course if anyone has documentation "they removed the regulatory impediments including the necessity to safety test vaccines against placebos" I'd love to see it.


Wow, terrific!

One correction: Alexis, not “Electus.”

Bob Moffit

Thanks for transcript Anne .. I listened to RFJ speech live but it was very difficult at times hearing his words. Great crowd attended .. more evidence OUR NUMBERS ARE GROWING WORLD-WIDE.

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