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The Catastrophic Costs of Complying

AofA Op EdBy Laura Hayes

I went grocery shopping this past Saturday, first time in 30 days. I find seeing my fellow humans masked, including young children, to be soul-stripping, and I come home angry and depressed. For some reason, I thought I would not be the only unmasked person at this stage of the insanity, but I was wrong. The store was more crowded than I had seen it to date, and yet, I saw no other shopper, or employee, not wearing a mask…nearly 6 months into this global machination.

In the event you haven’t noticed, things are getting worse, not better. And I am not talking about “Covid-19”, whatever that is or isn’t (no way for us to know, as we have been lied to from the get-go). I am talking about the state of our God-given rights, many of which our U.S. Constitution was created to protect, rights that include: the right to breathe freely, minus dangerous impediments; the right to communicate and socialize with others, minus facial covering and physical distancing requirements; the right to move about freely, including frequenting businesses of our choosing, minus finding businesses forcibly closed, and minus absurd shopping and walking around town rules; the right to conduct business, minus being deemed non-essential, minus being restricted in scope and ability to conduct business, and minus being coerced to enforce dangerous and absurd requirements of employees and customers; the right to assemble, minus ridiculous and arbitrary physical distancing and maximum number restrictions, and minus the forced covering of the majority of one’s face; the right to seek medical, dental, and eye care, minus temperature checks, facial masking, and in some cases, Covid-19 testing requirements (with the nasal swab testing causing harm and damage to some of those being tested that way); the right to practice one’s religion, and to congregate and fellowship with others, minus rules and requirements which prevent one from doing so; and the right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness, minus unwarranted, unconstitutional, and unacceptable government interference.

Americans should find it shocking, frightening, and intolerable that acting on our God-given fundamental rights as human beings has now been deemed illegal behavior and can result in being charged with a crime in a growing number of situations and locations. Stop and think about that for a few minutes. That which prior to 2020 were considered basic human rights, including the rights to breathe, smile at others, communicate, entertain, move about, congregate, shop, conduct business, seek care and services, and go to church, have instantaneously been labeled dangerous behaviors if done in a free, unregulated, and unimpeded manner, deemed worthy of fines, ostracization, shaming, social isolation, forced quarantine, closures, lockdowns, lawsuits, and no doubt very soon, prison time and “re-education camps”. Perhaps this is why nearly half of U.S. states have released thousands of prisoners before their sentences were completed, including those who have committed violent crimes…to make room for those who will refuse to comply with rights-stripping, unconstitutional, life-destroying edicts made and enforced by those abusing their positions of power.

In short order, we have been put under mask requirements, physical distancing requirements, quarantining of healthy people, business closures, lockdowns, required testing (or lose your job, or be denied services), contact tracing (how long will it take for literally every American to be put on someone’s list…I predict that could be accomplished in less than 2 weeks), and soon dissenters will be victims of knocks on their doors, removal to quarantine centers and/or re-education camps, forced vaccinations while being held down, and prison time, followed by “suicides” and unexplained deaths.

Our country is being run by a real-life mafia, comprised of a small group who has assumed a powerful form of global authority. These mafia heads have many minions who populate the pharmaceutical industry and government leadership and regulatory positions. These mafia underlings then have their many minions which include elected officials, university and education system officials, the mainstream media, and public health officials. And as of late, this despotic mafia has succeeded in enlisting citizens to “police” one another, both voluntarily and for pay, via snitch lines, social media shaming, contact tracers, informants who report violations, and non-police enforcers of mask wearing and physical distancing.

We are seeing evidence of this mafia, and associated mafia-style consequences, in many places: businesses, schools, and churches being forced to close without having committed any violations; business owners fearful of allowing anyone into their establishments who is not wearing a mask, even when the person meets one of the many “legal” exemptions (given that the requirements themselves are not legal, there is no justification to have to legally exempt oneself), knowing they may face financially devastating fines and/or forced closure; college faculty, staff, and students being required to submit to regular Covid-19 testing, temperature checks, mask wearing, physical distancing, and contact tracing, and for those in the very large UC system, the requirement of an influenza vaccine by 11-1-20 has now been added, with refusal resulting in being fired and being denied enrollment; those needing/wanting surgery are being required to submit to Covid-19 testing, with refusal resulting in no treatment; those needing/wanting medical, dental, or eye care are now being required to submit to temperature checks and masking requirements, with refusal resulting in no service; those frequenting many businesses are being required to “sign in” for future contact tracing purposes, with refusal resulting in being told to leave; all with no viable opt out, even if a “legal” exemption exists, for fear the mafia and its many minions will penalize and/or annihilate persons and businesses not falling into line and enforcing their edicts. 

Today’s “exemptions” will soon be on tomorrow’s “no longer accepted” list. Should you need proof of that, just look at the history of vaccine mandates. The noose on freedom and personal liberties is tightening, and in many areas, has already been cinched. For those who think it is no big deal to comply with the ever-increasing rules, requirements, and mandates, or that it is somehow virtuous, I urge you to reconsider and take a look at where all of this is headed, and what it means for your future, and the future of your children and grandchildren. The progression of increasing, illegal, and unconstitutional requirements has been rapid, and backed by force. It is not going to stop. Next up will be “proof” of Covid-19 status, with required periodic and repeated testing, to enter any public or private business (as though there is even one reliable test, for something that has yet to be clearly identified, for something that has yet to be proven to be contagious, and for something that has yet to be proven to be prevented or halted by mask wearing or physical distancing), mandatory signing in wherever you go for contact tracing purposes, proof of Covid-19 vaccination (with proof of additional vaccines in short order), and in the very near future, the requirement of some type of chipping that can be scanned prior to entering any public or private business or entity, to ensure full compliance with the mafia’s demands. Comply, or be denied…or worse.

It is not wise or virtuous to condone or support that which eliminates the most basic rights of human beings. It is not wise or virtuous to willingly give up our God-given, Constitutionally-guaranteed rights and freedoms, in exchange for tyranny, threats, and torture. It is not wise or virtuous to accept mafia dominance over our lives, the lives of our children and grandchildren, or the lives of others. 

None of what I have written prohibits anyone from doing that which they believe protects their health, or the health of their children. If someone believes that masks are protective, not harmful, prevent the transmission of viruses, and/or believe that they or their children are particularly vulnerable for some reason, they are free to wear a mask. If their mask works as they believe it does, it should not matter to them whether or not anyone else is wearing a mask. The same argument holds true for vaccination. If someone wants to permit a vaccine for themselves or their child, they are free to do so. If they believe that a vaccine is protective for them or their child, it should make no difference to them whether or not anyone else is vaccinated. 

And therein lies the truth…when individuals and parents are free to make their own health-related decisions, that is how and when individuals, children, communities, and society at large thrive. When something is effective, it is continued, or repeated if/when necessary. When something is ineffective, or harmful, it is discontinued, not repeated, and something else may be tried in the future. No one has a more vested and sincere interest in an individual or child being healthy and well than the individual or parent. No one has a better firsthand account of the results of health-related decisions than the individual or parent, and therefore, it is their experiences and their decisions that matter most. No one will be more accountable and personally responsible for individual and parental health-related decisions than the individual and parent, and therefore, such accountability and personal responsibility are the most natural and effective motivators for beneficial and effective decisions to be made, or adjusted as needed, and for harmful and ineffective decisions to be completely avoided, or never repeated.

