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Sex differences in the COVID-19 immune response might drive men’s high risk

BCC67904-072D-4DFA-90E4-989A40A61B08Nature reports on a Yale Covid study that found a disparity in severity and death between men and women -- which almost makes cramps worth the discomfort.  Autism has typically been said to affect males 4:1 over females. Note the sentence saying that Nature "recognizes that sex and gender are neither binary nor fixed." But it seems COVID has not gotten the message.


26 August — Sex differences in the COVID-19 immune response might drive men’s high risk

Variations in the immune response to SARS-CoV-2 could explain why men are more likely to be hospitalized and die of COVID-19 than are women.

Akiko Iwasaki at Yale University School of Medicine in New Haven, Connecticut, and colleagues studied the immune responses of 98 men and women infected with SARS-CoV-2. All had mild to moderate symptoms (T. Takahashi et al. Nature; 2020). The researchers noticed that male participants’ typical immune response to infection differed from that of female participants, which could explain the more severe disease often observed in men. (Nature recognizes that sex and gender are neither binary nor fixed.)

The team found that in general, men had higher levels of certain inflammation-causing proteins known as cytokines and chemokines circulating in their blood than had women. By contrast, women tended to have a stronger response from immune cells known as T cells than did men. In men, an increase in symptom severity over time was associated with a weak T-cell response; in women, it was associated with increased amounts of inflammatory cytokines.

The study proposes taking sex into account when treating people with COVID-19.



bots are suppose to be boys. When I am on the I phone -- I just can't see and type one little finger at a time.


Thank you Grace for your condolence. That was not what I was meaning though.

Do you remember that study in Canada were they took all the medical records and looked at them and found that folks that received a flu shot had well many had heart issues within a
The year?

My own son had an inflamed heart after his first DPT

Vaccines inflammation and Kawasaki disease are all hard on the heart

ESP men for some reason
Higher number of bots have autism
Men have more heart attacks
In Kawasaki disease more boys Develop heart problems and strokes

David Martin said they were on top, of all this playing around with this virus The part were it caused heart myopathy

They got a problem of
Well maybe they need to get rid of a lot in the population that have been damaged by vaccines before they are found out

Grace Green

Thanks all for your comments, and thanks Kim for giving the adult autistic a voice here too. You see? We argue with each other as well as with you `NTs!
Angus, that video was great to watch for the second time. The phrase I took from it is "Stop acquiescing!"
So sorry to hear about your nephew's suffering and inability to get help. What makes me angry on behalf of overweight people is that doctors give the WRONG ADVICE! It's not so difficult, yet doctors get angry with me for being vaccine damaged and say nothing to those who only need the right advice! Thank you for your very enlightening comment.


Grace and Kay Fabe are the sweetest people.
Will what ever this covid thing is; will it eventually show itself.
I didn't know what to think for the longest time. I know what I have heard in the beginning. People are falling dead in the streets in Wuhan.
It is hard to tell, what is really true or not true. After all I have lived through the 1976 swine flu in which I received one in a series of three, and the vaccine was far worse than the flu, it paralyzed a lot of people and made them sick.

. More recently it was the H1N1 which my son had, and we all got including my elderly parents ( not that sick) . It was not that bad, and is hardly even a memory except we were surprised when my son's test came back as positive. That is the only reason I even remember it.

I saw the covid 19 stats , for New York come in especially in the nursing homes and the old. I was concerned, very concerned.
I read and heard about Northern Italy, Brazil, and such. But I refuse to live in fear like poor little, but I think she too is a very nice person Cia.

I heard Del Bigtree telling us the real death is less than the flu.
I believe him.
But if you have certain health conditions the death rate is 80 percent. Is that right?

I did not expect my 34 year old nephew to die from the corona virus. Sure he was over weight. He had ADHD, but he never met a stranger, he would tell you what he thought, no holding back and to me that is a good thing. I can't believe covid 19 took him. A 34 year old should be out of shape, and still have time in his life to say that he better start living healthy and lose weight. He never got that chance.

Then his grandmother on his father's side died that very following week from covid 19. Bad times for this family.

My nephew also has two twin brothers with autism, high functioning. He has two little nephews, one just like him all hyper and with a mouth, and the other has autism and now diabetes.

