Connecticut: Pride of Covid Shame of Autism
SafeMinds: Fears Rising of Massive Special Education Litigation

The New York Times: The Pandemic’s Toll on Children With Special Needs and Their Parents

(I'm Ed Sullivan plate spinning old, how about you?)

The New York Times has an article about our plight. Imagine that. But they forget that many of our children are.... adults themselves.

The Pandemic’s Toll on Children With Special Needs and Their Parents

From this we know.  Flatten the curve is flattening families, even when the day to day living isn't catastrophically behavioral.  In my home, my youngest's school shut down - closed its doors - rather than continue to provide an education to its most vulnerable population. They were cowards. My district is doing a great job of helping us create a custom program for her. My older daughters' day program has been amazing, providing a full day of online programming for MONTHS (I Zoom in my sleep) and now offering placement for Phase 1.  My daughters attend two half days per week, just like preschool....  They could go full time, but I thought it best to start slow. Everyone I know is taking full precautions with cleaning, handwashing, distancing and more. I can't afford to get sick, can you? I certainly don't want my daughters to fall ill, and end up in a hospital alone.   School begins in a month here. We have no idea if it will be hybrid or not. If hybrid, how do parents work? How have we BEEN working all these months. Me? Like a circus plate spinner- stirring a pot of sauce with my foot while typing with two hands while one daughter grabbing me to tighten her ponytail for the 1000th time, another asking me to print a 1/2" screen shot of a Sesame Street video to add to her pages of tiny cut out photos that she carries and the other zooming around with her phone blaring The Bubble Guppies Party at Sea and reciting the calendar as I ask her yet again to pleas

Grasshopper and the ants
I had this album as a kid!

e turn it down!  They  visit their father for 2 nights every three weeks, which is a chance for me to catch up on sleep and also to worry since the woman he lives with is a Long Island, New York hospital based nurse. Long Island is former hot zone of sickness and death. I have to trust that his home is safe for the girls, and unless there is a jump in New York, I do.  (He questions my protocols more than I question his, but that's divorce for you!) Mind you, I'm not complaining. It's rather amusing and the grasshopper never thinks the ant is doing enough work.  Tra la la! We're doing GREAT.  We've gained skills and we've created a new routine. What else can we do?  That said, it's kind of a miracle Age of Autism is still running - and I hope you'll forgive any lapses in content as I try to keep my plates in the air!  KIM


The Pandemic’s Toll on Children With Special Needs and Their Parents

Missing social contacts and altered routines, disturbed sleep and eating habits can be particularly intense for the kids with developmental challenges.

Franscheska Eliza has a 9-year-old son with autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety and sensory issues. Before the pandemic, he was in a program in the Bedford, Mass., public schools designed for children with autism.

This meant her son, Rafael, was in a special classroom, but also was a member of the regular third-grade class, and could join them for morning meeting or some academic subjects. He had a dedicated aide who worked with him when he got anxious. This was his first year in the school, and the beginning of the year was tough, but by March, things were going well.

Then came Covid-19. At first, Ms. Eliza said, her son was excited to be home. “He was happy that he didn’t have to get up early for school,” she said.

It took a while to get the special education classes up and running virtually, but when they were available, he initially did well. He was happy to see his teachers and very interested in the computer technology. But when the teachers started giving his mother extra work to do with him, things got harder.

“He started becoming very aggressive,” Ms. Eliza said. “He didn’t want to work with me. He didn’t want me to help him with the problems; he wanted me to give him the answers.” Problem behaviors from when he was much younger started to come back: “He didn’t see me as a teacher — he would become very aggressive with me and start hitting me.”

Many children had academic and social issues being at home, but “for kids with developmental challenges, the challenges got exacerbated by Covid,” said Dr. Marilyn Augustyn, a developmental and behavioral pediatrician at Boston Medical Center and professor of pediatrics at Boston University School of Medicine. Some children aren’t getting their therapy, some miss being in the classroom, and some parents decided to stop medications, or couldn’t get refills. READ MORE HERE.





I would add to others in extending my sympathies to you over the death of your nephew. May you be blessed in your time of grief and I hope your other family members recover. My heart goes out to you.

“Talk to me about the truth of religion and I'll listen gladly. Talk to me about the duty of religion and I'll listen submissively. But don't come talking to me about the consolations of religion or I shall suspect that you don't understand.” Clive Staple

Benedetta F Stilwell

Thank you for your concern and soft words.

It was the corona virus.

Right now; my nephew's father, brother and grand mother are very sick.
My sister-in-law has lupus and is on hydroxychloroquine, and not ill; is so worried for them. She said the grandmother is in her spare bedroom and her oxygen levels are 82, but the hospital will not take her untill she is below 80. She is worried the most about her husband. He just got over a kidney stone, bypass surgery a month ago All are sick with grief.

No hydroxychloroquine has been offered to any of them.
I told her two weeks ago to demand HCQ as soon as we found out they had tested positive.

I get this list from a friend about some doctor that she finds intelligent and thus telling us that HCQ is bad . The last one on the list is this:

5. If you have to google “prolonged qt intervals” you should not be giving or sharing medical advice on social media.

How about a medicine that treat covid 19 right now instead of a dead 34 year old, that goes to sleep and never wakes up cause something happened to his heart?

Fauci is a murderer, and this intelligent doctor that my friend can't wait to quote is a gullible will do what it takes to please her medical over lords.