We do not need elected officials legislating and dictating our health-related decisions, nor do we need public and global health officials pronouncing and enforcing what they deem is and isn’t healthy for us and our families, especially given their terrible track records, their conflicts of interest, and the many lawsuits against and criminal convictions of the companies who bribe, buy, influence, and control them. What we need is health and medical choice freedom, paired with rock-solid parental rights. What we need is the free flow of information so that people can make fully informed decisions. The censorship of anything and everything that challenges or disproves the mafia’s propaganda must be stopped. Perhaps most importantly, we need those who comprise the mafia described above, and their many minions, behind bars.

We need to be the change we want to see. Continued compliance will lead to increasing tyranny. We need to act individually and collectively. Connect with like-minded people in your area and get involved with Dr. Pam Popper’s “Make Americans Free Again” and Peggy Hall’s “The Healthy American”. Become a member of the Weston A Price Foundation, which provides excellent health-related information as well as action items related to protecting and regaining rights and freedoms. 

Refusing to comply today is the path to regaining our rights and freedoms tomorrow.

Laura Hayes writes and speaks about the importance of healthcare/medical choice freedom and parental rights. She has been outspoken for many years regarding the urgent need to immediately: ban vaccine mandates; enact a moratorium on each and every vaccine, as not one has been tested or approved properly or ethically; repeal the 1986 Act; and fully restore individual and parental rights with regard to healthcare and medical decision making. You can read more of her work at the Age of Autism Exclusives.


Laura Hayes

“This Pivotal Moment”, link below, is a brief video about the consequences of complying, especially and including with any type of vaccine passport and/or digital identification. At the end, the narrator asks viewers to ask themselves if they are willing to carry the torch of freedom.


@Laura Hayes
"How has this separation been made possible? The immense power of propaganda, and particularly propaganda in the digital age. We think we understand how propaganda affects us, but we often don’t realize the truly insidious effects on how we view others until it is too late. Mayer’s friends explained this in great depth. On one occasion, Mayer asked the former bank clerk about one of his Jewish friends. “Did your memory of the peddler make you anti-Semitic?” “No—not until I heard anti-Semitic propaganda. Jews were supposed to do terrible things that the peddler had never done. . . . The propaganda didn’t make me think of him as I knew him but of him as a Jew” (124; emphasis added).

Is there anything we can do to mitigate the dehumanizing effects of propaganda? Mayer describes the power of Nazi propaganda as so intense that all of his friends were affected by it—changed by it—including the teacher who was more aware of such tactics. Nearly seven years after the war, his friends still could not be persuaded that they had been deceived:

“Nobody has proved to my friends that the Nazis were wrong about the Jews. Nobody can. The truth or falsity of what the Nazis said, and of what my extremist friends believed, was immaterial, marvelously so. There simply was no way to reach it, no way, at least, that employed the procedures of logic and evidence” (142).

Mayer’s conclusion is depressing. If we cannot persuade others with logic and evidence, how can we persuade them? How many of us have shared indisputable data that the vaccines carry risks? How many of us have shown videos where public health officials openly admit that the vaccines do not stop transmission and that cloth masks don’t work (and are in fact little more than “facial decorations”)? Yet the evidence does not persuade those who have been captured by propaganda; indeed, it cannot persuade them. This is because the very nature of propaganda does not appeal to logic or reason; it does not appeal to evidence. Propaganda appeals to our emotions, and in a world where many people are led by emotions, propaganda becomes deeply rooted in the hearts of those who consume it. "

And who was responsible for developing this theory and application of propaganda? Why Sigmund Freud's nephew, Edward Bernays, who was himself Jewish:

"And Freud’s nephew truly believed that preying on such desires to encourage spending was key to a functioning democracy. He thought the elite should be able to manipulate the masses into feeding the economy with their many purchases. As he wrote in his 1929 book, Propaganda:

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, and our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of…. It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind.
Though this sounds sinister, Bernays thought it was better than the alternative. If subconscious desires for lust and power were not manipulated into spending, then he believed mankind’s repressed urges could be released in other, more explicitly violent ways. And he had some justification for this belief: Bernays was deeply unnerved to learn that Joseph Goebbels used his work to create genocidal propaganda in Nazi Germany."

Laura Hayes

I just read the incredible article below, which is in alignment with my article above:

Laura Hayes

Perhaps THE most important video to date, instructing businesses to JUST STAY OPEN, and citizens to NOT give away their liberty:

I cannot recommend strongly enough that every American watch this video by Peggy Hall. It is 27 minutes long, and if it doesn't inspire you to take back your personal liberty, your business, and your life, then I don't know what will. I intend on sharing this video today not only with you, but also with local business owners in my area. Please join me in watching this video, sharing it, and most importantly, ACTING ON IT!

In pursuit and defense of truth and liberty,

Natalie in Montana

Laura - Excellent, as always! The grim signifiers of medical totalitarianism are upon us. Homemade cheesecloth masks are, perhaps, an option for some? How do I sign up for your email list? Hooray for Age of Autism for promoting the truth!

Angus Files

They can track and trace COVID why not Autism I guess every where would be closed forever if they did apply the same rules.

Pharma For Prison


Kate Pierson

Thanks for your brilliant article, I agree with everything you said. I went shopping yesterday at Trader Joes and Costco and also went to the bank. While at Bank of America, they had 2 dedicated security people posted at each entrance to enforce CV-19 protocols. I was approached by both guards while there, who asked me to put the mask over my nose. I told him that I have a medical condition that prevents me from doing that. He asked me to present proof such as a doctor's note and I told him that HIPAA regulations state that we are not required to do so. He backed off after that. The same thing happened at Trader Joes only worse, they didn't back down and and followed me through the store to make sure I complied. I have a severely autistic 28 year old son who's been stuck at home since March when his day program closed. He can't go anywhere because he won't wear a mask. So he spends his days watching Disney and YouTube videos, bored out of his mind. People need to start thinking for themselves and turn off the news and all the mainstream media. They are so indoctrinated and brainwashed here in Los Angeles, that you see people wearing masks driving alone in their cars, walking alone on the sidewalks and even jogging and riding bikes in the 100+ degree heat of the summer! How could any virus survive that kind of heat? I'm getting so frustrated because my entire family believes everything the media, WHO, Fauci, Gates, etc., says about CV-19. How do you wake people up? We're participating in a live drill (Mike Pompeo mentioned that at a press conference), a continuation of Event 201!

Jeanne J


What I meant to say was the number of people who have recovered from COVID-19 is 10x the number dead in the US. John-Hopkins says that over 1 million people have recovered. CDC says over 177,000 have died. There is an over 10x potential of convalescent plasma to the number of deaths. I don't understand this. Even if you don't believe the numerous doctors from around the world who have successfully treated patients with the other therapeutics, why are we not hearing about the successful usage of convalescent plasma more than we hear about wearing a mask!