I am of the opinion that this was all manmade trouble for them because of vaccines.

On top their vaccine injuries there is what David Martin, the one on Plandemic that has that computer program that tells the intent of language (and the CDC and Gate's intent are evil) yeah that David Martin that was also interviewed by Del Bigtree.

In the end of the Highwire interview Del asked David, "Do you think this is a man made virus"?

David said," Since the transition of funding in 1999 from the 10 years of research where corona virus that focused on cardio myopathy in rabbits and the recombinant research started looking at corona virus amplification of the S1 spike protein, the open reading frames around the receptive binding domain, and the Ace 2 receptor as the target of amplification; is it reasonable to say that the human species; , and by the way I am quoting the patent individuals like Baric, CDCs (Fauci) Moderna; these individuals made the point that historically these corona viruses corona viruses have not been of pathogenic concern.
Beginning in 1999 to 2003 we see the amplification and modification of 2 strains of corona virus and suddenly in 2002-2003 we have the first outbreak of SARS -----"

Rabbit heart myopathy? Did you get that guys? Amplification of the stuff that made the rabbit's heart slow down and stop.

Rabbit heart myopathy amplification!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking back on my life time events just what sex started falling down dead with heart disease by in the 50s when Eisenhower had his first attack, and the whole country waited with baited breath while some medical doctor looked into it all? And then the expert all alone, decided it was not sugar (cause the sugar people had paid off the Harvard scientists) but fat was chosen to blame instead. Indeed, there was that really mean manmade fat all homogenized down, and dyed up to look like butter, maybe it was bad too? Along with the sugar?

So we lived through an epidemic of more men than women falling down dead of heart disease starting in the 50s. As a matter of fact every one decided that no woman would die of heart disease and were surprised when it happened. Some interview of a doctor told of a woman walking into the ER describing pains that were heart related and they sent her packing, and she died in the hospital parking lot of a heart attack.

. In the distant past there had been a lot of middle age women that died in their sleep of heart failure. Life was hard for a woman in the Appalachians. But in the 50s that all changed and the emphasis was on men.

I lived through a period of history were medical procedures were common for open heart surgery, transplants, little balloons inserted through men's legs to smash down plaque built up where (our blood vessels had been damaged un known to us), mesh stents dipped in medicine were inserted in veins around the heart, and now we are all using medicines - and finding them more effective --- that does not include the leg hurting, mitochondria interfering because Co enzyme Q 10 , and vitamin D can't be made with out cholesterol; Statin drugs.

So I have had a girl child with Kawasaki disease from vaccine. She came through it still very able to learn, no heart problems were detected, but there was something wrong emotionally with her? Pituitary or hypothalamus I suppose was some what damaged, but she was the valedictorian of her class? Jett Travolta did not come out that well, he had autism and seizures, and died of heart failure while in the shower. Autism for my son, not speaking for the longest time after his third DPT vaccine; but his very first DPT vaccine he had a heart murmur, further investigation showed he had a swollen left ventricle, making his heart appear boot shaped. There is a difference in sex with all of these things. And maybe even more so for those with heavier pigmentation of their skin. Maybe it has to do with vitamin D production?

Perhaps women are better at making vitamin D, cause once again we killed off all the weaker ones in the white race, especially if we look at the styles of clothing they all wore, all to protect them from the sun.

Though most people look at Estrogen is suppose to help? Maybe estrogen helps females handle toxins just a little bit better? Or Maybe the old times of having one baby after another as a woman hoed in the fields weeded out the sickly ones?

What I do know is there was 10 years of research where corona virus that focused on cardio myopathy in rabbits, and the recombinant research started looking at corona virus amplification of the S1 spike protein, the open reading frames around the receptive binding domain, and the Ace 2 receptor as the target of amplification; and it killed my Male nephew by a heart attack in his sleep. Although he cried and begged and told them all how sick he was before he fell asleep forever. .

Angus Files

35K plus at the London Demonstration yesterday calling out the COVID HOAX -another 35k anti-vaccine whne it comes along...welcome to the club.

No surprise no Main Stream newspapers covering it.The same in Germany at the weekend.
Mr Icke I thank you..

