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It’s a warm, Summer Friday night. My two adult daughters just had a rare argument. Over a young man? No. Over the latest outfit? No. Over who will use the car tomorrow? No.

Over a Kindle Fire tablet for Kids, loaded with preschool, Sesame Street, Nick Jr and other content.

It’s a warm, Summer Friday night.

They are in bed in their shared room. 

My adult daughters with autism.

And this is why AofA is still here.

Good night.  Kim


Anita Donnelly

Kim you once published a picture of one of your daughters —a movie star pretty teen looking lovingly At Elmo in a box at a store.

This image captured the loss that is autism to me more than any other. The potential life of that lovely lovely girl, her capacity for love and joy, still there still beautiful, but frozen in time like a small child. The craziness of loving what is and mourning what might have been at the same time. The life of those who cope with the aftermath of traumatic injuries such as vaccine harm.

Angus Files

Himself just came in wearing a crisp bag on his wrist having pushed out both ends out-Officer questions what was he wearing when he went missing a crisp bag on his

Pharma For Prison


A. Franklin

Our 25 year old son has been watching School House Rock for days now.
God bless you and your family.
Age of Autism has been a blessing for so many years.


Forever grateful for AoA and read daily. My 20 year old son is still obsessed with Elmo and Dragon Tales. His younger sister is getting ready to leave for college this week.


Kim-My adult son with autism is also spending his Friday night looking at his device called a NABI, which is just like the Kindle Fire. Yes Bob is right that there are hundreds of thousands just like ours doing the very same thing. Thank God for Age of Autism and for your posts about your daughters who are just like my son. We are all in this together. God Bless you and your beautiful daughters.

Bob Moffit

Kim … I will be forever grateful that AoA is still here .. as my now twenty year old grandson is spending this warm Friday night doing much the same as your precious daughters … if not for AoA .. THEY AND HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS JUST LIKE THEM WOULD BE FORGOTTEN.

Gob bless you and yours.

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