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Taylor 2014: The International Fall-Back Position for Officials Challenged About Vaccine Safety and Autism

PS: If you find his beloved bike, please call him.

NOTE:  Excerpted with permission from Children's Health Defense.

By John Stone

Taylor 2014: The International Fall-Back Position for Officials Challenged About Vaccine Safety and Autism

This is a complementary article to JB Handley’s ‘Vaccines and Autism—Is the Science Really Settled?’ because of a parallel British experience I had. JB was bemused when he challenged Joshua Gordon, the presently appointed head of the United States about vaccines and autism, to be sent the “meta-analysis” by Taylor et al ‘Vaccines are not associated with autism: an evidence-based meta-analysis of case-control and cohort studies’. Could he do no better than that? In one respect this was consistent because this was the same study brandished by Gordon’s predecessor Thomas Insel at a 2014 Congressional hearing, when – if memory serves – Rep Posey chastised him by suggesting he might at least produce something that did not involve the research of Poul Thorsen, the former CDC employee on the run for embezzlement (whom the US government in all its might and majesty has now failed to extradite from Denmark in virtually in nine and a half years, despite being on the most wanted list).

In my case the story reaches back to November 2018 when I wrote to the British Government’s then Chief Medical Officer, Sally Davies, asking her to make good her claim that “we know” MMR “is a safe vaccine”. In response she referred me to the exact same paper Gordon cite to JB and Insel cited to Congress:

…Specifically in relation to whether MMR vaccines may be a cause of autism, a substantial body of population-based research has found no evidence to suggest a causal association. This evidence (not just for MMR, but other types of vaccine) is available for review in the published medical literature, and was summarised in a meta-analysis in 2014…

I think it is here worth mentioning that my answer (now recorded as part of an official document through Freedom of Information) was somewhat different than JB’s and therefore supplementary to it. Perhaps, when something is really rotten its rottenness may be multi-faceted, and this is what I have to add from my 2018 letter:  READ MORE AT:

Taylor 2014: The International Fall-Back Position for Officials Challenged About Vaccine Safety and Autism



Thanks John, just stick with it . The realisation will hit them one small chunk at a time .

Tell all the truth but tell it slant . Poem By Emily Dickinson .

What happened with the push bike? Was it lost ,stolen.damaged, or did he come off it ,aye right off it!
Perhaps the grannies or aunties could organise a cap-in-hand collection for a substitute yo-yo instead.

The Red Yo-Yo Song-YouTube Matt McGinn

Angus Files

Davis nonchalantly skipped past the 11 plus entrance detail applied to all and today she skips past the detail that vaccines kill and shorten everyone's life.Another blot on her jotter. Start life the way you aim to finish it as shes spectacularly done-a fraud.

Great work John thanks.

Pharma for Prison


John Stone


Oddly enough the Asian Times article has survived since April!


John Stone:
I am curious to see if that article, that link gets banned and censored on facebook.

Fauci is above the law.
Not the president of the United States, or Senators, or Kings, but some one claiming head of a national health organization.

John Stone


Re: Fauci

Of all the jumble of information in the past months I stumbled/re-stumbled on this yesterday. Following a clamp down on on virus experimentation due to security concerns in the US in 2014 Fauci outsourced the work to...WUHAN!!!

Nothing to see here folks, move along please!


These people, like Fauci and Francis Collins and the like have more power than I realized.

Even when caught, even when the truth is planted on their nose, there is no shame and the just keep lying to the public.

I did not realize just how bad it was with the medicine for AIDS. They did to that, what they did for hydroxychloroquine. Kept on using an inferior drug when something much better was out there, and they had to fight for it.

Here we are with hydroxychloroquine in the 8th or so month.
Here we are 34 years after my son's reaction that I knew about and 38 years from the time I found that some thing like Kawasaki disease (aka serum sickness) existed for my daughter. .

Bob Moffit

'In the GPRD – based studies (Black 2003; Smeeth 2004) the precise nature of controlled unexposed to MMR and their generalisability was impossible to determine…”

It remains problematic whether the unvaccinated in this study were genuinely unvaccinated.'
Here is Del Bigtree's finding on CDC studies of "vaccinated v unvaccinated" .. the result of a FOIA request .. well worth reading:

On July 29, 2020, after months of false claims and objections, the CDC finally conceded that it could not find a single study comparing health outcomes between vaccinated and unvaccinated children and that it “has not conducted a study of health outcomes in vaccinated vs unvaccinated populations.”