Jeanne J

Covid 19 is real,

No one on this site has even remotely suggested that real lives have not been lost to COVID-19. But,
please consider adding Sweden to your list of countries who have done a great job of managing the pandemic. They chose to establish what all other countries are going to have to get - HERD IMMUNITY. They just chose to get NATURAL HERD IMMUNITY, rather than hoping for a vaccine (or as Del Bigtree of the Highwire calls it - the vaccine unicorn, as it is as non-existent as the actual unicorn). Sweden did not participate in the worldwide lockdowns and now their COVID positive and death rates are extremely low. No masks! Schools are open!

Also, why should people be required to wear a mask when the government and it's minions (the Fake-stream News) have sabotaged all life saving therapeutics that would end the lockdown, end the ongoing destruction of life and end the destruction of our economy and livelihood. Consider the following list:

1. "Doctor-Prescribed" cocktails Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, and Azithromycin as an early treatment.
2. "Doctor-Prescribed" Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc as a prevention.
3. "Doctor-Prescribed" quercetin and Zinc as a prevention.
4. "Doctor-Prescribed" IV Vitamin C in high dose as a treatment.
5. "Doctor-Prescribed convalescent plasma as a treatment.

I put "doctor-prescribed" in front of each because there are volumes of scientific papers and reports in which doctors, in both this country and around the world, have successfully treated and saved the lives of thousands of people using these methods, but they have been stone-walled and silenced by so-called "medical experts", none of whom are actually treating patients. Just on convalescent plasma alone - with the number of COVID positives in this country, as reported by the news, being 10x the number of deaths, it doesn't strike you as strange that if convalescent plasma was given to everyone in hospitals, the death rate should have plummeted by now???

Laura Hayes

"Non-chemical measures are the answer, even if they are uncomfortable and inconvenient."

What about when they don't work as claimed, to the point of not at all, and are dangerous to the wearer, and to the functioning of society?

What about when they are part of a sinister plan, have nothing to do with individual or public health, and are nothing more than population-level conditioning to also accept arbitrary and ridiculous "physical distancing" requirements, life-and-economy-destroying "stay at home", "lockdown", and "closure" orders, multiple annual "Covid" vaccines, medical ID chipping, and scanning of medical ID chips as a requirement to participate in society?

What then?

susan welch

Covid 19 is real. Isn't it a little presumptuous to assume that your view is the only one that counts? AoA is a website for all views. Many of us have read the dangers of mask wearing, particularly for people with breathing problems.

I am sure there are pros and cons, but all opinions should be up for debate.


Covid is real commentor

It is not an issue of discomfort.
the state should not be deciding how much oxygen a citizen needs for their immune system to function optimally.
some are left gasping for breath after short mask exposures and science is not of one voice on the benefits/risks.

Covid 19 is real

Sad to see Age of Autism jump on the bandwagon, discouraging behavior that will reduce Covid cases and reduce the demand for the eventual Covid vaccine. All we have to do is look at other countries that are complying with these non-chemical measures to contain and limit the virus, and see how much more successful they have been than we've been in the U.S. Japan and Korea, for example. Encouraging families with medically fragile children to not follow these measures seems highly irresponsible, though I realize many autistic children cannot wear masks and they should of course be exempted from any store or airplane policies.

This type of article will head us straight towards higher incidence of Covid and greater demand for the vaccine that we all want to avoid at all costs.

Non-chemical measures are the answer, even if they are uncomfortable and inconvenient.

Also, let's stop denying the tremendous damage caused by Covid, just like we ask public health to stop denying the damage done by vaccines.

Anyone who says masks don't work should undergo surgery with the entire surgical team not wearing masks.


This is a fantastic article. I find myself depressed af over the whole thing. I haven’t left the house in months. I lost my job because I refused the mask, and we now get our groceries delivered. 😞


What sickens me the most is how logical thought is completely gone with most people. I tried bringing up the very argument you mentioned regarding how my inability to wear a mask affects anyone else who is wearing a mask if they are so protective? I got talked down to like I was a child who cannot understand the need to protect others around me and people implied that I was selfish for wanting to breathe like everyone else. I may not be a doctor, but as far as I know violent coughing and gasping for air are a sign that I was suffocating. I am appalled by the fact that people honestly seem to feel that me wanting to BREATHE, you know something that is necessary for my continued survival, is selfish compared to supposedly protecting others who are wearing masks. If masks are so protective, then everyone else wearing a mask is safe and I'm the only one who is at risk. To me people saying masks are needed to protect others is just proof that masks aren't effective enough to be worth the harm they are doing.

Laura Hayes

Email I just sent to my email group, which I thought would be of interest to AoA readers, too.

Subject: 2 more short and important video clips to share with you

1. Not only do masks deprive the wearer of oxygen (to the point of dangerous oxygen deprivation levels in a rather short time period, even for healthy individuals) and fail to prevent the transmission of viruses (as shown in the video I sent 2 days ago, and as reported in a number of articles I have sent over the past few months), but they result in the incredibly fast accumulation of dangerous, to the point of extremely toxic, carbon dioxide levels. Watch this 4-min. video of Del Bigtree testing the carbon dioxide levels under various masks on his 11 year-old son's face. Note that Del's son is sitting calmly, not exerting himself whatsoever. Now, think what the carbon dioxide levels must be for someone who is walking around, in the summer heat, and in some places, in the heat plus high humidity...who might be pregnant, elderly, overweight, very young and in the prime of their development, have asthma or another breathing issue, etc. (scroll down to the video of Del Bigtree testing his son's carbon dioxide levels while wearing a variety of commonly-worn masks)

Exactly how much evidence is going to be required to end this mask madness? Clearly, based on factual evidence, masks are not about individual or public health. They are about government control and citizen compliance. Someone wrote the following to me this week after reading my recent article: "Don't call them masks. They are really intended to be muzzles." Seems spot on to me.

2. Here is a 3-min. clip of Bill Gates being asked questions about the safety of Moderna's Covid vaccine.

First off, why is this man given any credence or airtime...other than the fact that he throws billions of dollars around, literally buying people's and entities' servitude? Personally, I don't want this man involved at any level or in any way with my or my family's healthcare decisions. Do you?

I am disturbed and disappointed by people, including medical "professionals", continuing to fall for and accept the lie that severe pain and unsightly inflammation at the injection site, a high fever, chills, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, severe headaches, even seizures, and more, are "mild", inconsequential, and non-permanent vaccine side effects. When bodies react this way, they are in distress/trouble. When responding this way post-vaccination, the human body is: desperately trying to rid itself of poisons, toxins, viruses and retroviruses of human and animal origin, and many other foreign substances that have been injected, substances which have no business being inside the human body, and which will only do harm; suffering from inflammation, externally and internally, as a result of being poisoned and injected with that which is foreign and harmful; in jeopardy of developing far more serious, potentially lifelong, issues. Talk to someone who suffers from and lives life with an autoimmune condition (which is now roughly half of the American population, likely many more)...not an enjoyable or desirable way to live, often quite brutal and devastating, and often the result of vaccinations. I would suggest that you also talk with someone who suffers from and lives with a neurodevelopmental disability resulting from one or more vaccinations, but many/most are not capable of such a conversation...with the inability to speak and/or communicate effectively and in accordance with one's age another "new normal" of childhood that people are being conditioned to accept. Nothing normal about it.