David Icke's Speech at the Unite for Freedom Rally

Pharma For Prison


Angus Files

Venom Will nothing but venom reminds me of dog breath Brian Deer..try stick to the facts that Grace has alluded you to -open the mind it is shut.

Pharma For Prison


Kim for Will and Grace

Hi, Grace. I wrestled with whether or not to post Will's impolite comment. Sometimes it's best to simply let people show who they are and how they think. I also try to take into account where a person in - diagnosis-wise - and consider if that influences how they respond and comment. We value you - I value you - and appreciate your readership.

Will - don't be a jerk.


Grace Green

I'm afraid you have been taken in by the propagandists. Dying "with" covid is not the same as dying "of" covid, that's the point I have been making. Your figures are not accurate. According to the Highwire the case fatality rate is O.26% and it is probably even lower than that, because many cases were not detected because of being too mild.
My surname was chosen by myself at age 35 because I didn't want to keep the name of a violent husband. I chose it for party political reasons, and I'm sure it is not a Jewish name, unless it was spelt with a "y". Why is your surname secret?
I have already said that I empathize with those whose relatives have died, though I think it would be better if they had been told the true cause of death. Perhaps you should say why you are so angry with me for no just cause. I'm surprised such offensive comments are allowed on this website.


Grace Green cold very rarely kill like 1 in 100,000 but COVID 19 has a 2-20% death rate depending on age and health condition. These are not insignificant numbers. I but based on your last name you are a messianic J--. You trust in some quackpot faith healer from the CBN channel. Do you empathize with the parents of children and teens that died of COVID related reasons or not? In rare case a government public health order can superceded a supposed constitution amendment.

Grace Green

How do you know that the cold was a major cause of death? If someone gets a cold, and because they are not elderly, overweight or close to death they make a quick recovery, whereas someone who does fall into one of those categories dies, was it the cold that caused their death? I don't think so. I have read a great deal of information on both sides of this debate before drawing my conclusions, so I don't think it is me who is being ignorant. You have to open your mind to the possibility that just because someone works for the government (or the government sponsored media) doesn't mean they must be Jesus Christ and incapable of telling a lie. I respectfully suggest you try watching UKColumn on monday, wednesday and friday lunchtime to have your assumptions challenged with some eye-opening facts.


Grace Green you are an ignorant person. It does not matter if the person had a pre-existing condition. COVID-SARS 19 was the main cause of death. If a person dies with SARS COVID 19 then it still played a major role in their death. People here at Age of Autism love to talk about how vaccines supposedly caused auto-immune reactions but what about COVID-19 causing Kawasaki disease and Kawasaki like diseases which are auto-immune in nature and these have caused dozens of deaths amongst children and young adults.

Grace Green

Kay Fabe was talking statistics, whereas you are telling anecdotes. One child's death, tragic though that is, equates to 0.0 deaths statistically. We also don't know whether deaths or even cases reported by the officials are actually from "Covid" or a pre-existing condition.


Kay Fabe I have a relative that is on a ventilator from Covid-19/SARS. This man is an employee in the high technology field in Seattle. He is only in his early 50s. This man may die. I do not want yo hear your lies Kay Fabe. The founder of United Hatazallah a volunteer emergency organization he almost died of COVID-19. The latter man is in his late 40s. Children have died so have young adults and many had no significant conditions.

Kay Fabe

Healthy Men and women under the age of 60 have nothing to fear from this virus. Older folks and those with comorbidities are more vulnerable to all respiratory viruses including Cov-2. Frankly, if they didn't identify a new virus and ignored it nobody would have noticed it. Lockdowns and economic hardships and now masks (worn by people with health conditions) have caused the excess deaths

Anita Donnelly

Kim COVID reminds Me of what Dan said about polio: toxin plus microbe.

We should see if fishermen have high rates or those who got flu shots (Hg)

Men cannot excrete Hg as well as women but after menopause it evens out.

COVID looks like heavy metal poisoning sounds like heavy metal poisoning acts like heavy metal
Poisoning. Plus a bug. Plus it recurs— like poison.

Just wait til the Russian vax gets rebranded and mandated. The Pharma bounty on our heads.

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