"Parents, doctors, and scientists have, for decades, demanded that the CDC compare the health outcomes between vaccinated and unvaccinated children. This is, in part, because as the increase in the CDC’s childhood vaccine schedule over the last 30 years from 8 vaccine injections to 50 vaccine injections (plus 2 injections during pregnancy) has occurred in lockstep with the increase in the rate of autoimmune, developmental and neurological disorders in children from 12.8% to 54%.

The demand for this study has grown so great that even the Institute of Medicine (IOM) in 2013 issued a report stating that the CDC could and should perform this study, explaining that it “is possible to make this comparison [between vaccinated and unvaccinated children] through analyses of patient information contained in large databases such as VSD [the Vaccine Safety Datalink paid for by the CDC].” Incredibly, the CDC then spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to have scientist, such as Dr. Stanley Plotkin, write a white paper, published in 2015, on how to conduct this simple study.

To find out if this study recommended by the IOM 7 years ago has been done, our legal team, headed by Aaron Siri, submitted a FOIA request to the CDC on June 26, 2020 demanding: “All documents in the CDC’s possession which compare the health outcomes of children that have received vaccines with children that have never received any vaccines.” That same day the CDC sent a letter stating it had placed this request on a “complex processing queue” because the CDC’s office processing this request “expects to receive and review voluminous records in response to your request.”

The CDC then issued another letter on July 6, 2020, this time objecting to the request as “Broad” and “Vague” because it “lacks the specificity needed to assist the agency [to] retrieve the information with a reasonable amount of effort,” thereby again indicating there are so many studies it cannot possibly compile them all. Our legal team sidestepped the CDC’s objection by responding that the CDC need “only provide the first twenty journal articles the CDC can identify which are responsive to the request.”

Incredibly, the CDC responded on July 9, 2020 by making yet another objection stating: “Your request for ‘…the first twenty…’ is not sufficiently quantified to allow the agency to conduct a reasonable and adequate search.”

Our attorneys were now about to have even more fun with the CDC. On July 13, 2020, they responded to the CDC by stating: “To clarify, we are seeking any responsive journal articles up to a quantity of 20 articles. … We have [therefore] now limited the request to up to a maximum of 20 journal articles in the CDC’s possession which compare the health outcomes of children that have received vaccines with children that have never received any vaccines.” Our attorneys also resubmitted the original request again with slightly different wording to make sure the CDC had no escape hatch.

Well, by August 3, 2020, it appears that the CDC had had enough and knowing that we will sue them, as we have done in the past, they capitulated. Behold their response in which they concede in black and white that they had nothing:

A search of our records failed to reveal any documents pertaining to your request. The CDC has not conducted a study of health outcomes in vaccinated vs unvaccinated populations.

It is incredible that this simple study has not been published. Or maybe the CDC did conduct but not publish the study because it did not provide the results they wanted. Either way, the next time someone tells you that it is a “myth” or “hoax” to claim that the CDC has never conducted a vaccinated versus unvaccinated study, you can put this CDC response in their face.

John Stone


Davies also sit on the board of Gates's Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation.

Hans Litten

Davies was born on 24 November 1949 in Birmingham, England.[1] Her father John Gordon Davies was an Anglican priest and theologian, and her mother a scientist: they both became academics at the University of Birmingham.[5] She failed her eleven-plus exam but was nevertheless able to study at the private Edgbaston High School for Girls in Birmingham,[1] where she excelled on the viola.[6][7][8]

Davies studied medicine at Manchester Medical School at the University of Manchester where she graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MB ChB) degree in 1972 and later[when?] obtained a Master of Science (MSc) degree from the University of London.[1]

On 8 February 2019, she was announced Master elect of Trinity College, Cambridge, in succession to Sir Gregory Winter.[24] She is the first woman to hold the appointment.[25] She was installed as the 39th Master of Trinity College during a ceremony on 8 October 2019.[26]

n the 2020 New Year Honours, Davies became the second woman (and the first outside the Royal family) to be appointed Dame Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath (GCB), for services to public health and research.[30][31] On 5 March 2020, in an Investiture ceremony at Buckingham Palace, she received the award from the Prince of Wales.[32]

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