I urge you to not willingly give up your common sense, or your rights and freedoms, as so many seem to have done.


Ronald N. Kostoff

A couple of very interesting articles on COVID-19:

One of the unfortunate aspects of the world is that those who make the decisions are typically not those who bear the consequences. Consider the present global lockdown. Have the politicians and Administrators of every stripe lost their jobs as a result of their imposed lockdowns? Have they gone bankrupt and been driven into despair, as as happened to small business owners?


Thank you Laura Hayes ,very good article .

Face coverings : When to wear one and how to make your own .
Updated 14 August 2020 .

States -- The reason for using face coverings Covid 19 [ USUALLY?} spreads by droplets from cough sneezes and speaking . The [BEST AVAILABLE SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE?} a face covering {MAY?] reduce the spread [IN CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES?]

See Slippery Shoes ! Still Game/ The Scottish Comedy..... Yoy Tube
Have they perhaps used the same Health And Safety Risk Assessment Template for slippery shoes on flat pavement ,as no slippery slopes available to evaluate the best scientific evidence available?
Where the heck are the evidence based studies and basic health and safety risk assessments ?

They need to get them presented for a nose to tail scoping exercise !
Every tool in the observational toolkit just itching tae get on with it ,so they better take their time and hurry up and get on with it !

Jeely Piece Song Matt Mc Ginn YouTube

Donna L.

I have seen nothing on AofA that has suggested loyalty to either political party. I think you might be the one politicizing the issue by your assumption that anyone who questions public health authorities must be some sort of right wing "kook", to use your phrase.
That's a false assumption. All anyone is doing here is questioning what the public is being told regarding Covid or any other health issue. If we're here on this site, we've been burned by the medical profession at least once. It would be idiotic not to ensure we don't get burned again. I'm grateful for the handful of websites left in this country that still allow people to question anything and everything they're being told.


What is it that you call people that think they are doing better and thinking better than others? That think they are better than others? Are more compliant to common sense and God's work than every one else? Are more compliant to all that those in power, control, experts, and so forth than all the rest?

Holier than thou?
all high and mighty?

To those people are you wearing gloves?

Kathy Sincere

Masks are for fear-mongering and government control. Masks are for community compliance. Masks have been an element of Satanic initiation and godless rituals for thousands of years. Masks do nothing for one's health or the health of others.

From Dr. Tom Cowan, "Understanding Our Current Health Crisis":


A lot of brilliant people have tried to ad­dress the esoteric third-level question. What is this energy form being put out when people are poisoned in this way? They all come up with the same answer: It’s fear and hatred. That is the energy form that is the spiritual root of contagion, and we know that it has physiologi­cal effects. If you frighten people or make them hate other people, they get sicker more easily. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I’m not ascribing motives, and I don’t know how this happened, but this rollout of fear has been one of the most intense experiences that any of us has ever seen.

The way I conceive of this is that the dam­age is to the water in our tissues. The water is the part that absorbs this electromagnetic field. The water is the basis of life. Essentially what we’re experiencing is a message from the water: “If you keep poisoning me like this, if you keep degrading my ability to lead a happy, fulfilling life, then I need to put out a message that some­how accentuates that we need a different way of life.” But it’s not quite as simple as that, which is why I go through the whole viral theory, message theory, esoteric theory and energy theory. If you get into the physics of this, it starts looking very complicated. It’s far beyond my ability to comprehend, but I know that we can’t live the rest of our lives in this state of fear and hatred. This is not good for us. It is not good for people to be isolated, with their only contact with life being through a screen. That is not the world that I want to live in.

Also -


" and offers a forum" What do you propose Viki?

You say "we" are giving them fodder. "We" implies some form of unity.


Carolyn Mn Thank you for your kind words.

I demand that every one wear gloves. I don't want to see any more naked hands.

For those that think they are on the side of right and might when it comes to mask, those bare naked hands --- oh the horror!

Ronald N. Kostoff

We have just published a journal article on COVID-19; it offers a somewhat different perspective on the problem and its solutions. It is available Open Access at (


I am alarmed that a site that I have read for 15 years has become so politicised and offers a forum for kooks to ignore basic hygiene and common sense. No wonder society thinks antivaxxers are wrong, we are giving them fodder for their argument; as my daughter says, take off your tinfoil hat.
My 20 year old son can go to his day program because of masks. I am grateful he can go at all; other medically fragile clients must stay home.
Do we like wearing masks, no way, but I don't want to be responsible for giving covid to another person who might die.
One hundred years ago my grandparents wore a mask during the Spanish flu epidemic and society survived.
Take this anti- mask energy and use it to get out and vote, donate to a good cause, help a neighbor, something constructive. This mask issue is being used to change the subject and create chaos because the people in power don't want you to pay attention to the other civil liberties that are being eroded daily.

susan welch

Vicki, How sad that you feel you are 'done'. For me, the reason AoA is my favourite site is because of the diversity of opinions and that, mostly, different views are respected and debated.

As for 'supposed to be about autism' is concerned, there are plenty of autism posts to read and comment on. However, at the moment, it is a very rare person or family who has not been impacted by Covid and all the regulations that come with it.

Do you really expect AoA to ignore the impact this is having on everyone, especially those with autism?

Grace Green

Your comment sums up what I have been thinking for some time about my own refusal to wear a mask. Taking responsibility for the "public health" starts with taking care of our own health, which starts with not wearing a mask! (And many other practices). I think everyone, especially those who are preaching about the responsibility of mask wearing, should give serious consideration to all the facts.

Carolyn M


I am so sorry about your nephew. I hope the other members of your family continue to get better. And that everyone stays healthy.

Carolyn M


I had to stop for a few minutes to help my daughter. Here is the rest of what I was going to post.

You said, "How can you insist that special needs students have an absolute right to in-person care and instruction?"

Many children/young adults with autism are unable to learn through use of online instruction. They need direct (in person) teaching. For example, these students may have been being taught (by teachers/SLPs/OTs) using "hand-over-hand" or "backward chaining" methods for some tasks - those methods cannot be used in online instruction.

If students cannot learn through online instruction - and if that is the only or principal means of instruction - then they will regress. This regression will not necessarily be confined to what they have previously learned - the students may also regress behaviorally. The longer that online instruction continues for these students, the greater the loss due to regression. Since students do not have an unlimited number of years of instruction, the loss to regression may not be able to be made up during the remaining time left before the students have to leave school - particularly if there was behavioral regression as well.

When it is known that a student cannot learn using online instruction, and the school system insists on using that means of instruction for that student, then the school has denied FAPE (free and appropriate public education) to that student. It is my understanding that denying FAPE to any student is illegal. Therefore, those special needs students who cannot learn using online instruction do have a right to direct (in-person) instruction.