I am so sorry for the loss of your nephew. I hope that your sons health improves, and that you can find a doctor who will help him. You are in my thoughts.


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Will they be taking it turns about ? for who will play mummy &who will role play daddy?

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susan welch

Benedetta. I, too, am so sorry to hear about your nephew's untimely death. I am also so sad to hear about all your other problems and hope they, at least, may ease soon.

It is such a dark time at the moment and my heart goes out to you and your family.

Tim Lundeen

@benedetta -- I'm so sorry to hear about your nephew.


My nephew wrote on his face book two or three months ago he was feeling terrible.

So what I want to know if Mississippi health industry as they were testing for covid 19 - (if it all ain't false positive at that) bothered to give him an EKG, or maybe draw some blood for hearth enzymes like troponin.

Probably not, since he had just started a new job after losing the other one to covid 19 shut down.

No insurance, or crappy insurance.

The day that my 34 year old nephew went to lay down and go to sleep forever, my Dad turned 96.

When my Dad was 93, 94, 95 they tested him for his troponin levels. They put him on two blood pressure meds. Which my nephew had also been put on some new blood pressure meds as well.

The whole world is up side down.

The neurologist for my son was over telehealth. She was from China. I know she can speak two languages and I can barely speak one, but her English was terrible. WE could barely understand her and she could barely understand us. I had written her a letter over the whole crappy 34 year history. But she said she did not get it. So she started asking and I had to go through it.

In the end they wanted to do another over night EEG.
And an MIR.
The last one was 5,000 dollars and then I read the research that very seldom do the catch a seizure in an over nighter -- that they have a better chance with an all weeker -- so what do they learn from a very expensive test? NOTHING>

They will not see us again untill we get this test done, insurance or no insurance.

What will they learn from an MIR? My son had two in the past when he was 12 or 13 and another one 1t 16 or 17 years of age. What we learned then is that he had two white spots probably from ischemia from the vaccine injury when he was nine months old. So, what is this MIR going to show? He got some what better, or they are still there, and what will it change?

We are going off the Keppra slowly on our own. If he has seizures, myclonic jerks then we will go back on the Keppra, try to make another appointment and ask to change the medicines.

Oh, our Chinese doctor did not know what PANDAS was. What Strep can do, either. She did not know that Keppra can dampen the immune system. She did not know that there is a warning on the pages that if you get a sinus infection while on Keppra that you better make sure to see a doctor and get lots of antibiotics. I was told by her and the neurologist that could speak English that Keppra does not dampen the immune system.

Some one on here that is really smart check that for me in the research cause apparently I can't read research.


School is over rated.
Keep your kids home and safe.
Hell with it.


I am a little bit oooooooon over load today.
My 34 year old nephew, Has two brothers with autism, has been feeling really bad for three or four weeks, tested positive for covid last Friday passed away last night.

Died in his sleep for cardiac arrest brought on by covid.

Same age as my son.
We finally had a tally communication with the neurologist over at the University hospital about getting off of Keppra.

I had to to through the whole sorry 34 year ordeal with epilepsy.
Yeah, had to go through the DPT injuries, on and on up to the adding of strep - OCD and a new word for our little Chinese neurologist: PANDAS.

So how much is an MIR and an over night EEG going to cost me?
At least this time around they have to give me a price.

Is this what it was like living in the days just prior to Noah?

susan welch

Kim, I don't know how you do it. I think you may have 'Super Powers'

Thank you so much for keeping AoA going. It is a 'safe place' every day. Especially because, although people who comment sometimes have opposing views, most are respectful of those views. So different from Facebook, Twitter etc. where 'hate' is normal.

AoA and the comments are a pleasure to read daily.

Angus Files

Despite the COVID Governments have done really well -everyone in the autism community is fine, nothing to worry about havent we done well! -that’s what NYT et-al wish the banner headlines to read .I keep reminding myself that it was only in the 60`s academics started to believe in tectonic plates despite every kid that had ever seen an atlas of the world realising that you could push this bit to here and that bit to there and see how the world once was. Just like autism -vaccine here autism there no vaccine no autism as Dan proved with the Amish study. Centuries from now they might admit to it all. But even then, as a headmaster once said laddie when you show me a force that can move continents then it might have logic.If only the cause of autism was so easily admitted.

Pharma For Prison


Laura Hayes

If you took a group of people from earlier times, say any decade prior to 1990, and asked them to read this article, they would not understand it. Childhood is now foreign to what it used to be, with its new plethora and new vocabulary of disability and chronic health issue labels, and with all of the accompanying new professions, new services, and rampant pharmaceuticals that now surround childhood. It all reads like a horror-filled science fiction novel.

There is nothing normal about childhood/young adulthood today. For so many (the vast majority?), it has been adversely altered and impaired, and/or utterly destroyed. Not much for the adults of the world to be proud of these days.

Bob Moffit

"Everyone I know is taking full precautions with cleaning, handwashing, distancing and more"

I know many people who have taken the advice to use "hand sanitizers" throughout the day .. on themselves as well as their children .. so .. it is troubling to read FDA warning on commonly used "hand sanitizers" containing methanol and the toxic effects they cause ..

Consumers who have been exposed to hand sanitizer containing methanol and are experiencing symptoms should seek immediate treatment for potential reversal of toxic effects of methanol poisoning. Substantial methanol exposure can result in nausea, vomiting, headache, blurred vision, permanent blindness, seizures, coma, permanent damage to the nervous system or death

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