Carolyn M


Not everyone can wear masks. My daughter is one of those who cannot.

My daughter has severe autism. She also has OCD from PANS. The act of wearing a mask is in direct conflict with her OCD - it is the equivalent of a head-on collision at high speed. Therefore, it is not possible to "desensitize" her to wearing a mask.

My daughter needs to not have to be in our home all the time. Going on walks in our neighborhood is not an answer. We have tried that - after we return home, she tries to steer me to our car. She needs to be able to go to the grocery store as she did prior to this coronavirus. Online shopping and curbside pickup are not answers either - my daughter needs to be able to go into the store and shop.

If my daughter cannot go anywhere because she cannot wear a mask, then her behavior will soon start to deteriorate. She will begin having meltdowns. Her meltdowns are not limited to crying and screaming - she has serious self-injurious behaviors.

I am sure that my daughter is not the only person with severe autism for whom this is true.

I will address another point of disagreement with you in a separate post.

Kim Mgng Ed

Hi , Vicki, Kim here. This is why we ran the piece as an Op-ed. We are not affiliated with either party. Medical freedom has been an integral part of AofA. Covid means the topic has come to include mask for many - certainly not all. Anti-maskers and “anti-vaxxers” are not one in the same. I appreciate your opinion and hope you’ll stay with us.


Laura Hayes

Good article re. masks by Dr. Mercola, link below. Within that article is a video clip of Del Bigtree having his 11 y-o son wear different masks while Del measures the carbon dioxide levels under each of the different masks. Note that his son is not exerting himself whatsoever, just sitting there calmly. A must watch, especially for parents, pregnant women, and the elderly...really, for everyone!


This website has been hijacked by the right and I am done. Really, 34 comments on masks while Trump burns America to the ground. I thought this website was supposed to be about autism, not Covid denial. I am antivaxx but not crazy. Wearing a mask is about caring for our neighbors and preventing the spread of disease.

John Stone

Surely, if someone is unknowingly infected the risk is escalating the infection by breathing back in their exhalations, or at least what’s retained in the fabric of the mask ie whatever it is supposed to be filtering. It is all very well invoking an altruistic principle but actually the result could be net biological harm. We have for instance been advised to keep windows open and air circulating and this is precisely the opposite. We are doing this without strong evidence, the main certainty being that it is devastating to social morale. We have generated community mistrust, and terror of ever going back to normal again.


Cia; How do you know they were not wearing a mask?
My nephew caught it at his work place when the cashier came down with it. Where he was wearing a mask.


Have you ever been out for a walk on a rainy day with a raincoat that doesn't breathe? You stay dry from the rain, but you wind up soaked from your own sweat. Gortex raincoats "breathe". That's what you really want to stay dry. I hear people talking about "breathable masks". I own several masks, but I only use the one that is most breathable because I have a tendency to fall asleep five minutes after I put even the breathable mask on if I am seated. In the clinic I go to, where I have to wear a mask for four or more hours, we call it "mask nap". I consider myself to be high risk, but I realize that others wearing "breathable" masks (and all of them are to varying degrees), will not be able to protect me. I have to do a risk benefit analysis every time I go out, but it is easy for me, because I want to truly live while I can. None of this stuck inside for eternity, though I will wear the most "breathable" mask I own when I go to establishments that require it. That's only because others are truly afraid, and I really don't want to waste my time with the arguments I would get (I know - a bit of a coward). I also have a friend whose disabled young adult kids have jobs where they have to refuse entry to non-mask wearers. What a burden to put on these young kids who have enough struggles in life! Anyway, I think it is up to each person to make decisions for their own protection and for parents to make decisions for the protection of their children. I have decided to only frequent the clinic I use when they can provide me with a private room because I feel much worse after a four hour mask marathon. I'm not upset with the clinic when they can't provide that, but I do feel a bit ripped off by the situation, just like I did at the beginning of Covid when I was not able to obtain the medical treatments I needed. Still, if I were to get Covid, the bright side would be that I might obtain Hydroxychloroquine. I am sure I would benefit from the Zinc Ionophore properties and maybe from other qualities as well. Everyone living in the general milieu needs to do their own research and be responsible for themselves.


Laura, you are more than welcome. A of A is a powerful platform and I like to share useful information where I can. God bless.


Laura Hayes


Thank you for both of the links you have posted here...both are excellent!


Teresa Malone,

I agree with you. I also am against any mandated vaccine: no one has the right to compel anyone to risk a vaccine reaction often disabling for life. But wearing a mask is easy and it saves lives, the wearer doesn’t inhale germs and he doesn’t expel his own germs to infect others. I am 100% supportive of mask mandates. Wearing a mask when we go out is now second nature to both me and my daughter. I agree that it is childish to insist on a perceived “right” to not wear a mask, a sweeping lack of concern for those who will be disabled or die as a result. No one can be sure he is not infected with Covid. If he wears a mask, no problem for those around him. If he doesn’t, well, a large proportion of those spreading the virus to others have been asymptomatic at the time of transmission. I agree that it is childish to insist that you KNOW for SURE you are not infected. This is magical thinking. The fundamental problem is the very serious pandemic virus. Pretending that everything would be just fine if we just acted like it was 2019 is childish. The fault is not in those who insist on measures to prevent the virus’ spread. How can you insist that special needs students have an absolute right to in-person care and instruction? Do the desired caregivers not have a right to protect their own lives?

Here everyone wears masks and a city-wide mask mandate is in place. I’m not aware of anyone who is against it. Most people are totally on board with protecting the lives of themselves and those around them. If those from outside your family or roommates comes into your home, the law says that everyone must wear a mask. From what I have seen, everyone does, without hesitation and without complaint.


I’m sorry that so many members of your family have been stricken with Covid. I’m very sorry your young nephew died of it. He and your other relatives would not have caught it if everyone around them had been wearing a mask. I think saving lives is more important than feeling the breeze on one’s bare face. I am happy that most people feel the same way, otherwise this pandemic would only end the hard way, with deaths even more massive than what we have seen.

Kathy Sincere

Laura Hayes,

"Although I typically do not respond to those whom I suspect might not be who they say they are, I have chosen to write a reply to "Teresa Malone", who writes in a formulaic and recognizable style that we have seen before when it comes to arguments in support of vaccine mandates." EXACTLY!

I have been thinking the same thoughts all afternoon and finally sat down to respond to "Teresa". You covered it quite well. I have a few links for "her" to check out, one being the Weston Price journal article you mention.

Understanding Our Current Health Crisis by Dr. Tom Cowan
An absolutely amazing piece on virus, bacteria and contagion. so many good links but a great one is the polio timeline

Don't attempt to shame people on AoA, "Teresa"; it doesn't work. I have been through more grief with my four vaccine-injured children than you could ever possibly imagine in your limited capacity.

Laura Hayes

Although I typically do not respond to those whom I suspect might not be who they say they are, I have chosen to write a reply to "Teresa Malone", who writes in a formulaic and recognizable style that we have seen before when it comes to arguments in support of vaccine mandates. I am choosing to write a response because that which "Teresa" writes is the same that is used to manipulate and deceive our loved ones, and perhaps what I write might be of help when you attempt to speak truth to those whom you know and love.

Teresa Malone,

If you believe that you or a loved one is vulnerable to the point that you believe you or they might get sick and/or die by going to public places where others are present, I doubt that others wearing a mask would make you feel that you or a loved one is then protected. You said as much yourself when you stated that you and your family have been isolated at home since February, despite mask requirements/mandates now the norm in most places. You mentioned that you have all of your grocery items delivered. What makes you feel that those items are "safe" and "not contaminated", as they have most certainly been handled by many people multiple times along their route to you, been set on many surfaces, and exposed to air from many different sources?

I find the comments by your doctor to be unfounded, spouted by someone who no doubt considers himself an "expert", and an "authority", to whom you should listen without question, but who is likely ignorant, arrogant, and possibly corrupt (just like the doctors who still vaccinate) who parrots the latest propaganda, no matter how untrue it is. For starters, there is no proof to date that "Covid-19", whatever that might be, is in fact contagious, or in the manner your doctor told you. To learn more, click on this link and read recent articles by Sally Fallon and Dr. Tim Cowan:

You wrote: "Nobody is being mandated to inject anything into their body to protect the weaker members of our society and I will be the first to stand with you against this being done." That is not accurate at all: a growing number of states have vaccine mandates as a requirement to attend school (e.g. in CA, a child cannot attend daycare, public school, or private school without complying with state vaccine mandates); many colleges and universities now require numerous vaccines to attend, and in some cases, to work there; those working in the medical field, or going to school to do so, or whose work requires that they enter hospitals and doctors' offices, are required to be vaccinated with annual influenza vaccines, and often additional vaccines, or be fired/unenrolled; those who work with the developmentally disabled who are paid by insurance companies (as is often the case in CA) are required to be vaccinated with a number of vaccines or be fired; for military personnel, there is virtually no opt out mechanism from required vaccinations; this list is not complete. Perhaps you are new to reading AoA and are unfamiliar with the current, and growing, state of medical fascism.

You wrote that you have a vaccine injured daughter. Having a child or grandchild injured or killed by vaccines is what has brought many/most of us to this wonderful site. We are a most compassionate bunch, and most of us regularly go out of our way, and above and beyond, to not only help our own children, but to help those of others. Again, perhaps you are new to AoA, and do not know this.

Masks not only do not prevent the spread of viruses (many articles have been written about this), but they increase the spread of contamination as people are constantly touching their masks, breathing on both sides of their masks (note the people who have them in a lowered position, then put them up when entering a store), throwing them on their car seats, kitchen counters, and goodness knows where else, contain the person's exhaled waste materials, and are breeding grounds for bacteria, inside and out. Furthermore, masks are dangerous for wearers, as they reduce oxygen intake, increase carbon dioxide/exhaled waste material intake, cause the wearer to rebreathe that which was purposefully exhaled, in addition to built-up bacteria, all of which then travels up the nasal passages, ending up in various places in the body. And, very importantly, masks inhibit communication and positive social interactions, which negatively impacts one's mental state, which in turn negatively impacts one's overall health and well-being.

Just as the constant touting of "vaccines are safe, effective, and needed" is total and inexcusable propaganda, so is the current and constant touting of "masks are safe, effective, and needed". The very people who lie to us about vaccines are the same ones lying to us about everything to do with "Covid-19".

Your anger would be best directed at all those who played a part in your daughter being vaccine injured, which might very well be the same people who played a part in your father having cancer, who are one and the same as the mafia and its many minions described in my article.

For your sake, and everyone else's, I pray, hope, and advocate for individuals and parents to regain the full and unfettered freedom to make their own healthcare and medical decisions. There cannot be mandated healthcare or medicine, in any form, which now appears to include the wearing of masks and physical distancing, in a free and ethical society.


Everyone should see this, and draw your own conclusions.

Grace Green

Teresa Malone,
It's always tragic for a child to suffer continual illness, but you seem to be aware that your daughter's condition has been caused by vaccine injury. Your father's leukemia was likely also caused by vaccines received at some point in his life. I too have suffered a vaccine injury and at 67 I am probably one of those more at risk from any virus that may be going round. However, I would not expect others to have to do unnatural things to protect me. The solution to the problem is to stop vaccinating, not further unnatural interventions. Some of your comment is puzzling. For example, shops do not do their home deliveries after the shop has closed to personal shoppers. They would be delivering to peoples homes during the night! I go shopping early in the morning, and I see them filling the orders for delivery then. If you had had this service I think you would have realized that what you've written couldn't be the case. Also, please spare a thought for the people who might die from wearing a mask - they deserve compassion too!

susan welch

Teresa Malone. I read your comment with sympathy regarding your daughter and the precautions you have had to take for the last 6 months.

What a pity it was spoiled by your last sentence.

Gary Ogden

Saturday is shopping day, and shopping is again a pleasure! At the door of Walmart today the greeter returned our greetings and smiles with a smile (we could tel by the eyes). Nary a word about our free American faces, unlike recent weeks. There were three other free American faces inside. Progress!


Well, the Covid 19 is real.
It is likely to kill you if you are already in ill health. I am sorry to scare and even to say it.

We lost my 34 year old nephew. A 34 year old should have gone through some weight gain, high blood pressure problems, and had time in life to get his act together, and do some life changing health habits. Not end up dead.

His parents are seeing him in his casket for the first time this morning at 8:00 after a two week waiting period. I guess so they could get out of quarantine, and get better. Which they did this past Wednesday. Yeah, they all had covid 19 too. Their 92 year old mother is still hanging on, but now in the hospital, on opioids, taking care of pain in the neck from covid 19. Did we know there was neck pain, some times?

Please give them a prayer. I don't know really what to pray for? Maybe that you give them the strength to carry on, to live; since my brother in law is responsible for continuing to keep up two other grown adult vaccine injured, and be a mentor to his other son, who has two small vaccine injured children.

Wearing mask; well if some one is sick, it will keep it from being sneezed and coughed out to the usually long way, of a what is it now??? 20 feet or what? Must be just five feet with all the six feet distancing?

But if you are not ill; the mask does nothing, except make you fiddle with it around your eyes with your hands.
I have always wore gloves every where since this epidemic started, but have fought the mask. You would not find me without the gloves for the past six months.

I know some people use that hand sanitizer. When I worked in microbiology labs though, it was and will always be lysol, to wipe down the counter tops, and gloved hands; no mask there either, by the way, but I was working with soil microbes mostly, and keeping ferment cultures clean. Nothing like working with some horse shoe bat virus from the deepest, darkest caves!

Bleach is great too, but that is hard on clothes and stuff.

I am wearing a mask now though cause I need to shop and the governor has told these businesses they have to demand that of their customers. So I wear the same one over and over again, Those gloves though, I fold onto them selves as I take them off and toss them.

I think we need a bunch of people to stop fiddling with nature. We pay taxes to pay for these people to fiddle around too.
And for the record of just what kind of tin hat I am wearing, I do believe that there were two waves of AIDS, one in making the polio vaccine in Africa, and one that was delivered AIDS to just the gays in the late 70s and 80s through a Hep B, I believe they messed around with tick transmissions of the spirochete and brought us Lyme, and thanks to Dan Olmsted, and Mark Blaxill we know that Polio and other microbes are able to get into the body in places that our body is not prepared from them; by way of damage done from metals and pesticides.

And it should not have taken these two men to write a book on the obvious since those making the pesticides well know how their product works on insects and rodents.

Teresa Malone

What about those same rights you so poetically describe for those who can die from covid 19? Is my 7 year old not entitled to those same rights? Is my 80 year old father in law who has recently recovered from leukemia (his 2nd time to defeat cancer) not entitled to these same rights? What about all of the other immune compromised children and adults? Are they not entitled to these rights?
My daughter had a life threatening vaccine injury as a baby which left her medically disabled for life. She has spent most of her lfe in Childrens hospitals receiving treatment as a result. She has to endure daily medical treatments which most adults, myself included, would never be able to endure. Her immune system is basically non existent because of her medical treatments. Years before covid 19 was ever heard of she had to wear a mask in public, social distance, and even isolate at home during flu outbreaks and back to school vaccine shedding times. Nobody is being mandated to inject anything into their body to protect the weaker members of our society and I will be the first to stand with you against this being done. All that is being asked is that you wear a mask when in public spaces like the grocery store. I don't care if masks are not worn in bars, at sporting events, etc. However, I do believe in enforcement of masks at essential places like grocery stores. For years I have had to carefully clean anything brought into my home to lessen the chance of bringing something contaminated in and killing my child. Now, with covid 19 I have to be even more careful. My daughter's doctor has told me that all it takes is one person with covid 19 to sneeze or cough in the grocery store or one assymptomatic person to spray out the virus just from talking or laughing without a mask on to contaminate the items items in the grocery store which I then purchase and bring into my home for it to kill my child. Even with me carefully cleaning each item, I could possibly not clean well enough and bring the virus in. My entire household has been isolated at home since February. We can't even risk having contact with family members who don't live in our home. I have to order all non perishable items online and have them delivered to my home. Perishable items have to be ordered and delivered to my home or picked up using curbside no contact methods. I can't purchase anything from stores that don't offer these options. Do you have any clue how difficult this is for me and my family? Those who CAN go into a store get first dibs on fresh produce, milk, meat, etc. and there is usually not anything left after they shop to fill curbside orders. Do you have any clue how hard it is to have to tell your child, who loves bananas and hasn't had one in months, every day that she can't have one because the 2 stores we are able to purchase anything from don't have any left after the in person shoppers finish their shopping? All that is being asked is that those of you who do enjoy the luxury and priviledge of being able to go inside stores wear a mask for the few minutes you are inside that store. Regardless of the propoganda being spread, masks do work to help protect you and others. Wearing masks for this purpose is not some new idea that arrived with covid 19. It has been done for years. Ask anyone in the medical profession or anyone who has known a child with cancer or that has ever visited a childrens cancer area at a hospital. Heck, just pull up some old St. Judes hospital commercials on youtube to see it for yourself. I just wish people would stop acting like spoiled 2 year olds throwing temper tantrums about being asked to inconvenience themselves for a few minutes by wearing a mask in a grocery store. Mandates about mask wearing would not even be neccessary if people would simply use common sense and have compassion for others. Those of you creating this "you can't make me wear a mask" drama are actually the very ones who are taking away our rights and putting the government in a position to mandate mask wearing and such. Grow up!!!

Barry Stern

Can one imagine a presidential candidate wanting to mandate mask wearing for the whole country, and his VP pick saying this was an example of "real leadership". God help us if these bozos get elected.

go Trump

I am sure any political campaign that says the words “CV19 Vaccine” will get a check in the mail from the drug lords who own Congress and the news media. Very sad for those who have to wear masks all day every day at work. One would think the cashiers would be dropping over everywhere.

If someone says something “against the CV19 Vaccine” or masks the drug lords will quickly send a check to their opponent. The drug lords pay for probably 2/3rds of all the campaign commercials. I recall last winter one radio station was playing the FLU shot PSA 5 or 6 times an hour, look for more of the same this year.


I just had the same experience today, shopping in HEB, the largest grocery chain in Texas. This company recognizes an exemption - no questions asked - for anyone with a respiratory problem of any kind. Yet I was the only adult I could see in that briskly busy store (I did spot one child) not wearing a mask. Not a good feeling. In fact, downright creepy.

Based on ubiquitous TV ads touting medications for asthma and COPD, these conditions must be very widespread. I assume at least a few sufferers were walking around in the semi-crowded store. Yet they were either uninformed or perhaps just plain embarrassed to exercise their option. Peer pressure is a very powerful thing. That's what makes it so scary. And it's exactly what the social isolation pushers have played on.

Tim Lundeen

@greyone thanks for mentioning Auden's poem "September 1, 1939", it does indeed resonate!

David Weiner

Such a powerful message and so well expressed. This article should be shared widely.

I knew that it was going to be hard-hitting when I saw that it is being run as an Op-Ed.

(Not that I would expect anything less from non Op-Eds by Laura Hayes).


Amazing, Laura, as always. Thank you for all you continue to do.

Did anyone catch the story about Southwest Airlines? A three year old with autism wouldn’t wear a face mask. They made the family get off the plane. And just in case you think this was a mistake Southwest Airlines released a statement saying that they cannot /will not transport ANYONE who is unable to wear a mask. Sounds like a violation of disabilities laws...

Angus Files

Well said Laura .When I have to I wear my'this is BS' mask.Surpring a lot of people give me the thumbs up or comment I like your mask.

A massive power grab against the democratic human race and nobody cares just comply.

As Grace Green said were Christians and we will sing that's what Christians do.

Pharma For Prison


Brett Wilcox

Laura, God bless you for your uncompromising commitment to truth. And may God bless us all during these dark times.

Frederic Chopin

IR thermometers don’t emit IR, they measure it. You can read how they work on the internets.

Kathy Sincere

I inadvertently posted this on yesterdays's "Aluminum"blog. Posting again......

Laura Hayes –
Excellent article! Thank you AGAIN for being a beacon of light and leading the charge whenever our God-given Rights are being violated, whether it be mandated vaccines, mandated masks or mandated COVID1984 testing. Your articulate voice in the Resistance Movement is admirable and much appreciated! And yes, sadly, from my own experience, mask compliance among the sheeple is INCREASING. I feel I am living in a sci-fi movie (I have seen that comment often).

@Bob Moffit – Thank you for the great quote from Thomas Paine's "The Crisis". Most inspiring. And also thank you for your spot-on commentaries here on AoA, every. single. day!

@Gary Ogden - I am so glad you mentioned Sprouts. They ARE the leading mask-Nazi company in America right now. I have filed a Civil Rights complaint against them with the State of Colorado and it is moving along nicely. I also filed one on behalf of my autistic son who was denied service. I would encourage EVERY reader on AoA who shops at Sprouts to do the same. Film it on your phone, make sure you get the full name of the person at the door who refuses you entry because you have a “mask exemption” (Of course they cannot legally ask you what the exemption is for – a violation of HIPAA). Write down the name of the store manager and store director. Make note of the day and time you attempted to shop there. Important -print out the Sprouts Farmers Market Code of Ethics and Conduct from their own website. This is also useful to download when you file the civil rights complaint with your state – very easy to do online.


From the above Code, page 16, Public Accommodation and Non-Discrimination:

“Sprouts is committed to providing the best possible service to
our customers. It is our expectation that every customer will be treated with dignity
and respect regardless of their race, religion, color, creed, national origin, ancestry,
ethnicity, age, sex, pregnancy, familial status, sexual orientation, gender identity or
expression, disability, marital status, citizenship, military and veteran’s status, or
any other basis protected by applicable law.
Any conduct by team members resulting in a denial or refusal of the full and equal enjoyment of our stores and services or conduct discouraging a reasonable customer from visiting our
stores, is prohibited.”

Sprouts will tell shoppers that they provide online shopping and curbside pickup for those who cannot wear a mask. “Alternative shopping options” and “curb side pickup” do not meet the criteria for full and equal enjoyment of our stores and service as outlined in the Sprouts’ Code above. Full and equal enjoyment of my Sprouts store consists of shopping in person, browsing the aisles, and picking out my own produce and meat!!

Laura Hayes

I posted the link below elsewhere yesterday, but it bears posting again.

"Casedemic" - 2-min. watch - excellent:


Happy Friday! TGIF, right!....

Laura Hayes

Thermal scanner temperature checks aimed at the forehead are likely damaging to your health. Don't allow them for yourself or for your children. Insist on the wrist, if you comply at all. This post below was sent to me today:

"From an Australian nurse:

I'm really worried. I've started implementing the new protocols in force. One of my new tasks is taking and recording each person's temperature. I aim for the center of their forehead with my thermometer shaped gun, I pull the trigger, wait for the beep and record the temperature. I always apologize to the person before proceeding! After doing this a dozen or more times, I suddenly had a realization:

Are we causing potential health issues by aiming an infrared ray to the pineal gland? So I started taking the temperature on the wrist, which turned out to be more accurate given that the forehead is cooler than the wrist and the results differ by more than one degree in some cases.

I went shopping and people were lining up to get their temperature taken by an employee who obviously was not a medic and was not properly educated on how to correctly perform this procedure. Many were shocked when it was my turn and I took the gun that was being directed at my forehead and re-directed it to my wrist. I spoke softly but firmly and told the employee that an infrared thermometer must never be pointed at someone's forehead, especially babies and young children. In addition it requires basic knowledge of how to properly read someone's temperature, i.e. placing a thermometer on the wrist or elbow fold is much more accurate and much less harmful.

It was very disturbing to me to observe children getting used to seeing an object in the shape of a gun aiming at their forehead and without any negative reaction from the adults as if this was normal and acceptable.

As a medical professional, I refuse to directly target the pineal gland which is located directly in the center of the forehead, with an infrared ray . However, most people agree to go through this several times a day! Our pineal glands must be protected as it is crucial for our health both now and in the future.

Pineal Gland

The pineal gland is a small, pinecone-shaped gland of the endocrine system. A structure of the diencephalon of the brain, the pineal gland produces the hormone melatonin. Melatonin influences sexual development and sleep-wake cycles. The pineal gland is composed of cells called pinealocytes and cells of the nervous system called glial cells. The pineal gland connects the endocrine system with the nervous system in that it converts nerve signals from the sympathetic system of the peripheral nervous system into hormone signals. Over time, calcium deposits build-up in the pineal and its accumulation can lead to calcification in the elderly.


The pineal gland is involved in several functions of the body including:

Secretion of the hormone melatonin
Regulation of endocrine functions
Conversion of nervous system signals to endocrine signals
Causes sleepiness
Influences sexual development
Influences immune system function
Antioxidant activity

Ask yourself: Is it ever wise to aim an infrared laser light at the pineal gland?



This happened in Austin, Texas recently. Hopefully others will follow their example.

Laura Hayes

John Stone,

Thank you for the link you posted to the excellent article titled "Face Masks Make You Stupid". I hope everyone will have a read!

John Stone

“Face masks make you stupid”


These are indeed dark and challenging times.
I think of Auden's poem "September 1, 1939", and how it resonates now.

Many plans proceeding, many filled pockets.

I was appalled by Janet Napolitano's recent Executive Order for all California University staff, faculty, and students to be madated flu vaccine the day before she left.
I assume the Attorney General position would be the reward, should Biden be elected.
Thanks to Chikdrens Health Defense for taking action and showing a ray of light.

Thanks to you Laura, and Age of Autism for coninued clarity and perserverance.

Gary Ogden

Thanks, Laura. Technocrats are now fully in charge. Another good source of information and solidarity against this tyranny is Patrick Wood @ and My favorite store, Sprouts, is now enforcing mask mandates with no exceptions, like good little Nazis. Practicing medicine without a license, as the California legislature does. Walmart it is. As much as I dislike Walmart, at least they value their customers. We must not comply.

Maureen McDonnell, RN

Thank you Laura for this comprehensive analysis of where we’re at & where we’re going should this medical tyranny continue! As surreal as it all seems, these dystopian times are calling us to wake up, rise up & resist! Connecting with one of the many great organizations in our movement is important but also taking action to dismantle the mafia & their minions has never been more critical!

Bob Moffit

"Continued compliance will lead to increasing tyranny. We need to act individually and collectively."

Today's "increasing tyranny" is the greatest threat to our country, families and communities in our lifetimes .. as well as our nation's history .. as we experience first hand the growing governmental determination to rule our lives under the guise of "protecting our public health".

In my humble opinion .. our Constitutional Right to LIBERTY AND PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS ought not be restricted by government mandates to wear face masks while meekly submitting to an army of contact tracers issuing quarantine orders anytime they arbitrarily decide to do so .. and .. our children ought not be raised in schools while encased in plastic bubbles forced to avoid any close contact with their teachers and classmates. To me .. THAT IS MORE CHILD ABUSE THAN A PURSUIT OF THE CHILD'S HAPPINESS.

In any event .. we cannot say we were not warned .. Dr Benjamin Rush, a signer of our Declaration of Independence, forewarned over 200 years ago:

"Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to others, the Constitution of the Republic should make a special privilege for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom"

It time we realize that "tyranny" comes in many forms .. most commonly by those wearing military uniforms and armed with guns .. but .. today .. it comes by those holding medical degrees wearing white coats and surgical masks .. armed with syringes and protocols that deny our Constitutional Right to "LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS".

It may now be time to remember Thomas Paine's words like those of Benjamin Rush also written over 200 years ago in his essay, "The Crisis":

"These are times that try men's souls .. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country, but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered, yet we have this consolation with us, the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph".

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